Real People. Real Results.

It is truly inspiring to see how God has used Lighthouse Catholic Media to powerfully impact countless lives in just seven years of operation. Through God’s grace, we have distributed more than ten million great Catholic audio presentations across the globe since our launch on August 15th, 2005, and we now work with over 7,500+ parishes and individuals in 110 countries. We continue to receive incredible feedback every day from listeners and from parishes who are participating in our various programs.

We invite you to watch the following videos featuring numerous listeners who have been inspired and enlightened by our CDs in different ways. And we ask that you pray that God continues to work powerfully through this Apostolate!

“I was amazed at the response we got and I can’t count the number of people who were really excited about having these CDs available to them. We distributed a total of 413 CDs and 184 Brochures the first weekend! Thanks again for providing such a great way to reach a large number of people." - John, St. Joseph’s Church, Jacksonville, FL
"These presentations have made the Mass come alive and left me with a hunger to learn more. What a blessing!" - Russ, Dayton, OH
"I have found the presentations on the CDs so informative that we are now using them in our religious education classes. I heartily recommend your program and hope that your Faithraiser CDs get into many more parishes around the country." - Fr. Pat, Chino Hills, CA

Lighthouse Changes Lives

Did you know that the second largest religious denomination in America is Fallen-Away Catholics? It can often feel like there's no way to reach our brothers and sisters in a world that is growing increasingly hostile to truth. But there is an answer. We have heard countless stories of lives healed and families changed through our simple and approachable CDs. Watch as real listeners from all walks of life share their incredible stories.

The Blue CD

In thousands of parishes across the country, priests, DREs, Youth Minsters, and Religious Education teachers are unlocking the power of simple audio presentations. In this brief video, Youth Minister Will Goggins shares how Lighthouse CDs are playing an effective role in his program, and in the lives of the teens he serves. So how effective are CDs in Youth Ministry and Religious Education? We'll let Will tell you the rest ...