Pass Our Materials on to Others

Our mission is to help Catholics know their Faith, and then share their Faith. We ask that you listen and learn from our CDs, and then pass them on to help evangelize the whole world for Christ!

Why must we evangelize?

Pope John Paul II wrote a letter to the faithful called "Springtime for Evangelization". In it he said "Evangelization is the Church's effort to proclaim to everyone that God loves them, that he has given himself for them in Christ Jesus, and that he invites them to an unending life of happiness. Once this Gospel has been accepted as the "good news", it demands to be shared. All baptized Christians must commit themselves to evangelization, conscious that God is already at work in the mind and hearts of their listeners, just as he prompted the Ethiopian to ask for baptism when Philip told him "the good news of Jesus" (Acts 8:35).

How can we evangelize?

An easy and effective way to evangelize is to share a CD about the Catholic Faith. Not only will this gift help someone grow spiritually, but it will give you ample opportunity for further discussion about the Lord. This type of evangelization creates a safe environment to begin a faith dialogue:
"The CD I gave you really touched my heart and helped me better understand the Sacraments. What did you think of it?"

Your gift opens the door for a rich and engaging conversation; then allow the Holy Spirit to take over.

"Since beginning my true journey in the Faith three years ago, I have been consistently and prayerfully asking God to show me how to help bring modern Catholics into the light as to the "why" behind the "what" of the Church teachings. I have been receiving the CDs for a year and a half now and love having the ability to give people these incredible resources to explain and witness in a way that I am not."
Susan - Lafayette, IN

May God abundantly bless you for your assistance in this vital Apostolate.