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Discover new ways to build strong relationships as parents and spouses.

One Beautiful Dream

One Beautiful Dream

Pursue your passions, love your family, and say goodbye to guilt—pipe dream or possibility?

Work and family, individuality and motherhood, the creative life and family life — women are told constantly that they can’t have it all. One Beautiful Dream is the deeply personal, often humorous tale of what happened when one woman dared to believe that you can have it all—if you're willing to reimagine what having it all looks like.

Jennifer Fulwiler is the last person you might expect to be the mother of six young children. First of all, she's an introvert only child, self-described workaholic, and former atheist who never intended to have a family. Oh, and Jennifer has a blood-clotting disorder exacerbated by pregnancy that has threatened her life on more than one occasion.

One Beautiful Dream is the story of what happens when one woman embarks on the wild experiment of chasing her dreams with multiple kids in diapers. It's the tale of learning that opening your life to others means that everything will get noisy and chaotic, but that it is in this mess that you'll find real joy.

Jennifer's quest takes her in search of wisdom from a cast of colorful characters, including her Ivy-League-educated husband, her Texan mother-in-law who crushes wasps with her fist while arguing with wrong number calls about politics, and a best friend who's never afraid to tell it like it is. Through it all, Jennifer moves toward the realization that the life you need is not the life you would have originally chosen for yourself. And maybe, just maybe, it's better that way.

Hilarious, highly relatable, and brutally honest, Jennifer's story will spark clarity and comfort to your own tug-of-war between all that is good and beautiful about family life and the incredible sacrifice it entails. Parenthood, personal ambitions, family planning, and faith—it's complicated. Let this book be your invitation to the unexpected, yet beautiful dream of saying yes to them all, with God's help.

Product Details

– 240 Pages
– Hardcover

About the Author

Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer, a speaker, and the host of the Jennifer Fulwiler Show on the SiriusXM radio network. She has been a guest on a variety of national television shows and was the subject of the reality show Minor Revisions. She lives with her husband, six children, and a one-eyed cat in Austin, Texas. You can connect with her at JenniferFulwiler.com.

Praise for One Beautiful Dream

"Jennifer Fulwiler shows us what life really looks like when you put your trust in God and fully give your life and your 'Yes.' The results are hilarious, poignant, and always honest as Jenn takes us inside her own messy mission and invites us to consider the limitless possibilities of our own."
— Lisa Hendey, founder, CatholicMom.com; author, The Grace of Yes

"When reading One Beautiful Dream, Jennifer's journey of her challenging but fulfilling roles as a busy mom, Catholic radio host, and speaker, a profound and yet practical quote of the great St. Teresa of Avila comes to mind: 'God is in the pots and the pans.' Jennifer helps us embrace the pots and the pans and find meaning in our own often messy but marvelous lives. And oh, what a beautiful dream it is."
— Teresa Tomeo, radio and TV host, Catholic Connection and The Catholic View for Women

"The joy and meaning of life ring loud and true through One Beautiful Dream. Jennifer's engaging writing style kept me at the edge of my seat— sometimes laughing, sometimes ready to cry. This realistic look at life's questions, twists, and turns reminds you that you are never alone in your doubts and messes as you seek God's will for your life." — Coleen Kelly Mast, author, Sex Respect, Love & Life, and LoveEd; host of EWTN Radio's Mast Appeal

"The author's discovery of a 'wholeness of vision' while observing another family gathered outside of church and among other breakthroughs amid re-writes, diaper changes, and night feedings was life-changing. Her story is warm and hilarious."
— Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, EWTN TV host; author, The Kiss of Jesus

"One Beautiful Dream challenges women to fearlessly reunite love and life, drawing inspiration from the silly, the sticky, and the exquisitely mundane, knitting family and career together into an unexpected work of art."
— Marie Bellet, Nashville singer and songwriter; mother of nine

Jennifer Fulwiler
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Let’s Go to Mass!

Let’s Go to Mass!

A visual presentation of the Holy Mass

A Children’s Reader

Let's go to Mass will help children celebrate the Eucharist with heart and soul. This book is a wonderful companion to Holy Mass, as it beautifully illustrates what takes place during Mass—what our eyes see and the things that are invisible to our physical eyes.

This book is created for children 7 or younger and is a perfect companion to Holy Mass!

Product Details

– 30 Pages
– Copyright 2018
– Herald Entertainment
– Hardcover

Herald Entertainment
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Spanish - El Anillo Es Para Siempre

Spanish - El Anillo Es Para Siempre

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For the first time ever, we are excited to offer a Spanish language book that is not a translation of a previously released English title. This book was written in Spanish by a native speaker specifically for the Spanish-speaking world.

A wedding ring is something very special, and we normally wear it at all times because it signifies the most important things in our lives. It symbolizes our marriage relationship, our family, our children, our home, and the blessings of God, as well as many other things. Fr. Ángel asks: “How can such a small object— a ring—signify something so great: love and fidelity?”

In these pages, he offers us the answer. With a simple approach to the marital commitment, and using the visible appearance of the wedding ring, Fr. Ángel teaches us about the profound plan that God has for marriage. In his unique style, he brings us from tears to laughter, oftentimes on the same page, to remind us that, like the ring, marriage is forever.

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About the Author

Fr. Ángel Espinosa de los Monteros Gómez Haro is a Catholic priest who was born in Puebla, México. He has a degree in the Classical Humanities from the Instituto de Estudios Humanísticos de Salamanca in Spain. He studied philosophy in the Pontifical Gregorian University and theology in the Ateneo Regina Apostolorum in Rome from which he received a degree in Moral Theology and another in Bioethics. Since he was ordained as a priest in November 1994, he has worked as a youth counselor and later as a family counselor in Mexico, Colombia, Italy, and France. Fr. Angel has given more than 2000 conferences around the world on the topics of the family, family values, and spirituality. His internet talks have received millions of visits, and he is one of the most popular Catholic speakers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Padre Angel Espinosa de los Monteros
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Amazing Grace for Mothers

Amazing Grace for Mothers

Celebrating Motherhood, one great story at a time! "Amazing Grace for Mothers" will lift your heart and send your spirit soaring. You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all you will be refreshed by stories of love, inspiration, miracles, and God's amazing grace. This collection of 101 stories will bring you the faith, warmth and support of other women, all dedicated to the same glorious role - motherhood. "Amazing Grace for Mothers" is the perfect gift for any mom, whatever stage of motherhood she is in. Experience God's love. Experience His Amazing Grace.

Pages: 347
Book Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"


I found the trials of her motherhood very inspirational. I also enjoyed her sense of humor. Lisa - Forest City, NC
Lighthouse Catholic Media
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