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God Made Man

God Made Man

In this Christmas themed presentation, Fr. Shannon Collins sheds new light on the biblical narratives of the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as the beautiful Christmas traditions of the Church.

Fr. Collins serves as a preacher of parish missions and retreat master. Fr. Collins has appeared on EWTN and has been stationed at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville Alabama.


Engaging discussion. It was detailed but not difficult to follow. I enjoyed learning in more description Christ as a newbowrn and the description of how that wa truly an act of humbleness and humility. Kris - New Westminster, BC
Advent & Christmas, Biblical Truths, Inspirational
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The Holy Spirit: Third Person of the Trinity

The Holy Spirit: Third Person of the Trinity

In this captivating presentation Fr. Shannon Collins discusses the essential character of the Holy Spirit and the role the forgotten Person of the Blessed Trinity has played since the creation of the world. Drawing upon Scripture and tradition, Fr. Collins explains the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how he works in the lives of believers. Listeners are sure to come to a better appreciation for this “sweet guest of our soul” who seeks to bring us closer to Christ and eternal salvation.


The Holy Spirit is a vast topic, but I found this talk to be just what is needed as an opener on the topic. This is a great foundation as it describes what the Holy Spirit is, the history behind Him, and the gifts He provides and how they affect our lives. Mike - St. Petersburg, FL
Church Teaching, Holy Spirit
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