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Put Not Your Trust in Princes

Put Not Your Trust in Princes

Speaking from his perspective as a historian, Christopher Check reminds us that the crisis of our age is cultural and, in the end, spiritual. He explains that a flourishing society is not achieved through legislation or at the ballot box, but instead radiates from the family out. Using examples from the ages, he connects us with our rich patrimony as Catholics and provides practical advice on what we must do to transform our culture for Christ.


I always enjoy my monthly Lighthouse offerings, some more than others. But I can honestly say that Put Not Your Trust in Princes was the best yet! It came at a particularly appropriate time, just before out Presidential election with its most distressing choices! Mr. Guest's knowledge of Church history was pure delight, especially in a time when most Catholics can barely name more than a handful of Saints and have no more than a passing knowledge of any of their remarkable lives. His amazing ability as a storyteller brought the Battle of Lepanto to life for me as no previous telling ever had. I could actually SEE Don Juan dancing on the bow of the ship minutes before the battle! In a world and a Church where it is so easy to get discouraged with the state of both, Christopher Guest is sure sent from God to heal the soul sick heart! God Bless you Mr. Guest, keep speaking the truth of eloquently and shaming the devil so thoroughly! Marti - Saint Gabriel, LA
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