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A Journey Through Advent: Reflections on the Sunday Advent Readings

Bishop Robert Barron

Oops... You've landed on an old page on the website! The talk you are looking for has been renamed and can be found by clicking here: A Journey Through Advent: Liturgical Cycle C.

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Customer Comments

"I loved this talk. I listened to all of them at once (at Epiphany) but learned so much and was called yet again to reflect on myself and if I am truly preparing myself as best I can for the 2nd Coming for Christ. I loved the Christmas homily too which really made me think about the Nativity story not just as 'Oh the Christmas story of Christ's birth' but this is what this story shows of God's wonder and mystery!" Michelle - Derby, KS
"I really enjoyed that it was reflections on the readings from Mass. I suggest offering more CD's on this topic! Also Fr. Barron was excellent, so I suggest more of him too." Scott - Loveland, OH
"The real life stories helped relate the readings to my daily life." Carrie - Pittsburgh, PA