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Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly possesses a powerful ability to combine the ageless tool of storytelling with a profound understanding of today's culture and the common yearnings of the human heart. He shows us how to see the challenges in our everyday lives in a new light. He will help elevate and energize you to pursue the highest values of the human spirit and become the best version of yourself.

Average Rating: 4.52 based on 64 ratings
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Inspirational, Personal Growth

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Customer Comments

OUTSTANDING!!! This timely presentation was filled with truth and presented in a way that was easy to identify with and understand. Anne - Youngstown, OH
I found this talk to be life-changing ... and I'm not easily impressed! Fundamental truths are conveyed in a clear, effective manner. Gary - Zuni, NM
I just started going back to church on a regular basis after being estranged from it for a number of years. Growing up as a child, I was very intimidated by our priest. He yelled and banged on the pulpit, and it scared me. I would skip Mass and lie to my parents. I felt lost for many years. I felt empty inside. Nothing made me feel better. I finally decided to go back to church but I didn't know where to begin. As I was leaving church one Sunday, I found in the back of my church a CD by Matthew Kelly, "Becoming The Best Version of Yourself". I listened to it several times on my way to and from work. I realized as I was listening to his CD that I don't know much about Catholicism. Matthew had a way of making me want to learn more without being pushy or judgmental. Listening to him makes me want to learn more about the Catholic Church and get more involved. For the first time, I look forward to going to Mass and listening to the Gospel and homily. Now when I walk out of church, I feel like I have learned a lesson and try to apply it to my daily life. I want to become a better person. Barbara - Framingham, MA
This CD changed my life. It opened my eyes to the simple things I can do in my life to achieve happiness. I listen to it at least once a month to bring direction and clarity to my life. Bill - NY
Not only was Matthew Kelly entertaining, but he was spot on with his Catholic teachings. I especially liked that there was nothing unorthodox about his message - it was simply a "gut check" reminding listeners about the simple things which define us as Catholics. Benjamin - Swansboro, NC
This was an inspiring, extremely motivated talk. I have worn out the CD. Mary - Bakersfield, CA
I will be olaying this CD many, many times and telling many about it. Judy - Hague, SK
Having recently gone through divorce, Matthew Kelly re-inspired me to stay focused, grow, and not feel second rate. I was so impressed with this CD that I am sending it to my family and children whom I want to help to become their best. Joanne - Falls Church, VA
I truly enjoy Matthew Kelley. His talks are very inspiring. He inspired me to get a MASS JOURNAL, and to come home to the Catholic Church. I thank God everyday for Lighthouse Catholic Media. I am new to the CD of the Month Club, but have enjoyed the two CDs I have received so far, and always look forward to the next one. God Bless you! Maureen - Mesa, AZ
It was such a good reminder in some ways but also a great tool to re-energize me. It certainly taught me ways to change my life and my way of thinking. I love listening to Matthew Kelly. Cynthia - Austin, TX
This uplifting talk is such an encouragement for all. I have shared this with all 6 of my children and their spouses. Goal setting attitudes are such positive influences. Carmela - Paducah, KY
Matthew Kelly has helped me go through a complete transformation with my faith. I have become a better version of myself by taking a journal to Mass and by sitting in the classroom of silence with the Lord and trusting in his plan. I am on a journey to become the best version of myself every day and have purchased many of Matthew Kelly's materials that now walk and talk with me...! Mario - Bradenton, FL
I heard the talk by Matthew Kelly on Radio Maria. His talk was so inspiring that after hearing him on the radio, I listened to a few segments of his talks on the internet. Laura - Jennings, LA
I took the suggestion of starting a Mass journal. I am amazed at how much this has helped me. Not only do I focus more when I'm participating in the Eucharist, I found that I carry the message God gives me on Sunday all through the week. Sometimes, I learn how far I have to go yet in my walking in the way Jesus taught. Always, I learn how patient the Father is with helping us to draw closer to Him. Theresa - Mesa, AZ
Practical suggestions and inspiration from this engaging speaker. Chris - Leaskdale, ON
Matthew Kelly is so direct and easy to understand. He makes me wonder where have I been ALL of my life. Vicki - Lakeville, MN
It's wonderful to hear "God wants us to be the best version of ourselves". That needs to be said more and more. I especially liked Mr. Kelly speaking about the four components of our life: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual,and explaining each one. His method of frequent repetition helps reinforce our mindset. He brought up the importance of the Mass and how we could get a more live experience from it. I believe people don't know enough ABOUT the Mass, if they did, they would not hesitate to go willingly. I liked the CD and enjoyed listening to Matthew Kelly and look forward to more CDs. Thank you. Erita - Oconto Falls, WI
The beginning was very touching. The suggestions are practical and the lesson is true. Changing your habits will change your life. I have seen it happen over and over. He is easy to understand and at times humorous. I think it is appropriate for all ages. Habits are hard to break? yes or yes. Theresa - 61401, IL
Practical, do-able approach to overall improvement. Mark - St. Louis, MO
Matthew's ability to bring Christ message into everyday life, how to integrate it in my own he changed me from being a lukewarm Catholic to one that wants learn more about my faith and to be closer to Our Lord. Too bad this type of inspiration wasn't available to me when i was young. Anonymous - Milford, NH
Love Matthew Kelly's talk's! Ryan - Stevens Point, WI
Matthew Kelly certainly has a gift of understanding the Catholic faith. They way he integrates stories and humor into teaching us about the Catholic faith and how to live it is just incredible. I listen to this cd over and over because I just love the message he is telling us. Highly recommended!! Ann - Bellmawr, NJ
Empowers myself and empowers my relationship with my family and God. It is incredible and easy to understand all his words and messages. Mathew Kelly inspired me to be a better person connected with my God Jesus Christ and become the best version of myself. Thanks for sharing and distributing this kind of CDs to the world. Abraham
Matthew Kelly speaks in a way that is easy to understand. This is one of the best CD I had ever listened to. I am inspired each time I listen to find a new way to be a better version of myself. Terri - ELYRIA, OH
Humorous and galvanizing. Offers one question that can be applied to all life situations to better analyze what a person should do trying to live a good life: "Will this make me a better person?" Adrienne - Sacramento, CA
This cd encourages and uplifts every person that listens to it! It stresses every persons dignity as a son or daughter of God and beautifully highlights the importance of continually building our relationship with God. Norma - PA
I loved everything about the talk. The topic was very easy to understand, and it was great that Mr. Kelly was able to explain holiness and God's plan in ways I can easily relate to and implement. Theresa - ON
I've never experienced something so inspiring in terms of igniting my interest in my catholic faith. This talk led me to seek out more like it and has led me deeper in my faith and closer to God GA
Presentation and content excellent. Mathew Kelly tells it like it should be and the way it is. With plain, easily understood language. John - Belleville, ON
Even tho I am listening to this during the Triduum, his suggestions for new year's resolutions seems so much more realistic that it has prompted me to revisit this temple I was given by our Father and improve from the inside out. It has made me realize that the greatest stress of all is losing your integrity and vocalization to others of the importance of our values and beliefs. Thank you for the 'Get your soul wet' offer to veterans. I will pass this wonderful treasure to a few friends who are serving or have served this great country. Laurel - 14546, NY
Helpful suggestions and guidance to help you grow in faith. Nelson - Bremerton, WA
Matthew Kelly is so engaging and so accessible! This talk kick-started my faith journey and as a result has absolutely changed my life! I've shared dozens of these CDs with students and friends. Becca - Columbus, TX
I have recommended this to many people! Matthew Kelly is an amazing speaker! He really holds the attention of the entire family! molly lynn - Hager city, WI
I liked how it gave us 4 different categories to work on in order to become a better version of ourselves. When you break it down into smaller pieces it seems to become more manageable. Emily - Ironwood , MI
I find particularly useful the way Matthew Kelly illustrates how being the best version of yourself is actually being holy. Francis - Boca Raton, FL
I find particularly useful the way Matthew Kelly illustrates how being the best version of yourself is actually being holy. Francis - Boca Raton, FL
Matthew Kelly is a great speaker. This talk started me on my path to listening to more LC CDs and learning more about my faith and having a better relationship with God and my love ones. C, - Franklinville , NJ
I wrote down the 4 things to becoming a better version of myself and intend to do them! Sunshine - Yorktown, IN
Awesome cd. He's an incredible speaker. I recommend this cd. Julie - Blacklick, OH
I liked the way it makes us undestand how actions at the light of Jesus and the Church can make big changes in ourself, our family and our community. Anna - Oakville, ON
True insperatation! I purchased copies for my nieces that are are being instructed for conformation. great timming! chuck - lakeside, CA
Gave a copy to our pastor, he used it for his confirmation class. Lemoine - Paden City, WV
His realistic approach and practical aspects of how to implement the process. Malani - Ewa Beach, HI
I enjoyed the explanation being put in a esy positive way accesible for an open discusion with friends. We neef positive answers to everyday struggles. maria - mayaguez