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Born Again? Faith Alone?

Stephen Ray

In one of his most focused talks to date, Stephen Ray discusses salvation, the authentic biblical understanding of being "born again", and how we are saved by faith, but not "faith alone". With great humor and doctrinal depth, he goes all the way back to Abraham to show that we are saved by faith and obedience to all that Christ demands of us.

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Customer Comments

"The best talk I've ever heard on being 'born again' and on salvation!" Gary Michuta
So full of insight! Stephen gives a fantastic explanation of how disobedience is the opposite of belief, and all according to scripture! Donna
Being a person born and raised a Baptist on my pilrimige through RCIA to convert to Catholicism I found this CD very interesting and very close to my heart. Many points hitting home. Jennifer - San Miguel, CA
When Stephen reference the bible site. Great resource. The way he explain the scriptures. Humberto - Miami, FL
It was wonderful to hear a convert explain my Catholic faith. I have several family members who have joined other faiths and believe what Steven said he learned as a young person. Thank you for the good work. Nancy Mary Siebers Nancy Mary - De Pere, WI
This taught me so much more than I ever knew about purgatory . I love this CD so much I shared it with my family Marjorie - lakewood, CA
A prepared me with actual helpful guidance on how to defend the Catholic faith. Kelly - Fairfield, PA
Are you born again? Are you Saved? Catholics will never again be caught off guard on how to answer these questions. One of Steve Ray's best...every Christian should listen to this CD!! Ryan - Brownstown, MI
All the CD's are riveting talks by remarkable people! Haven't been disappointed yet! John - Corpus Christi, TX
I love hearing about the themes that are found woven throughout the bible. He did a great job explaining how Catholics can tie things together because of the years of reflection that the Magisterium has put into interpretation, whereas Protestants have a more difficult time with this because of their individual interpretations and skewed beliefs when verses are taken out of context. I'd like to hear more from him. Angela - ROCKFORD, IL
I have been born catholic,raise catholic and am a catholic. I am on a journey in my faith and still there are things yet unknown to me like the topics discussed in the talk, like when God uses water and the spirit to renew, like we are not saved by faith alone and the fact we have to go to confession more frequently. These are the fundamentals of being a catholic and yet we do not oblige to it and when you hear it, it sort of jolts something in you, to make you realise of the things you are supposed to be doing. The talk is very lively and informative referring to parts in the bible which is very important for further reference. CATHRINA AMELIE(SEYCHELLES) CATHRINA - VICTORIA
It gave me the info to spread the Catholic view of being saved against all the non-denominational views that we are always up against. I have listened to over 20 of your CD's over and over and have enjoyed every one. I can hardly wait for the CD of the month to arrive! I have also read 2 of your books and in the middle the third. I just can't get enough! Lisa - Perham, MN
Steve Ray does a great job in simplifying a way that we can talk to our evangelical friends. emmett - chicago, IL
Such a great message for fallen away Catholics! Noelle - Stephenville, TX
I use your talks extensively in my RCIA classes, my prison ministry and Catechism classes. John - Emmett, MI
Great talk! Learned a lot from it. Have listened to it many times. Listened to it with my sisters, one of them have left the Catholic Church and went to an ecumenical church. She is now thinking of going back to the Catholic Church. Thank you! C. - NJ
I have several of Stephen Ray's CD's, and enjoy them all. This topic was very informative. Listening to this CD makes learning about the history of the church fun. Steve is an engaging speaker and his CD's are perfect listening for my commute to and from work. Doreen - Orlando, FL
Stephen Ray provided great arguments to defend the Church and Her teachings on Purgatory, the Sacrament of Baptism, and the Faith in general, that you cannot get to Heaven and experience the fullness of Faith with just belief. A great tool for evangelizing Protestants and fallen-away Catholics! Randy - Oak Grove, MN
I appreciate Mr. Ray's humor and wit as well as those personal stories regarding his conversion. It's very validating for me as a person raised in the Catholic faith. Sara - Kansas City, MO
Being acquainted with those who profess all one has to do is "stand up and proclaim to the world that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior" to be saved (...and this excludes any and all past as well as future wrong doings), I very much enjoyed hearing the reasons that doing such a "performance" is Not exactly true, nor what the Bible states. Also, his bits of humor were well appreciated. Judy - Warren, PA
gave some awesome refutations of typical evangelical theology, great for those interested in apologetics. michael - buzzards bay, MA
It inspired me to learn more apologetics for the catholic faith Jay - Marquette, MI
Showing me how to answer people when they attack the Catholic faith KS
It disproved many of the beliefs I was personally raised with and explained how they were not quite in line with the biblically belief system of Catholics. Denise - Broken Arrow, OK
Made me truly appreciate how the Catholic Church is truly the church founded by Christ. C. - Franklinville, NJ
Stephan Ray has a unique way of answering the born again and faith alone questions. I have heard and read many people on how to answer these questions. Stephan answers in an way that gets the other person to think about your response in a non-threatening way. I highly recommend his CD. Michael - Hendersonville, TN
Honest and straightforward. NC
The theology and how the bible has no gaps when you look at it through Catholics point of view. David - Chicago , IL
Love the way he presents, very clear and easy to understand and remember Timothy - South Lyon, MI
I loved the different bible references that Stephen gave that I could use as a Catholic to defend my belief. I also appreciated how he explained how other faiths (Baptist) took versus out of text and shared how I could put them back in text to defend my faith and show how they are mislead. Joanne - Wells, MN
Stephen Ray is easy to listen to and keeps your mind focused. His anecdotal stories and examples of defending the faith lend me confidence and knowledge to do the same when I am challenged. Mary - Unicoi, TN
Thoroughly enjoyed listening to Stephen. I have a better understanding of how Catholics are "Born Again" and appreciate his input on the subject. I found it very informative and able to keep me engrossed. He is an excellent speaker and entertaining. Nancy - Mt. Dora, FL
Knowledgeable, engaging, entertaining, not monotone, made convincing arguments for Catholicism Rob - Gulfport, MS
This talk was very interesting because it defended the Catholic point of view on faith alone by a few very understandable reasons. It also kept my attention very well because Stephen Ray is very animated and includes funny anecdotes and jokes throughout his talks, which I like. This talk made me feel more comfortable in a situation where I would be defending the Catholic's point of view on this issue. Jessica - Cedar Rapids, IA
I enjoyed the format of responding to the "big" protestant objections. Kathleen - Grove City, PA
It helped me better understand my faith. The knowledge gained and scriptural references will help me defend the Catholic Church when others try to tell me it's wrong (which is often!). Julie - Troy, MI
Steve Ray made very good statements that I can use in discussion with my Protestant family. Becky - Elmore, OH