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Fan or Follower?

Jeff Cavins

In this talk, Jeff Cavins shares how he has come to see that Jesus wants us to surrender every bit of our own comfort to follow Him. There are many fans of Jesus in this world, but we are called to be His disciples. 

As a young adult, Jeff left the Catholic Church and became a Protestant Pastor for 12 years. After returning to the Catholic Church, he became a nationally known speaker who has helped thousands come to a clearer understanding of Scripture and our Faith.

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Biblical Truths, Jesus Christ, Youth


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Customer Comments

This talk had an immediate impact on my life! I know now what I must do to move closer to Jesus. Carrie - MN
This talk truly opened my eyes to what a personal relational with Jesus is. Crissa - Pipestone, MN
Jeff Cavins walks this talk by living out the Christ in him and follows the Lord intimately. A disciple indeed, not a fan! Caroline - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
What a great talk and a wonderful reminder for all of us to be sure we truly behave as a follower of Jesus and not just a fan of Jesus! Jeff Cavins has a unique way of inspiring people of all ages!!! Mary - Lindstrom, MN
I love Jeff Cavins' humor and explanation on what it means to be a follower of Christ. His examples are inspirational! Laura - Newtown, PA
WOW. I want to be not only a fan of Jesus but ALSO His follower. What a great message! Monica - Geneseo, IL
Great insights not just for young adults, but also life-time or long time Catholics who think they are very well versed in the faith but need to ask themselves: "Am I really living this faith as Jesus instructed His disciples?" Judy - Murrieta, CA
What a passionate speaker! Jeff Cavins brings it home by asking us to answer honestly what kind of Catholic we are - may I always be a follower - not only with my visible fish bumper sticker, my Rosary and Bible, but by what I do and say. Dianne
Top notch speaker Jeff Cavins shares with us the nitty-gritty on how to easily become an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ. And...Sr. Mary Gabriel follows with an entertaining, revealing talk on just "who exactly is the 'church'! Julie - Sterling, VA
Jeff asks if we’re excited to be Jesus to others from the moment we awake each day? What a challenge we all need—to refresh our desire to follow Jesus, to know Him and be His disciple, not just know about Him! Monica - Whichita, KS