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Feminine Genius

Colleen Carroll Campbell

Building upon Blessed Pope John Paul II's writings about "the feminine genius", Colleen Carroll Campbell discusses the uniqueness of the makeup and vocation of women from God. She uses the lives of several female saints to help women recognize and use their gifts to live out their faith as Christians in the modern world. Author and columnist Colleen Carroll Campbell hosts EWTN's Faith and Culture program.

"Colleen uses John Paul II's message to show us how to affect the world with our true feminine genius. I'm going to share this with my own girls!" 
Sue - Fort Myers, FL

Average Rating: 4.18 based on 17 ratings
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Customer Comments

As a man, this talk gave me a whole new appreciation for the dignity of women. It provided a wonderful summary of authentic Christian feminism grounded in the teachings of the Church. Andrew - Dallas, TX
Colleen uses Pope John Paul II's writing about the feminine genius to discuss women's uniqueness, and help women recognize and implement our true feminine genius to walk, live, and teach the way to walk in the Lord's Word. I am very thankful I heard the CD, and I highly recommend it for all females!!! Thank you! Deedra - Saint James, NY
Colleen is a great speaker, putting the subject of feminine genius in a language that was well understood and interesting to hear. I was inquiring about spiritual motherhood these last few weeks and am grateful to have heard Colleen talking about it in her talk!! Patrizia - Toronto, ON
I liked how I was able to relate to the speaker and enjoyed how she was able to connect feminine issues with current events. Sarah - Milwaukee, WI
I loved how the topic was made relevant to the here and now. Ana - Yonkers, NY
This CD benefited me so much! I am a female student in college, and I am constantly struggling to find the balance between being a true woman of God and enjoying my time here in college in every aspect. It moves me greatly to know that how I feel and my daily walk with God follows a lot of what this CD touched upon. Thank you so much! Synthia - San Antonio, TX
I most enjoyed the way Colleen connected the beautiful teaching on the Feminine Genius to what is happening currently in our culture around us. Christine - Gilbert, AZ
I was encouraged by this talk because it emphasized that women can contribute to the family and society in many important ways. We don't have to be just like men and do everything men do. Women have their own unique gifts to share, different than men but equally vaulable to the family and society. Mary - Emporia, KS
I liked her idea that we all have a unique way and vocation as witnesses to our faith and relating to and about God. It was really nice that she used several female saints to help women recognize and use our gifts to live out our faith in this 21st. Century! I have listened to many Lighthouse tapes and then returned them to the Cathedral in Spokane. THey are so inspirational. Thank you, Susan C. Burns Susan C. - Moscow, ID
The talk was very engaging, using very clear examples from daily life. It Then guided the listener through an understanding of what the feminine genius is, rather than what some may perceive it to be. I listened to this with my daughter who is 14. We both enjoyed it and it has provided a springboard for discussions about living out our faith as Catholic women. Diana - Raleigh, NC

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