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Gangland to Promised Land

John Pridmore


He was a serious "face" in London's East End. His Jackets were tailored to hold his machete and knuckledusters. His drug deals made him wealthy. Then something extraordinary happened...
John Pridmore spoke at the 2008 World Youth Day and on EWTN about what Christ has done in his life. His powerful story has inspired hundreds of thousands to grow in their faith.

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Customer Comments

An exhilarating journey to God! Annie - Cape Coral, FL
God doesn't need a resume. He's calling everyone to His service! There is always hope, even with the worst sinner. Listen to this story of one person who made an about-face to the Lord! Julie - Potomac Falls, VA
I heartily support the work of John Pridmore... reaching out to young people. Cormac Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor - Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster, England
I was the prodigal son when I first found the Lord, some 30 years ago. I also serve in the prison ministry. This CD is powerful, almost like it was written for me. Kurt - Birmingham, AL
When John says 'Let's all go to confession, as this is medication to the soul,' he reminds me of this quote from the bible: 'He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy' (Proverbs 28:13). Moses - Malawi, Africa
OUTSTANDING!!! I had read John's book, but I was still unprepared for the power of this amazing talk. Prepare to be touched and amazed! Cameron - Western Australia
A very unique and interesting story line - I mean how many of us know someone who worked in the crime world in England. That itself drew me into the CD. The talk itself was very good, and I especially liked how he emphasized the role of Mary in his life, and her powerful intercession. He also had a great emphasis on the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist, which was wonderful. Theresa - Glen Ellyn, IL
I enjoyed John's conviction, humor, and sincerity. I could not stop the CD. I was reminded that while I've not done as horrible of things as he, I, too, am a sinner, and I'm loved and forgiven. If God can love a man like John, or myself, he can truly love anyone whose heart is open. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! Roger - Issaquah, WA
I enjoyed the talk, but my teenage son listened to the entire thing without putting his iPod on! John Pridmore captured his attention right away. I thought this was a great one for teens (especially)!! Poway, CA
This CD was so inspiring, it showed me the mercy our Lord has to offer even to the worst of sinners. It gives such huge hope to those out there who are so far away from our Lord that there is not only a way back to Him, but the fact that God will always welcome you back with open arms, no matter how bad a sinner you have become. Jennifer - Menominee, MI
I felt that John Pridmore spoke in a way that was easy to understand and learn from - I also enjoyed his accent. The stories he related were excellent eye-openers to move me toward Christ. Helpful ways provided to seek God through confession and prayer. Laura - Woodbridge, VA
John Pridmore's life story was amazing. It was great hearing this type of conversion story from a Catholic. Johnny - Mobile, AL
My children and I loved hearing him speak. He has a very good story to tell, and his love for Jesus really comes through in the message. Stephanie - Phoenix, AZ
The message that God could change a person so far removed from a holy life, and for that person to become a missionary spreading God's beautiful message through the whole world after his conversion. It was a beautiful testimony and gives all new hope. Carol - Andover, CT
It taught me that Jesus can and does forgive everyone for anything. Gary - Almonte
Wow, it was the message, that God loves us... as John says, if God can love someone like me who has done so many horrible things, he can love you! A message our young people need to hear. I am a former youth minister and know how broken our youth are. Catherine - Weymouth, NS
What an inspiring story! One for all ages! He touches all parts of humanity! He relates to so many different people. We've added him to our bucket list of peeps to meet! This CD needs to be played on the gangland streets of NY and LA. There is hope! It is in Jesus Christ! There is help! It is in the Catholic church! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
Just love real-life conversion stories that fill me with hope. emmett - chicago, IL
Felt like he was talking directly to me. I feel very inspired and I can wait to explore more from Lighthouse Catholica Media Lindsay - Buffalo, NY
John Pridmore's talk relates to everyone. Men, women and teens. one of my absolute favorites!! Brenda - melbourne, FL
I liked his message about sharing God's love. Stacey - Cathedral city, CA
So inlightening, loved it. Dianne
Best explaination of how a sinner can become transformed. Excellent description of confession Brady - Vernon River, PE