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Mercy and Hope - Book

Mike Pacer

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We need hope in our world. Flowing forth from the Heart of Jesus is a torrent of mercy that is the source of this much needed hope. Discover how in God’s mercy we find a reason for joy here on earth and a reasonable expectation for eternal joy in Heaven. Mike’s engaging and straightforward approach sheds light on the following.

- The merciful and loving God revealed in the Old Testament
- Jesus Christ as the source of mercy and reason for hope
- The hope imparted through the message of Divine Mercy given to St. Faustina
- Mary’s role as the Mother of Mercy and Hope

He is not merely a feeling, but also an action through which our lives are transformed. Mike provides practical suggestions on how we can live more joyful lives through being merciful to others and receiving mercy ourselves.

"In this book, Mike Pacer offers a loving, heartfelt account of the hope he's found in Divine Mercy. Through his personal reflections on Scripture, St. Faustina's writings, and the theological virtues, he offers fresh insights into the hope-filled mystery of God's merciful love."
- Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC, author of 33 Days to Morning Glory

"Mike has hit a home run with Mercy and Hope. It so clearly presents mercy for what, or better, who mercy is—Jesus. This truth is so beautifully presented throughout the book that one can literally touch and be touched by Jesus."
- Most Rev. David D. Kagan, Bishop of Bismark

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1 Mercy and Hope (Book)

Mercy and Hope (Book)


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