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My Spiritual Journey

Matthew Kelly

Formerly titled "A Call to Joy"

Matthew Kelly is one of the most sought-after speakers of our time. When he was a young man, a friend helped him to open his heart to God. Since that time, Matthew has helped millions around the world to embrace the Lord's call to live a deeper spiritual life. Listen as he shares both his remarkable personal story and his uniquely inspiring outlook on faith and the adventure of living the Christian life to the fullest.

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Customer Comments

Awesome! I loved this talk and came away with a fresh inspiration to grow my faith and find joy. This is perfect for all ages. I passed it on to my teenage sons. Cindy - Houston TX
Incredible - this presentation is the best, most practical, straightforward guide to lead us into a deeper prayer life. It will change our lives! It has changed mine! Charlie - Cockeysville, MD
Matthew Kelly is an incredibly gifted young man, and his witness to the Catholic Faith is a blessing to the Church. I recently attended one of his retreats and was inspired. I have never heard so many Confessions at a retreat. Monsignor Gilbert Rutz - Vicar General of the Diocese of Covington, KY
This CD led me to Lighthouse Catholic Media. MK is a dynamic teacher with an authentic background and credentials for the task for which he has set himself. MK is the key to involving more Catholics in the education of their Faith. He certainly changed a lot of things in my life. I hope I am now moving in the right direction. William - Solon, OH
The personal experience was the most interesting. Judith - Lakeland, MN
This is the first time I have ever listened to a CD by Matthew Kelly. After reading one of his books, I was interested in hearing him speak. It was most enjoyable hearing about his friend and how he challenged him to grow in his faith. How lucky he was to have such a friend! We could be that friend to someone! Barbara - Prescott Valley, AZ
It really gave me the encouragement to start to do small things to bring me closer to God. I had forgotten the need for silence. Awesomely inspiring talk! Kathleen - Pitman, NJ
Matthew makes his talk interesting and easy to understand. He makes you think of how you can become better as a Catholic. Mark - Oak Lawn
Matthew Kelly -- what a great speaker! P Casey
One of my favorites! Dynamic speaker who reminds us that we need to be teaching our kids to listen to the voice of God and to do this at a young age. We are to ask our kids after Mass and each day 'what did God say to you today' and to teach them to turn to God with our decisions; asking ourselves 'God, what do you think I should do in this situation'. I have been actually trying to do this with my 3 girls and my heart swells with joy when my 12-year-old and 15-year-old tell me that they waited and listened to God in making a decision to do the right thing in a few situations. The message in this CD is powerful and life changing! Reminds us that we need our youth to be asking God what He wants them to be, not what our will is in our lives. Thank you so much as I have listened to this and recommended this CD to many others. It helps me stand strong in my faith! Maria - Napoleon, ND
Simple, yet profoundly moving. Karen - Lovell, WY
The most value I received (I am a cradle Catholic) was the fact that Mr. Kelly reinforced what I already believed, what I have been saying when I speak of my love for my Church. I sure was surprised to hear that the USA is probably the strongest nation on Catholicism. I loved the message - we need to get back to virtue. Please keep up the wonderful messages. Catholics need your strong message. Please pray for beautiful America. God bless. Shirleen - Prescott Vly, AZ
Matthew Kelly is a dynamic speaker. His way of telling the Truth is down to earth and easily understood by many people, yet so rich in Catholic teachings. His messages still need to be heard by others. Sister Paul Mary - Duluth, MN
The personal experience was the most interesting. Judith - Lakeland, MN
Matthew Kelly has a very inspiring and yet enjoyable message. His advise about what questions to ask our children hit home with me. I have listened to this tape over and over and still enjoy it a lot. Patricia - Utica, NE