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Prove it, God ... and He did!

Patty Schneier

As a lifelong Catholic, wife, and mother of three, Patty Schneier struggled with the Church's teaching on contraception – as many men and women do today. Her discovery of Pope John Paul II's "Theology of the Body" revealed to her the fullness of God's plan for sex and marriage, and led to a dramatic renewal of her marriage and her faith. Patty now speaks around the country about the challenges she faced on her amazing journey.

"Be careful ... This may turn your life upside down!" 
- Most Rev. Paul Zipfel 
(Bishop Emeritus of Bismarck, ND)

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Customer Comments

I LOVE this testimony! This is my story, and the story of so many of us trying to follow ALL the teachings of the Church Rachel - Thibodaux, LA
Patty did an excellent job of walking us through her journey and being an example of how we should all walk with God and be obedient. The Lord proved to Patty that it is wonderful and not burdensome to follow Him and Patty relayed that to us. She is a great speaker and this is definitely one CD you have to keep "on the list." Jane-WI
This talk has given me the encouragement to continue with my daily meditation. The rewards are great! John - Folsom, CA
This was a wonderful, encouraging call to "wholiness" for anyone who seeks to come closer to God. She shows how being obedient brings more blessings than we could ever dream or imagine. Moira - Henderson, NV
I loved how this and many of your talks make me take a step back and look at my life and ask "Am I living my life as a good Catholic?". Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no, but now I can see it and do something to change it. Keep the talks coming! Tony - Aurora, CO
This is a topic one seldom hears about in the Catholic church. I think it should be promoted among the faithful. I appreciated Patty Schneier's honesty in her quest to be informed and converted to a new, and frightening way of thinking and living. Joann - Dayton, WA
Amazing story of how God answered prayers through the daily readings of the Mass. This helped clarify the teachings of the Catholic Church on sex and contraception, which has been misunderstood by so many people in the world. I wish every Christian in the world could hear this message! Fred - Cincinnati, OH
The songs were a nice touch. But her honesty and transparency about this topic were amazing. I would like to share this with others. It could open some eyes! Some Hearts. Brigid - Ann Arbor, MI
It was like Matthew Kelly on estrogen. I really enjoyed it. Todd - CA
The Patty's words came from a transparent heart. She exposed her fears as usually we experienced . I liked the way that she shared her testimony, how God was preparing her to listen him, using the bible. CLAUDIA - denver, CO
I enjoyed the truth of the story. I have lived this myself. The way she showed how scripture spoke to her was amazing. It has truly helped my prayer life and given me much to think about. Mary - 37830, TN
Her candid way of speaking about her struggles with the church's teaching Kristen - Houston, TX
Patty Schneier is REAL! She sounds professional, but not "studied." She's real about her struggles, her emotional turmoil, anger with God, yet her persistence--and God's grace overcoming all of her resistance to NFP and openness to new life. I wish I had heard this 30 years ago. No, 40 years ago, when I was still young enough to change directions. Laura - Scottsboro, AL
I liked how this applied to me at times because God wants you to be willing to do what he asks of you and not give up. Ronda - Manchester, NH
My one and only wife and I have used NFP from the get-go. I had become chaste before I met her (I didn't know until later that the Holy Spirit had changed me), and we remained pure before our marriage, even tho she was Catholic and I was an atheist. I am now a committed and very active Catholic because God can do amazing things! We have four children who are all still Catholic. This talk I will give to at least one friend who needs to hear this most important message! God bless you, and I thank God for blessing and leading Patty Schneier. ps: the divorce risk category for those who embrace NFP is less than 2%. Yes, less than two percent! Peter - Olympia, WA
Even though I am passed the point of bearing children, her story shows how we have a personal God who does interact with us in our daily lives and that was incredible. Laurene - Geneva, IL
The subject matter was very pertinent to today's generation. The ability of the speaker to relate to many practicing Catholics who feel they don't have a need for conversion only to find out it's because they aren't open to God's will not because the need is not there. Many aspect's of the presentation are very good. It touches on prayer life, being open to the Lord's will, conversion through scripture and music wonderfully done. Not to mention how it also touches on the sacramental graces to be earned through obedience and adherence to God's will. Reflections on one's relationship withthe Holy Father, and great reference on commentary on Theology of the Body. ...Loved it! all couples should hear this CD. Nila - Chesapeake, VA
It was a story that I could relate to as a woman. It also was relatable to my marriage, as well. For those of us that have grown up with contraception being so "normal," it was great to hear a conversion story so profound. Amy - Ruckersville, VA
Great talk! Always good to be reminded of the fact that "conversion" is an on going process and that we are all called to be continually converted to Christ. Arthur - Toronto, ON
I enjoyed the story of her life and journey towards seeing the church's teachings. Richard - Auburn Hills, MI
I relate so much with Patty's story and I have learned so much. I wish that it would be as easy to tell my husband as it was for her. I have so many regrets in my life and I know that i need to change. Thank you and God Bless! Jessica - Saline, MI
I loved that it discussed a topic that is so rarely spoken of. I have recenty read Theology of the Body for Beginners and attended an NFP class and I receive their magazines. I'm 43 years old, went to Catholic schools 5th-12th grades and none of this was ever discussed. I am now discovering so many wonderful teachings and examples of beautiful lives that were unknown to me. I guess I am part of the lost generation of Catholics, but so desire to learn more and share all of these treasures with today's young people! I love Lighthouse Catholic Media! Thank you for all that you do! Kathleen - bradenton, FL
I was moved by the powerful real life testimony. Emmett - Chicago, IL
A from the heart talk about contraception and how God gently led the speaker unto union wish God and the Church. Raymond - Rutherford, NJ
This talk was unexpected. I picked up this cd at my church St. Michael the Archangel in Woodstock, Georgia. I was looking for answers to other questions and did not read the back of the cd for it's contents. As I am not of childbearing years, I figured there wouldn't be much for me to learn from this CD, after realizing what the cd was about. I was dead wrong. The talk was interesting, enthusiastic and I enjoyed every second of it. Her journey to her understanding God's will and love for us inspired me to pick up the bible again and start my prayer mornings. I would recommend to anyone. Lynda - Woodstock, GA
Beautiful. Insightful. Very Practical ways in which to put our Faith in practice... and I got a deeper understanding of the word Conversion - growing in conformity to the will of God. And yes, the singing also touched me Frederick - Kampala
I can’t say enough of who much this testimony. It has help me so much, I finally can hear what God wants to say to me. I would like to say a lot more, but is a difficult for me to say in English. I'm from Mexico, and I'm still learning how to speak and write English. But I just could not say anything about it, because I’m very happy, that God sent me the Cd. And that God send people like Patty Schneier, to help us, how to obey and to listen to him. I Thank God, for people like you! Att. Veronica Broudy Veronica - Luther, OK
The fact you had a "good Catholic" firmly opposed to the teaching of the Church, make a complete 180, simply from a little nudge by three nuns is awesome. It is especially fruitful because she shows you her struggle as the truth is slowly revealed to her. Awesome! David - Biddeford, ME
I liked how naturally she talked about her experience, and how open and transparent she was. By the tone of voice she used, it sounded honest, and she didn't sound as if she was imposing at all. Sara - Houston, TX
I got this CD when I went to a Catholic Women's Conference in Richmond Virginia, I went to the table and pick up a couple of cd's without imaging what is what about, but hoping they can talk to me in any way, and this cd really talked to me in different ways. At this moment I going throught a crisis in my marriage, I'm haven't been able to be married under the Catholic Church and I'm using contraception method after being have 3 miscarriages, at my age 44 I'm trying to get pregnant and 9 year of union. So in another words, I'm feeling like a big sinner! But I will start to do my journal due that in many ways I feel like Patty, always being the good daughter, singing in my chuch choir and seeing like the good catholic for many people... But you know that inside you feel the totally opposite. I know and believe God and the Holy Mother will guide me in this process and at the end will be his will what will be done! sorry if I misspeling, I'm a native from Panama and Spanish is my first lenguage. God bless you all for the work is put into the cd's you offer, I have several of them and one day I will share with my husband which is baptist person. Love Ana Ana - Gloucester, VA
How her story relates to me (and I'm sure other busy mothers). The talk challenged me to deepen my prayer life and encouraged me that it is possible! Audrey - 43311, OH
I am not one in need of contraception but did appreciate her story and approach.. Well delivered and great story for Catholics struggling with the issue or unaware of the effect contraception has on their marriage and spiritual life. I found it informative and able to keep me engrossed. She is an excellent speaker and entertaining. Nancy - Mt. Dora, FL
I enjoyed listening to the speaker opening up and sharing her true feelings on contraception. She was easy to listen to and kept my attention the entire time. Jessica - Carbondale, IL