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Quest for Truth: A Convert's Perspective

David Currie

David Currie is a former Evangelical missionary whose upbringing was immersed in Evangelical Protestantism. He candidly shares how his struggles with the interpretation of many biblical passages led him on a dramatic search for truth. This moving testimony recounts his family's difficult journey into Catholicism and the great joy they experienced in finding the pearl of great price.

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Customer Comments

Wow! This CD helped me understand why converts are such good Catholics! Howard - Montgomery, AL
A cradle Catholic, I needed to hear about his journey in order to continue to strengthen mine! Sandra - Norman, OK
Hearing a convert's reason for joining the Catholic Faith wakes me up and inspires me more with my faith. Amsterdam, NY
It gave me a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, my Catholic Faith and an enriching way of being a part of it. Carol - Beaver, PA
I thought this an excellent example of how one person did not accept what he had been told without checking out the sources. I took notes on this one for my own reading. Pamela - Sherwood Park, AB
I enjoyed how much I could relate to the speaker. As a Catholic convert, hearing from someone who was also raised as a fundamentalist Christian encourages me in my decision to become Catholic. Lydia - Rifle, CO
Like Quest for Truth, I try to get inquiring co-workers to listen to this. It is Soooooo good! Scheherazade - Bedford, VA
I guess, like many cradle Catholics, I have taken the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist for granted. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a favourite pastime of mine, so if this was taken away from me, I would be quite bereft of spirit. I enjoy the conversion stories and they make me realise how poorly Catholics know their scripture. Mary - Melbourne, VIC
I have been Catholic my whole life, and I have delved deeply into scripture, lives of the saints, etc.; however, when I hear the personal testimony of a Protestant turned Catholic, I am humbled by how little I truly know. This keeps me wanting to absorb more. Further, I need to know exactly how to defend my faith. This is the perfect tool. Rosalba - Dallas, TX
It helped me on my journey to become a Catholic. I am in the process of converting to Catholicism. This CD made me see how becoming a Catholic will bring me closer to God and on the path to eternal life. Ashley - NC
I enjoyed all of this CD equally. But the most important issue that was talked about was "The True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist" and the importance and blessings of the Sacraments. Jo-Anna - Assonet, MA
I loved hearing his story of why his family had no choice but to come to the Catholic Church. To hear him speak of the Real Presence, and also to say that the Catholic Church is the truth and the atmosphere that God always intended his children to be raised in is amazing. It was interesting to hear what an impact John 6:51 had on him and others. I've brought it to my Protestant brother's attention but he's just grossed out saying it's cannibalism. Do you think he'd listen to this CD? :-) Louise - Salem, WI
David was inspiring and enjoyable. I was raised Catholic, and I find these conversion stories informative and inspiring. Amy - Kirkland