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Reborn: Episode 1 - Case of 25 DVDs

Augustine Institute


For a limited time, buy a case of 25 Reborn: Episode 1 DVDs for only $31.25! Order before November 22 to guarentee delivery before Christmas.

Is Baptism a traditional rite, an important symbol, an excuse to celebrate the arrival of a baby with a family photo op? What if there is a lot more to Baptism than you may realize? What if your child’s spiritual life, happiness, and future hinges on the miracle of Baptism?

Reborn: You, Your Child, and the Heart of Baptism guides you through the relevance of the Sacrament of Baptism, going deep into the spiritual reality for everyone playing a part in this significant event in your child’s life. Beautifully filmed and clearly taught, Reborn is the definitive preparation for this life-changing sacrament.

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