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Right Here, Right Now: Always Be Ready to Share Your Faith

Patrick Madrid

It's profound to consider what hangs in the balance when we share our faith with others. Patrick Madrid, in his highly engaging manner, speaks from a lifetime of experience to help Catholics effectively share the truth about Christ and his Church whenever the opportunity arises.

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Customer Comments

Patrick's talk encouraged me to share my faith with others on a daily basis. Janet - Ottawa, ON
Fantastic! This message is not only relevant, but invaluable for Catholics giving witness to the Faith today. Brian - Fort Meade, MD
Patrick has the true gift to sound as if he is talking directly with me. The material he shared comes from his heart and is most certainly inspired by the Holy Spirit. The program was interesting, informative, and relevant. I want to hear more from him. Mark - Somerset, PA
His story was something I could relate to and get hope from when it comes to sharing my faith with others. I particularly enjoyed when he was describing his teenage summer where he was consistently dialoguing with his girlfriend's father about his Catholic faith. I had a similar experience with a Protestant friend that led me to a passion for apologetics. Katherine - Whitefish, MT
Great examples, encouraging, humorous Julie - Marthasville, MO
Patrick Madrid is an outstanding apologist and so I found this talk perhaps more interesting than educational because it gave me more information about his history as an apologist. I have one of his books, Search and Rescue and several of Scott Hahn's books and as well as Peter Kreeft's books. I found Patrick's talk reassuring as I continue to try to answer challenges to my Catholic faith from others, including fallen away Catholics of my own family and extended family. Richard - Madison, WI
Very inspirational! It has energized me to learn more about why I believe what I believe as a Catholic so I can properly defend the faith when the opportunities present themselves. Colleen - Springfield, VA
The passion and reasoning in Patrick Madrid's talk. Being a cradle Catholic myself, he brought up a lot of great points and encouragement on sharing my faith with others. Cynthia - brookville, IN
This talk showed how important it is for Catholics to understand why they believe what they do and to be able to answer questions about their faith with love and conviction. This applies to family members as well as complete strangers. There is a reason why certain people cross our paths. James - Aurora, ON
That we are often times in moments that Christ allows us and gives us the grace to share his love to others. To be ready at any moment. Deacon Mitch - Berlin, NH
His confidence on sharing the faith, It's a if anyone can do it. He is right! He challenges me and offers gentle guidance in how to make it happen, in love, kindness, and truth for God, for others and in the moment. He encourages me to take that step in faith, and trust in God. Edward - Buda, TX
Patrick was down to earth in his talk and spoke in easy language. I enjoyed his stories about sharing his faith. He was very encouraging and I hope to be more open. Carolyn - Orangeburg, SC
I loved the stories that Patrick Madrid told of his experiences. He was so informative and interesting. Would love love love to hear more of his talks. Colette - Lacombe, LA
This talk reminded me that silence is not always the answer.I must express my faith, especially when challenged. I must remember Jesus' message in the gospels. "Do not be afraid". Jimmy - New Orleans, LA
I love Patrick approach to apologetics, calm, collected, patient, non-threatening and with love. Making sure to present his faith as a witness to the truth, not to argue a point or try to convince anyone, but elicit someone to ponder about your beliefs. Carlos V - Brentwood, CA
Patrick Madrid JOSEPH - Oregon, OH
That because the Catholic church is the true church that Jesus Christ established, it would be wrong for us to, out of willfulness or neglect, not share the truth with other people. James - Carmel, IN