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Searching the Scriptures: The Gospel of John

Stephen Ray

Join biblical expert and Catholic apologist Stephen Ray on a personal pilgrimage through the pages of St. John's Gospel. Stephen draws from his extensive scholarship and his time spent in the Holy Land filming documentaries to bring forth many of the profound theological truths that lie beneath the surface of this gospel, and bring to light the many levels of revelation contained within. This exciting presentation will ignite your heart and soul with a burning passion for Christ and a deep conviction to zealously defend the Faith which has been handed down to us.

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Customer Comments

After listening to this talk, you will not only be more in love with John's Gospel, but your ability to share that love and the fullness of the Faith will have increased mightily! Brad - Faribault, MN
Steve Ray's very personal introduction to this "beloved disciple" and the faith of the early Church has given me new appreciation for the richness, the tenderness, and the passion of John's Gospel! Jane - Kansas City, MO
This talk was simply fantastic. Fast-paced and bursting with fervor, it is a whirlwind tour of the fourth Gospel that leaves you in awe of the riches of our Apostolic Faith. Don't miss it! Justin - South Thomaston, ME
This talk is informative, scholarly, interesting, and insightful. Thank you! I have listened to different talks and I liked all of them. I got a lot of insights to prepare talks, homilies, and sermons. Talks are valuable and educative. I appreciate your ministry. Fr. Loannis Warpakma SDB
Very informative and insightful. Randi - Benton, AR
This CD opened the door for me to consider looking into re-reading the gospel of John again just to find the points that were made here. I knew that this gospel was more on the divinity of Jesus, but this opened my eyes even more!! I would love to hear more talks by Mr. Ray on the topics linked to scripture and the gospels. Barbara - Slippery Rock, PA
The CD was very informative and creates a spark where one is eager to begin to read and study the holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to Saint John. My fiancee and I thoroughly enjoyed it and are now reading it. Stephen - Waco, TX
It was great! I never really understood the Gospel of John, but now I have a better understanding of it. Rita - Hastings, FL
This has confirmed and renewed my belief in the power of prayer and that all things are possible with God. I am a recent convert to the Catholic Church and a former Anglican priest. This past Easter, along with my entire family, I was received into Holy Mother Church. Your CD has further inspired me to pursue Holy Orders with the intention of serving the Church in the Ordinariate Deo volente as a Catholic priest. May God continue to bless your valuable ministry in the world. Arthur - WI
My favorite CD so far! For the first time, my eyes were opened at how blessed we are to have the writings of the early Church Fathers. Sola scriptura believers are missing out on so many writings that enhance my love of the Bible and the inspired writers of the Gospels. Ryan - Brownstown, MI
I loved the way it tied in the whole of scripture and showed the fullness of the church. I learned many parallels that I just had no idea were there. I am a former evangelical Protestant and converted six years ago, and I have never had any regrets. I bought this CD after Mass today and feel truly blessed for having listened to it. I have already emailed one of my Catholic friends about it. :) Tony - Mendenhall, MS
It provided some really good information about the four Gospels that I had not known before. Specifically, the intended audience and then the particular "person of Christ" emphasized in each one. Servant, Man, King, God. Cindy - Santee, CA
I enjoyed how everything was explained in a logical and historical manner. It was an eye-opener. I am studying the Gospels with a study group, Come Lord, Jesus! Last night we were discussing John 21: 1-19. I wish I had listened to this prior to our meeting. Fran - Lafayette, LA
Stephen Ray explained the different audiences that each Gospel was written for, and he explained something about the author. His explanation provided great insight into why each Gospel is written differently. Janet - Waterville, ME
Engaging speaker and many things I have never heard about the Gospel of John - both theological and historical points - it definitely left me wanting more! Chris - Red Lion, PA
In July, I went to the Holy Land in Israel and visited most of the places that the CD centered on. In fact, I have a picture standing on the place that Jesus had the charcoal fire. And Steven Ray was striking in his description of the place and how it relates to heavenly life. Levi - Lilongwe
Historical background to the scriptures. The "Bookends" of the Gospel of John. Kathy - Eatonton, GA
The knowledge Stephan Ray had about the bible. How he came to use that knowledge to find "the true Church of Christ". It created a greater love and deeper understanding of my faith. Most of all I'm eager to learn more. Thank you for making these CDs available . I want to share them with my family and friends. Glenda DeVage Forest Hill MD Glenda - Forest Hill , MD
It had an innovative and entertaining approach to the Gospel of John. Don - Old Bridge, NJ