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Set All Afire: Why the Church Still Matters

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Seven Powerful Presentations on the Catholic Faith: Featured in the 2013 Buck-A-Book Promotion

This one-of-a-kind CD includes seven segments, approximately 10 minutes each, covering some of the most important topics and questions in the Church today. Taken from seven of our most powerful and popular talks, these segments are sure to stir the soul and inspire you to SET ALL AFIRE for love of Christ and His Church.

1. Does it Really Matter?by Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Schmitz discusses objective truth and the epidemic myth of relativism and compels us to answer Christ's ultimate question, "Why Do You Say That I Am?" [This excerpt is taken from Fr. Mike's full-length talk Jesus Is...]

2. Who Is Jesus Christ? by Fr. Robert Barron

Fr. Barron shows us why Jesus is unlike any other religious figure, and proves that He is truly the promised Messiah and the Son of God. [This excerpt is taken from Fr. Barron's full-length talk Who Do You Say That I Am?]

3. Why I Am Catholic by Patrick Madrid

Patrick gives compelling biblical and historical reasons for why he is a lifelong Catholic. [This excerpt is taken from Patrick's full-length talk Why Be Catholic?

4. More Than "I Do" by Jason Evert

Jason shows us how to build lasting love in marriage, starting even before dating! [This excerpt is taken from Jason's full-length talk How To Date Your Soulmate]

5. Let Go and Let God by Johnnette Benkovic

Johnnette shares the story of her conversion and the healing of her marriage. [This excerpt is taken from Johnnette's full-length talk For Love and Marriage]

6. Unless You Eat by Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Hahn shows from Scripture that the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. [This excerpt is taken from Dr. Hahn's full-length talk Understanding the Eucharist]

7. Best Kept Secrets by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC

Fr. Gaitley tells about Divine Mercy and the crucial role of Marian Consecration in our lives. [This topic is discussed at length in Fr. Gaitley's talk The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

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What's So Great About Being Catholic?

What's So Great About Being Catholic?

There’s ultimately only one reason to be Catholic: because it’s true. In this outstanding presentation, Jason Evert shows us the beauty and the treasures of the Faith, as revealed through the Saints and Sacraments.

Jason has spoken about the Catholic Faith to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books, including Saint John Paul the Great, Pure Faith and If You Really Loved Me.


This is a powerful presentation that not only reminds us why we are catholic, but it also provides ways we can explain it to others who may ask us why! Mary - Lindstrom, MN

Spanish - Enciende la Llama

Spanish - Enciende la Llama

Siete Presentaciones de la Fe Católica: Este presentación incluye siete segmentos, aproximadamente 10 minutos cada una, que cubren algunos de los temas y las preguntas más importantes de la Iglesia de hoy.


Rome Sweet Home

Rome Sweet Home

Scott and Kimberly Hahn have spoken all over the world about their conversion to the Catholic Church. This book tells the story of the incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism. Their conversion and love for the Church has captured the hearts and minds of thousands Catholics and has brought many lukewarm Catholics back into active participation in the Church.

Pages: 188
Book Dimensions: 5.25" x 8"


Praise for Rome Sweet Home:

“One of the beautiful and bright-shining stars in the firmament of hope for our desperate days is this couple and the story of their life and conversion.” 
Dr. Peter Kreeft - Professor of Philosophy at Boston College

“Dynamic, fresh, and devoted are terms which describe the approach that Scott and Kimberly Hahn take to assist in the renewal of the Church in the United States.” 
Archbishop John Myers - Archbishop of Newark, NJ

“The integrity, courage, and intelligence which marked the pilgrimage of these two Christians in response to the claims of the ancient Church are deeply impressive.” 
Thomas Howard - Author of Evangelical is Not Enough


Most Catholics don't understand much Catholicism like Hahn's family. Thanks Hank - Houston, TX



Based upon his proven and powerful parish mission presentation, Fr. Larry Richards’ talk on Confession has become the #1 talk in North America dealing with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He is riveting, honest, humorous, very human, and often touchingly gentle. Fr. Larry provides listeners with hope for a closer, healing relationship with Jesus Christ.


I re-evaluated my entire way of living because it made me realize that I was not as close to God as I thought! Brandy - Arlington, VA

I'm Not Being Fed

I'm Not Being Fed

Jeff Cavins explores and responds to some of the reasons why so many people have left the Catholic Church for evangelical Christianity. As he presents the story of his return to Catholicism, Cavins also builds a case for why the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ.


A remarkable teaching. I will share this with many people… so full of answers! Lydia – Windham, NH

Why Be Catholic?

Why Be Catholic?

For those who aren't Catholic, it may not be apparent why one should embrace the Catholic Faith. In this inspiring presentation, bestselling author Patrick Madrid gives compelling biblical and historical reasons for why he embraces the faith as a lifelong Catholic. He shares valuable insights into the beauty of the Catholic Church and its claim to contain the fullness of the deposit of faith given by Christ.


This CD was awesome - I'll be listening again and again! It gave logical, biblical reasons to be and stay Catholic. Peggy - Finksburg, MD

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

In this vastly popular talk, Fr. Gaitley describes the "second greatest story ever told" - a story that encompasses Divine Mercy, the life of St. Pope John Paul II, and the crucial role that Marian Consecration can play in your life. Fr. Michael Gaitley is a priest in the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and the director of formation for the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy.


The CD was very informative. Fr. Gaitley was very interesting, and I loved the presentation. It made me reflect about my love for Mary and for our beloved Pope John Paul. This is a CD that I will share. Barbara - Dearborn Heights, MI

Signs of Life: Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

Signs of Life: Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

In this informative and dynamic presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn guides us to a deeper faith through the Old Testament historical roots that underlie Catholic beliefs and practices. Dr. Hahn clears up common misconceptions about specific liturgical rituals and traditions, and responds thoughtfully to the objections raised about them.


"The best explanation I've ever heard on how the Sacraments are signs of God's covenant with us!" Julia - Mastic Beach, NY

Customer Comments

Inspired me to learn more about the Church. Lecompte, LA
Enjoyed hearing different speakers on different yet relevant Catholic topics. Because each talk is short (10 mins) and highly engaging, it Wets your appetite to learn about certain topics in more detail.perfect for ride to work. Rebecca - Calgary, AB
I liked that I got a sampling from various priests/laypeople on different topics. It was enough to teach me, yet still leaving me wanting more! Excellent presentation--this was free to people who came to our church (St. John the Evangelist in Severna Park, MD) and I think it was an excellent pick. It was shared to all along with Dr. Hahn's book Home to Rome. Susie - Reisterstown, MD
I think it's a great "teaser" to introduce various topics with in the Catholic faith all on one CD. Obviously since it's a snap shot, the whole topics are not fully developed but that's the purpose. Kristina - Dallas, TX
they were all great talks and I already purchased one of the books that was recommended. Dan - Wyoming, MI
I so enjoyed hearing the message from many sources. This cd lead me to some great reading learned from the talks. Very powerful message for our world today. Tricia - Fairfield, OH
We intend to share this with our lapsed Catholic family and friends! It has great inspirational reasons and suggestions to hopefully set them Afire with the Spirit of the Lord. I especially liked the biblical references for being Catholic. Also, I was not familiar with the Marion Consecration and intend to research it further. Deanna - Round Rock, TX
Entertaining Bonnie - El Paso, TX
Each of the ten minute talks was inspiring enough to make me want to hear the full seven talks. Awesome!!! Bonnie - Amity, ME
It just gave you a little bit of each talk but it was enough to wet my appetite for more so of course I went looking for more cd's to listen to. Nancy - Kiln, MS
Johnette's talk, it has empowered me step back and let the Lord do his work. Dee - Towner, ND
I enjoyed listening to a variety of speakers speak about Christ and the Church. Steven - Bakersfield, CA
I really enjoyed hearing several different speakers on one CD and finding new speakers that I liked! Maria - Calgary, AB