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Stay With Us Lord

Fr. David Simonetti

Fr. David J. Simonetti was ordained in 2005 as a priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago. In an inviting manner, he preaches missions, days of reflection, and retreats with humor and Gospel joy. Fr. Simonetti shares his own account of how the Lord drew him to the priesthood, how he relies upon Christ in the Eucharist, and how Jesus calls each of us to spend time with Him in Adoration.

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Customer Comments

We use this CD as a gift to those who sign up for Eucharistic Adoration in our local parish. Another amazing CD on the importance of Adoration in our lives! Powerful and educational! Maria, ND
This is a remarkable talk. It brought me to tears and a realization of what I must do to lift my sorrow and pain after the death of my husband. Also need to join the CD of the Month Club and share. Thank you so much. Listener
Very simply, the truths were told about the greatest of Eucharist Adoration. Something I truly treasure myself. Very easy to understand and great examples to back it up. Tanya - Kintyre, ND
Fr. Simonetti's talk was down to earth, something that everyone can relate to. He uses humor, but most importantly, he uses reverence, and you can tell the way he speaks of Jesus in the Eucharist, he really loves our Lord. He makes you feel that you want and need to visit our Lord, not only in Holy Communion, but in Adoration, or just visit Jesus in church. Pat - St. Paul, NE
It is a calm talk that invites you to be with Jesus. The comparison of having a "date", where it is not a task but something where you want to spend with the loved one is so subtle that one feels like going the next Friday to visit Jesus. I have not finished the CD, but this one is by far the best I have heard. Lilian - Broken Arrow, OK
Fr. Simonetti's growth in his relationship with Jesus through Eucharistic Adoration was inspiring and made me realize that I need to spend more time in the presence of the Lord. Phillip - Merrill, WI
I have listened to some of these lighthouse series and am just amazed. I love your assortment of topics and speakers and that many of them are quite engaging for our youth which is what I am working towards building a library for our youth who are hungry for the relationship with God. Mary Ann - Boyce, LA
Father's talk on Adoration is beautiful and a real shot in the arm for Eucharistic Faith. VT
I got a lot out of this talk!! :) I have been thinking about doing an hour at my church of Eucharistic adoration. But it was very easy to make excuses to myself about why I couldn't do it. I am a married, 31 year old mother of 4, one of who is a newborn. But I really want and need to have a closer relationship with God and I need guidance and help for family issues I am having. I also want to read the Bible more and there is no quiet at my house usually. So after being out and about the one night, I stopped at our church on my way home and checked the available times for adoration. My husband and I are going to take a time! I'm excited and I feel it will be really good for both of us! :) Halle - Plattsmouth, NE