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Women Made New

Crystalina Evert

Is it ever too late to start over? In this inspiring talk, Crystalina Evert explains that it doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been; all that matters now is where you go from here. Crystalina has spoken about chastity to hundreds of thousands of people on four continents and is the author of several books including Pure Womanhood and How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul.

She runs the website, a site dedicated to encouraging women in need of personal healing by empowering them to become the women God created them to be.

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Inspirational, Pro-Life, Youth, Chastity, Sexuality


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Customer Comments

Crystalina's honest testimony and sound advice are sure to lead other women to Christ's healing power. Julia - Mastic Beach, NY
Crystalina connects the struggle of womanhood with her personal testimony. This is a great talk! Mickey - Philly, PA
Crystalina brings forth much hope and encouragement through this CD. You will want to listen to this over and over and share with other women. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
Crystalina's honesty is incredibly powerful and refreshing! This talk brought about the conviction in my heart that the Lord truly does make all things new. Gillian - Batavia, IL
A better female chastity talk does not exist. Every women needs to hear this testimony. Norm - Biloxi, MS
NOT sharing this message with those you care about, just might be a sin of omission! Trust the Holy Spirit. Share this. Ruth - Sisseton, SD
Helpful, insightful, beneficial, enlightening, life-changing and totally Awesome. Cynthia - Horseshoe Bend, AR
I am so glad to have someone teach me what my mother didn't have the ability to do. P - OH
I loved how real Crystalina's talk was. Everything she said was so beautiful. I purchased this talk for my best friend, who seems to really be coming closer to Christ through the Everts' ministries. Gabrielle - Harmony, PA