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"Personally I have been thrilled with these CDs before while in Iraq in 2007–2008." U.S. Navy Command Chaplain CDR Miles J. Barrett CHC
"As an ex-serviceman, I can relate to Fr. Goldmann's story. 'The Shadow of His Wings' is truly awe inspiring." Jim - Wichita, KS

Lighthouse is proud to offer a free 9-month subscription of faith-filled presentations from the world's best Catholic speakers for all veterans, military personnel, and their families! This opportunity is made possible through the generous donations from men and women wishing to support our troops and veterans in their Catholic Faith.

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  • FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS are available to all military personnel, veterans, and families!
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Archbishop Timothy Paul Andrew Broglio
"With great confidence, I recommend this program for use by all chaplains and faithful of the archdiocese as a way to further the call for a New Evangelization and to grow in the love of Christ and the Catholic Faith."
Most Reverend Timothy Broglio, Archbishop for the USA Military Services

First Nine Free Downloads

First Month

Attack on Religious Liberty

Patrick Madrid

Patrick Madrid explores the history of the persecution of the Catholic Church in 1920s Mexico.


Fourth Month

Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues

Fr. Robert Barron

An explanation of how sin can be counteracted by the cultivation of virtue.


Seventh Month

To Hell and Back

Anne Marie Schmidt

The astounding trials of a young woman during the Nazi persecution at Auschwitz and on the Russian front.


Second Month

The Shadow of His Wings

Fr. Gereon Goldmann

The thrilling adventure of a German seminarian who was drafted into Hilter's army.


Fifth Month

The Healing Power of Confession

Dr. Scott Hahn

The historical and biblical origins of the most misunderstood of the Sacraments.


Eighth Month

Finding the Fullness of Faith

Stephen Ray

An international speaker and former Baptist shares his amazing conversion to Catholicism.


Third Month

The Mass Explained

Fr. Larry Richards

Powerful insights into the history, spiritually, and biblical foundations of the Mass.


Sixth Month

Becoming The-Best-Version-of-Yourself

Matthew Kelly

This powerful talk shows us how to see our life's challenges in a new light.


Ninth Month

The Virgin Mary Revealed Through Scripture

Dr. Scott Hahn

The biblical and historical basis for the Church's teachings on the Virgin Mary.



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"Stephen Ray's enthusiasm for the Faith and his historical knowledge and research behind 'Finding the Fullness of the Faith' was inspiring and educational." Pamela - Oak Harbor, WA
"'To Hell and Back' was the most powerful talk I have heard in a very long time!" Daniel - Cheektowaga, NY
"This shows the limitless power of prayer as well as the boundless rewards of faith in the promises of God." Margaret - Desoto, TX