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Talks and stories that reveal deeply essential faith is to our own lives, and the life of the world.

Life is Worth Living - 18-CD Set

Life is Worth Living - 18-CD Set

Does God know what it is to suffer? Am I my brother's keeper? Is Christianity easy? Is prayer a dialogue? What does it take to heal the soul? Is life really worth living? In fifty priceless half-hour presentations from one of the best loved Catholic speakers of all time, you and your family will discover that Christ and His Church have the answers to these questions and so much more.

Bishop Sheen "Tells it like it is"! For more than 30 years, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was the most famous Catholic leader in the United States with a worldwide radio and TV broadcast ministry. When it came to undiluted Christian teachings, Catholics and non-Catholics alike turned to "Bishop Sheen" because they knew they could trust him to "tell it like it is." And you still can!


Bishop Sheen is Great ...Humor, Humility etc....Love his perspective..... Annmarie - Topsfield, MA
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
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A Voice Undefeated Audio Book - 8-CD Set

A Voice Undefeated Audio Book - 8-CD Set

In this autobiography, country music legend Collin Raye gives us a down-to-earth account of his personal and professional life. From his childhood in Arkansas and Texas to his rise to international stardom, this story is both a journey to the top of the music world and an intimate diary of a soul that has suffered great professional and personal losses.

Collin Raye
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