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Prepare your heart for glory of the Incarnation and the birth of the Savior King.

Rediscovering Christmas

Rediscovering Christmas

In this 4-talk set, Dr. Edmund Mazza makes sense of Scripture, Tradition, and history to reveal startling insights from an astounding array of serious sources in an engaging and entertaining way. From Old Testament prophecies to modern discoveries of astronomy and archaeology, you will gain a profound understanding of the true meaning of Christ’s birth.

Dr. Edmund Mazza is the rare university professor who is both humble and courageous enough to challenge the assumptions of secular scholarship so as to uncover the true meaning of Christmas in the context of earthly history.

Dr. Edmund Mazza
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The Coming of Christ

The Coming of Christ

Each day we can take five minutes to get more out of our Advent preparation, from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas and on through the Feast of The Epiphany. In this 3-talk set, EWTN radio host Terry Barber inspires us to prepare for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ into our hearts.

Through these engaging presentations, Terry introduces us to a series of simple spiritual exercises on how to prepare ourselves to receive Christ spiritually. He also lays the groundwork for better reception of Jesus in Holy Communion.

This talk set includes reflections for each day of Advent, practical acts of piety to perform throughout the day, recommended spiritual readings, and so much more.

Terry Barber
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