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The Logic of Being Catholic

The Logic of Being Catholic

Dr. Ray Guarendi shares his story of how logic led him home to the Catholic Church. He found out that, contrary to his Protestant misunderstandings, the Church is coherent and never contradicts herself. Dr. Ray explains how the answers to his objections to Catholicism were both Biblical and believed by the earliest Christians. Explore the logic that led him to the fullness of truth.


Dr. Guarendi was easy to understand. I feel more confident about talking to others about my Catholic faith. M - Walker, LA
Biblical Truths, Church Teaching, Evangelization, Conversion Stories
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Men, Women, & Marriage

Men, Women, & Marriage

Having a good sense of humor can really help in marriage! In this talk, psychologist, speaker, and author Dr. Ray Guarendi weaves great humor and storytelling into his constructive advice and practical insights on all things men, women, and marriage—differences, communication, habits, parenting, the importance of apologies, and more. Be entertained and be encouraged to live and love a good marriage. "My wife thought I was afraid of commitment... two years into the relationship, she said to me, 'You either tell me your name, or it's over!'"

Church Teaching, Marriage, Sacraments
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