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15 Things to Do in the Midst of Suffering

Jeff Cavins

Suffering is a mystery we all face at some time in our lives. Whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, it will test our faith. Internationally known speaker Jeff Cavins shares personal insights he gained through his own physical pain. He shows us how we can join our sufferings with those of Jesus on the cross, bringing renewed meaning to the suffering we experience in our lives.

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Customer Comments

Awesome! It reinforced what I knew and added some wisdom and understanding on suffering. I want to order 5-10 of these CDs to hand out to my family and friends. Mary - Freedom, WI
Very insightful and encouraging! Gave me a new perspective on suffering. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Juanita - Murrieta, CA
This was the perfect CD for me! I am a relatively new Catholic and have been trying to understand redemptive suffering. Judy - Callander, ON
Jeff always does a great job speaking. This CD helped me further my understanding of what love is and how love relates to suffering. Matthew - brentwood, NH
It has helped me understand why God allows suffering not only in my life, but in the lives of others. Tony - Buyrus, KS
I enjoyed all of it because I am suffering... Judy - Sacramento, CA
Very clear and informative - moving and inspiring. It touched my heart. I will hear it again and again. shaun - nottingham
This CD was informative and humorous. And although I do offer up my sufferings to God, it was helpful to hear Jeff's advice on the "other" (14) things one can do in the midst of suffering. Susana - 33028, FL
I enjoyed, and was benefited by, the fact that the talk was inspired by the speaker's own personal suffering. Jo Ann - Baton Rouge, LA
This CD helped to confirm some things that I heard or thought about how to manage suffering. Now because of this, I have more confidence if I so choose to do them. Also it mentioned other ideas that I have not thought of or considered before. Dale - Tampa, FL
We all suffer at some time in our lives and in various ways. I sent this CD to my brother who deals with physical suffering hourly as this CD gave me hope and strength to endure the suffering in my life of depression and severe anxiety. You will gain new insights into offering your suffering up for others in your life. After listening to this CD the second time, my youngest daughter, who was 10 at the time, was dealing with friend issues at school(kids can be so mean to each other) and my daughter was on the receiving end of the issue. I was also having a hard day with my anxiety, and I offered it up for my daughter to be able to handle the hurts and suffering she was going through. The next day, my daughter had one of her best days ever, and pure joy that day and for quite awhile after that; it was amazing. We often forget the importance of suffering, in whatever form or fashion, and this CD provides the reminder of this. Wonderful and life changing! We should all have this CD in our collection to listen to now and then and to pass on to others! Maria - Napoleon, ND
For people facing long term health issues, this is invaluable. It is just as valuable for the friends and family members of those in suffering as well. Neal - Walnut ridge , AR
This talk really inspired me, as I suffer on a daily basis with fibromyalgia - a very painful condition. I was introduced to others, thanks to this CD, who suffer on a daily basis and have persevered, thanks to their faith. My own faith has been strengthened by their testimonies. Pamela - Havre de Grace, MD
This was very helpful CD for me. I have been suffering from a nervous-tension headache for the past two weeks. After listening to Jeff Cavins CD twice today, I realized that I'm not the only one suffering and I asked for God's help and, by this evening, my pain has left. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Catherine - St. Hedwig, TX
Love this CD!!! Very helpful... Diane
After suffering from chronic pain from 7 failed back surgeries I wanted to "offer it up to God" so my pain was not wasted. Very few people understand about chronic pain and depression from feeling so isolated and I felt so alone. I also needed to know how to suffer gracefully so that I was not a burden to others. This talk was a blessing to me in more ways that I can describe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Donna - Capistrano Beach, CA
It was very relevant to me because at this season in my life I seem to be in the desert and feeling angry at just how much suffering is in my life. It helped my perspective. Lucinda - Conifer, CO
I especially liked in the CD when the speaker explained how relevant to my life suffering is. Jeanmarie - Noblesville, IN
His personal story of how he suffered was the best part of the CD. Steve - Harrisburg, SD
The explanation of what exactly suffering entails was very enlightening. It enabled me to align my personal suffering with that of Christ in order to better understand how to "offer it up" for the benefit of us all. Chuck - Austin, TX
This CD is wonderful and a wonderful tool that I used for a friend that had a death in the family. Eva - St. Cloud, FL
I enjoyed the realization he had when he sees his daughter sleeping. I will listened to this cd more than once or twice. Monica - Harker Heights, TX
It helped me to see suffering in a different light, and not be afraid of it. Instead to use it as an intersession tool. Ana - Kissimmee, FL
He was a regular guy and not a saint - yet. Liz - Baton Rouge, LA
It was very practical, easy to follow, scripture references were plentiful, each point well explained, personal sharing humanized it - made it easy to relate to. I like how that title fully explains the talk that follows. Andy - Minneapolis, MN
To the point and great for application Now! beverly - Pocahontas, AR
A resorce to go to when things get hard. Encouragement to be given to others. MN
I had lost my husband suddenly and was suffering the grief deeply. I wondered how I could get through this suffering the way God would want. This CD helped me very much. Cindy - Apple Valley, MN
It explained suffering in a way that no one had previously been able to explain to me; especially regarding offering up my suffering during the mass. Annalaura - Easton, PA
What I love was when it was emphasized that we need to learn to offer up our sufferings to God! Yes, I have through so much pains, illnesses and sufferings in life and I must admit that it have consistently offered it to Him. I feel so blessed in joining the Passiom of Christ. I feel so comforted that God is always there for us and never abandons us. I truly feel his warm embrace all the time in the midst of joy and suffering! Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring talk about suffering! I believe that God only gives us what we can handle. He loves us very much! Gilda - San Francisco, CA
I loved how Jeff Cavins helped us relate to the lesson by exposing his initial selfishness. Monica - Bexley, OH
Very practical and enlightening. Sona - Houston, TX
John - Richland, MI
I enjoyed that the talk tells about when you are suffering take a shower. Allison - Rossburg, OH
The talk is called "The Four Last Things" by Fr. Michael Schmitz. It wasn't listed as a choice in the Title field. Fr. Schmitz is an excellent teacher. His understanding on Catholic spirituality is excellent, and his insights are wonderful. This talk enriched my love for Christ in the Eucharist. Michael - Fontana, CA
Jeff gave a new insight into suffering .he has helped me by giving many Scriptures to show we are called to share our suffering in Christ...His experience with his own pain gave him 'on hand' knowledge of God's Peace when he offered his pain for his daughter. Very moving and healing. He also referred to the Catechism and gave the numbers for us to look up and study along with the many Scriptures. I feel this information and Prayer will help many to begin using pain as Redemptive suffering giving us a deep Peace as we give our pain to our Lord . Mary - Rialto, CA