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A Pastor's Wife's Journey Home

Kimberly Hahn

The daughter of a Protestant minister and wife of Dr. Scott Hahn, Kimberly Hahn candidly shares her difficult journey into the Catholic Faith. She explains how close examination of the Church's teachings on family life and artificial contraception led her to embrace the fullness of the Faith, and why she came to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ.

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Customer Comments

Excellent for Pre-Cana! It was good to hear the truth about God's design for the family and how it enriches a couple's life together. Louise - Essex Junction, VT
She showed me how to approach women of the Protestant faith. Helaine - Tinker, OK
Gave my wife (a convert from Lutheran) the opportunity to hear information from a mother and wife, from a woman's point of view. JP - Derby, CT
After listening to Dr. Scott Hahn's talk several times, I really wondered how his wife reacted to all of the changes. Hearing her story was very powerful! I think it also gives me an insight into how to discuss the Catholic Church with fallen-away Catholics. Colleen - Carmichael, CA
Very sincere account of a Protestant pastor's wife converting to Catholicism. She shared her pain and fears with the audience. Highly recommend. Michael - North Augusta, SC
This inspiring story of Kim Hahn is heart-warming. She is so open about her difficulty in accepting the Catholic Faith. Scherlie - Bluffton, SC
His perspective as a convert from being a Baptist, he gave me insights that I had never heard before. Being a cradle Catholic and having been raised in a heavily Catholic part of the country, I never encountered many sincere Protestants, much less Baptists. It was refreshing to hear that he came to the Catholic Faith by sincere research. Robert - Mobile, AL
It was a very insightful, but lighthearted, approach explaining her struggle during her journey home to the Catholic Church. I was first exposed to this CD as a gift from our pastor. I later purchased additional copies to give to family and coworkers. It is a very good work for those discerning RCIA program, for recent converts, or beginning apologists. Robert - Forest City, NC
It's nice to hear the other side of the story, a woman's perspective. Michele - Purcellville, VA
Mrs. Hahn is an amazing storyteller. She brought humor into a story about a very trying time in her life. It was neat to hear her side of the story after hearing Dr. Hahn's story. Ryan - Colleyville, TX
Kimberly's struggle with Scott's decision is real and heartfelt - a lesson for all who struggle with a person they love. Elizabeth - Macedonis, OH
Kimberly Hahn is inspiring, and her dialogue truly enriches the Christian married life. She knows how to share the authentic Catholic Christian Faith. Julius - Daly City, CA
I found Kimberly's talk very good. It really touched me and helped me to realize that I still have a lot to learn about my religion. John - Houston, TX
Kimberly Hahn is very well versed, and I love how she came to the Catholic Church kicking and screaming. I appreciate how firm she was in her faith, and how she did not immediately become Catholic once her husband became Catholic. I especially loved when she shared about the story of her child's baptism in the Catholic Church and how, even though she wasn't a Catholic at that point, the experience was everything she could hope for, for her children. Mykl - Tempe, AZ
Very sincere testimony!!! steven - Lacombe, LA
It was interesting and enlightening, Mrs. Hahn has a style very similar to her husband which holds my attention like a magnet. Her explanation of coming into the Church highlighted parts of my faith that I used to take for granted as a cradle Catholic but I won't anymore. As a result I can really appreciate what a gift the Mass really is for us. Stephen - Galveston, TX
We claim to be ready to follow Jesus completely, but we end up putting worldly obligations ahead of our immediate surrender to Jesus. We should not let anything delay our decision to put Jesus first in our lives. "Delayed obedience is disobedience." When the Lord calls us to follow Him, we must do so immediately and wholeheartedly. Surrender does not come after we take care of the messes in our lives or make sure our families understand our decision. Instead, surrender happens first, and in that surrender, we are able to fully rely on God and His promise that everything else will be taken care of. Maria - Lockney, TX