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Abba or Allah

Dr. Scott Hahn

In this informative talk, Dr. Scott Hahn explores some of the most important beliefs that distinguish Christianity from Islam. He explains that while both religions trace themselves back to Abraham, the differences, including our understanding of God as Father, are not insignificant. With charity, balance, and candor, Dr. Hahn shows us how Islam presents the most formidable challenge to Christianity in the Third millennium.

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Customer Comments

"An amazing explanation of Islam and Christianity!" Cheryl - Vernon, NJ
"It was a respectful and clear presentation of the challenges that exist between our beliefs as Catholics and the beliefs of Muslims." Thomas, FL
"I just wish it was longer. I was left wanting to "turn over" the CD to hear the second half." Marcus, CO
The content and the explanations shed a lot of light on questions I had and made me think about things I took for granted. Terry - Sterling, MA
It helped me learn more about Islam that I didn't know. Amsterdam, NY
The fact that the sons of Abraham became both slave (Ishmael) and free (Isaac). I didn't know or wasn't aware that Muslims' felt like Allah was as a slave master to them, whereas Christians maintain the filial aspect as adopted sons of God, so he is our Father, and we are his beloved children. That this causes the Muslims a lot of grief was very interesting to me. Dr. Hahn, as always, presents this material in such enjoyable fashion. His explanation of this difference of belief between Muslims and Christians was a mother lode to me. Thank you! Les - Oregon City, OR
We need to get as many of these out and on the streets. A very important talk that all need to hear! Philip - Val-Morin, QC
As an Artillery officer in the US military, I often times train with Arab muslims. Although these individuals do not show themselves to be hostile toward my Christian soldiers, they do actively seek to spread their version of salvation. I thought it was refreshing to have so clear a picture painted for me of the origins of Islam. Also, the extra piece from Robert Spencer at the end of that CD was just as interesting. I appreciate the work your company does to spread the Truth of the Catholic Faith. From the very bottom of my heart, Thanks and God bless! Jacob - Auburn, AL
We know so little about Islam because of "tolerance" and PC. I'm grateful that someone is addressing the differences, which are not small, but are very relevant to our times! Maria - Florissant, MO
How to really look at Islam. What the truth is. Bill - Marlton, NJ
Both parts were very informative and interesting especially in today's world. I thought it was excellent. I will be listening to it again and I will pass it around. John - Brookville, PA
It was highly educational, yet entertaining; filled with genuine love for the Lord and His Church. My sister 'married' a Muslim and allegedly started to practice his religion. After I listened to this CD I regained hope and desire to bring sacrifice and pray for her, her husband, and their children. Maria - North Port, FL
after listening to the presentation, i signed up for the monthly CD program. The presentations are refreshing and very worthwhile for faith formation and education. Raymond Ting - Beeliar, WA
A frank and un-apologitic explanation of the problems with Islam. Dominick - DeBary, FL
It was a respectful and claear presentation of the challenges that exist between our beliefs as Catholics and the beliefs of Muslims. It was also a clear challenge to be in the words of Scott Hahn, true sons of the Father in that we would take up our cross with love for our Father. Proverbs 17 verse 2 challenges all sons to act wisely or to yield to the sons of the slave. The additional thoughts of Robert Spencer was also challenging in that dialogue with Muslims is especially difficult because their core beliefs are very different from our own. We need to do a better job expressing our beliefs and evanglizing. Thomas - Ocoee, FL
I enjoyed the way that the issue was stressed. Dr. Hahn elaborated the point that for us Catholics, God is Father, Abba. This gave me a great appreciation for this in front of not just Islam, but in front of mere spirituality or atheism. It was also very beneficial to hear the bonus segment from Robert Spencer. Marcus - Lakewood, CO
I very much enjoyed learning about the difference between a Loving God and a Master God. Humberto - Miami, FL
I enjoyed the comparison contrast of Muslim and Jewish religions. Jesus - Achorage, AK
It is a subject that we Catholics don't enough except what the media gives us. We as Catholics have to understand the problem of the growth of Islam and need to educate ourselves of what they stand for. Augustin - Houston, TX
Dr Hahn is a charismatic speaker and inspiring story-teller. The strength and depth of his faith and the breadth of his knowledge come through in this CD, and I enjoyed the way he presented God as Father. Marie - Steamboat Springs, CO
Just how in biblical sense the nature of islam and how we differ from how they see God. Karl - Gibsons, BC
This CD has given me some insight into Islam. Servant of God, Frank Duff and founder of the Legion of Mary, wrote a short booklet on Islam and the Blessed Virgin; he felt that it would be Mary who would bring them to Christ. Pauline - Mississauga, ON
I learned more in this one presentation than all the reading I have done since 9/11 on what Islam is all about. Scott Hahn made it crystal clear what the differences are. Now I can converse about this with intelligent facts. The basic difference between thinking of God as Abba (my father) vs. Allah (my feared master) solidified the feeling I always had that I was on the right track and they were not. Now I know why. Thank you so much for this CD. Beverly - Arvada, CO
It was a very in-depth look at the differences between Catholicism and Islam and how we, as Catholics, need to be aware of how rampid it is growing. Fantastic CD! Christina - Cary, IL
Excellent presentation, easy to follow and full of historical information and bible references. Highly recommend Dr. Hahn's presentations. Carlos - Brentwood, CA
This CD caused me to start opening my eyes to what Islam really teaches. Michael - Warren, MA
It gave me an insight into the Islamic religion, caused me to think about things I hadn't thought about before and didn't know about Islam and how it compares to Christianity. I sure am glad to be Christian. Marcella - Wichita, KS
Every Christian of the third millennium needs to listen to this! You will become firmer and more appreciative of your identity as a child of God and of God as your Father. You will also begin to see the urgency that we have in this age to stand firm in our Catholic faith and to proclaim it to the world. Christie - OH
I love how Dr. Hahn started his teaching with a personal story...im always fan of him. I love every minute of it. jo - Toronto, ON
Dr. Hahn was very knowledgeable about the subject matter and he included personal anecdotes that kept us captivated. We now have a better understanding of our God and also an understanding of Islam. Pauline - Carmichael, CA
The correct information regarding the fundamental philosophical differences between Christianity and islam. james - Merrimack, NH
It is so helpful to be able to receive such invaluable instruction from someone who has dedicated his life to evangelizing all of us starving folks! Thank you. Neenah, WI
Learning about the historical basis for Muslim beliefs. Hearing why Muslims think of all others as infidels. Rich - New oxford, PA
The recommended further readings about the Islam religion Jason - Grovetown, GA
This breaks down the differences between Christianity and Islam to the very beginning of both religions. I've read a lot that has sought to define the rift in terms of economics or secular values. This is far more telling and sensible than anything else I've encountered. OK
Very good comparison between the two faiths. The best part was Dr. Hahn's assessment of the origins of Catholicism and Islam as each pertained to the respective Abrahamic roots (i.e. the relationship between Abraham and Ishmael compared to the relationship between Abraham and Isaac). Kevin - Wichita Falls, TX
another Ace for Dr Hahn. Opened up my undertsanding and have been sharing these with friends & future family Eddy - Tampa, FL
Dr. Hahn does a great job explaining Islam and use his personal experIences to light light his explanation. His historical prospectus of Islam on the faith and world is very impressive. Cornelius - Fort McCoy, FL
I thought I understood Islam before I listened to Dr. Hahn's explanation of what it meant to be a follow of the religion of a "lonesome god!" One must feel sorry for someone whose god is not loving, nor can be loved. Cornelius - Fort McCoy, FL
Understanding the differences between these two religions was very eye opening. Alan - Corpus Christi, TX
This website and the resources are invaluable not just to practicing Catholics but for fallen away Catholics who left because they really did not understand the faith. It is even more of an evangelical tool to "PROPERLY" inform other faiths about the truth as to who we Catholics are. We are not a cult as has been alleged and the resources here clearly explain this. Great job on creating this, it makes my job as a follower of Christ easier to explain why we believe the way we do. Greg - Henderson, NV
I liked the way Dr, Hahn explained the roots of Abraham. Andrea - Orlando, FL
extremely enlightening and informative. thank you Virginia - Rowe, NM
The differences were very clearly explained . I am a high school Resource Teacher and my 9th graders always have a Global Studies assignment that includes comparing Islam, and Christianity. Dr. Scott Hahn's biblical explanation was very enlightening. I purchased 3additional copies and passed then along to other teachers. It is excellent and the 2nd talk by Robert Spencer was equally informative. NY
I have recommended to others not only Catholics but those Protestant brothers also. What a blessing this is for me thank you. Alfredo Alfredo - Houston, TX
The bonus speaker after Dr. Hahn Salem, VA
While I knew that there was a steady increase of Muslims within our world, I have never done much research on the topic. This CD has helped me realize that now is the time to truly understand our faith and become better educated in explaining and defending it to all peoples from all faith denominations. Zachary - Newton, KS
Dr Hahn was able to present the information in a down to earth manner that was easy to understand. Patricia - Duluth, MN
Becoming more informed with Islam. Elizabeth - 67235, KS
Dr. Scott good information but about Islam He need to study Quran. Rufus - Lancaster, PA
Dr. Hahn provided new insights for me as to the deeper meaning of the Genesis accounts of Abraham as father and master with regards to his two sons, Issac (relationship of a father's love with teh son of promise ) and Ishmaal (relationship of a master to his slave/property)and the prophetic meaning as it relates to Christianity and Islam. It was a most informative, spiritually enlightening presentation. It was also direct & honest, repectful, balance and charible towards Muslims. Ann - AUDUBON, PA
It provided a good introduction to the basis of Islam, from a Christian perspective. Dan - Melrose, MA
I was happy to learn about the intrinsic differences between Christianity and Islam, specifically how Christianity tells us we are sons and daughters of a loving Father and Islam says we are slaves to a demanding autocrat. I also was happy for the bonus section with Robert Spencer in which he told the truth about Islam lovingly but directly and wasn't afraid to be politically incorrect. Scott Hahn is one of my favorite speakers and I will always listen to anything he does. I will now add Robert Spencer to that list. Linda - Huntington Beach, CA
I found this CD to have good insights on 2 different views of God. Rose - Gainesville, VA
History of the Muslim faith. Appreciated the listing of things in common and differences. I was amazed by this talk and how this is all "show cased" in the Bible. Also, appreciated the comments on the crusades and the purpose. As I said, this was an absolutely amazing, informative talk. My 18 year old son listening too. We will definitely purchase and listen as a family again to the entire talk, as we were in vehicles at the time and missed parts. Captivating! I can't thank Scott Hahn enough for ALL of his talks and books! Truly gifted in theology and speaking! Cindy - 45817, OH
I have to listen to this and get it down deep because I want to understand why the similarities are many and good, but the dissimilarities are even greater, far more complicated and destructive. Scott could do a class on this alone. Probably needs a second talk. Murray, KY
Brings great clarity in such a hot topic as the influence of Islam in the modern world. Every Catholic and non Catholic Christian should hear this. Carlos - Miami
I really enjoyed the insight about the differences of how islam views God vs. Christians. These are things I did not know before hearing this CD. It has definitely given me a new way to look at both my religion and the religion of Islam Joseph - Bumpass, VA
I love, love, love Dr. Hahn's talks. The way he sheds light to the relationship of Muslims and Jews with God through the relationships of Sarah and Hagar to Abraham is truly inspiring. This is a very important talk for all Christians to listen to and understand. Our faiths are not interchangeable and the concepts regarding God are diametrically opposed. The profound impact these differences have on Muslims is something that has not been fully studied, but should be. Rosanna - San Juan, PR
Scott Hahn really hammers down the truth of God and how Islam gets it wrong Michael - El Paso, TX
It made it very clear to me the difference between Christianity and the Muslin faith, and why! Excellent in all regards. Respectfully, Edwin Ediwn - West Palm Beach, FL
It doesn't really matter which cd i listen to. The speakers are greatly blessed with great wisdom and knowledge that genuinely help to point out the way in which the Lord Jesus wants us to live and help build his kingdom. I listen to different speakers whilst i drive and am very grateful for such media, as the normal everyday media is empty where as this media has life in it. Thx heaps ? Christopher - Yanco, NSW
It opened my eyes about how Islam and Christianity started and encouraged me to learn more about Islam and my own faith, Catholicism. Lee - Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Scott Hahn clearly explains Catholic doctrine while impartially explaining Moslem ideas at the same time. His clear explanations allow one to easily see the differences between Christianity and Islam. Michael - Johnson City, NY
Dr. Scott Hahn delivers an incisive, insightful, and very strong argument about one of the key distinctions between Islamic and Catholic Christian Theology. With Dr. Hahn's usual wit and style he takes a scholarly stroll through scripture to build his argument. Charles - New Cumberland, PA