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Aborting America: The Story of an Ex-Abortionist and Ex-Atheist

Bernard Nathanson

Bernard Nathanson was an American medical doctor from New York who helped to found the National Abortion Rights Action League, but then later became an acclaimed pro-life activist. He gained national attention by becoming one of the founding members of the National Abortion Rights Action League, now known as NARAL Pro-Choice America. He worked with Betty Friedan and others for the legalization of abortion in the United States. He was also for a time the director of the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health New York's largest abortion clinic. Nathanson has written that he was responsible for more than 75,000 abortions throughout his pro-choice career.

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Pro-Life, Conversion Stories, Humanae Vitae


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Customer Comments

"Nathanson is intellectual and articulate, talks slowly and is easy to understand, is passionate, is credible because he has been on both sides of the abortion issue and was an atheist before opening himself to new life through Christ. He is a superb speaker." David - KS
Amazing story that more people need to hear. I am sharing with our church. Carol - Fredonia, WI
Learning the other side of the story and how those who worked in this field, recognized the true meaning of life thru technology and Christianity. Lesley - Park City, KS
Raw truth/Passionate speaker. Repentance. LOVE Jesus - San Fernando, CA
It backs up what I believe to be true about the evils of abortion Jaci - Wimberley, TX
Nathanson is intellectual and articulate, talks slowly and is easy to understand, is passionate, is credible because he has been on both sides of the abortion issue and was an atheist before opening himself to new life through Christ. He is a superb speaker. David - Lenexa, KS
It was an honest description of the thought process of the famous Abortionist, especially interesting as he gave a testimony of his history. It was also very interesting to learn of the truth behind the growth of this business. Maria - Powell, OH
It was an extraordinary testament to remind us that even the person seemingly so far away from God, can not only come to God, but become Catholic. Brad - Celebration, FL
I really enjoyed the information about Abraham and Isaac. How they prefigured Christ. The CD was very informative. Rita - Billings, MT
I had no idea of the history of this man, and his conversion to truth. A must for every Catholic, those who are "pro choice" should be encouraged to listen To make an informed choice you should understand, this testimony is up close and very personal. We have abstracted this topic to the point of acceptance as an inevitable evil. This has given me hope that someday, we can turn back to a culture of life. I would couple it with a discussion which includes contraception. Nina - Queensbury, NY
This story made me see that people we might think are "the enemy" are actually more like POW's in the prison camp of the true enemy, the devil. I am so happy that the Doctor reconciled with God before his death. Michael - Warren, MA
I enjoyed the entire talk. It was an excellent glimpse into the life on an ex-abortionist and ex-atheist. Jonathan - Manassas, VA
In the talk I could see the handiwork of God in everything in life. It is interesting to note that there is no stage or state in life that God cannot call one to conversion. Louis - Lloydminster, AB
I enjoyed that he truly learned and once he realized there is a God and Life does begin at conception he changed. I hope that all abortionist could listen to this CD Shannon - Toledo, OH
I like the fact that it was given by someone who not only lived the experience but learned from it and worked to bring the situation towards an end. Luz - Riverview, FL
This featured title gave such an in depth look at the amazing transformation of one individual who realized the value of life and the existence of our creator who originally was part of the promulgation of the Culture of Death. Darrell - Barboursville, WV
The history of the legalization of abortion. That it wasn't grotesque or terribly descriptive or a shock factor scare tactic against abortion. I liked that he was genuine and honest about how he scientifically and medically came to realize what was happening in the womb. There were many bits and pieces about abortion that I have heard, and this ties them all together for me (the history, the silent cry, modern practices, how Christ's grace and forgiveness can bring life after death.) Also, enjoyed the bonus track! Jacob - paso robles , CA
It is an eye-opening expose on the death culture. Some of what the author spoke about was a little graphic and painful to hear ,but Truth sometimes is painful but we mustn't hide from it. It inspires hope in that as a pioneer of the modern abortion movement if he could turn and see the evil in it and fight to stop it', but more importantly it was his conversion to the Church and God's mercy that deeply moved me. I hope that God can turn all people away from this evil. Ray - Westfield, MA
I always enjoy all of the cd's. I like that they are easy to listen to and are real stories. Tammy - Jacksonville, FL
I've known of Dr Nathanson and have been amazed by his conversion... but I had never heard his complete story! How incredible! God is good!! Only by the grace of God could this change of heart have taken place! I'll need more of these CD's to share with so many people! His presentation can touch the academic, the spiritual, the non-christian and so many others! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
I love powerful conversion stories and Dr. nathanson certainly has one. Emmett - Chicago, IL
The story itself. Also his medical insights Anna - Albuquerque, NM
The many layers of his life and how he ended up in the abortion industry, the history of how he played a role in it and his conversion. His medical experience and the facts medically in all honesty and ability to project that in such and eloquent way. The truth was so loving and his life was so amazing. It helps connect the dots of how sin affects each other in a generational way. Loved Arch Bishop Fulton Sheens added segment it is like icing on the cake. Patricia - Gilbert, AZ
It's beautiful how Christ can lead even the most hardened and lost sinners to His love and mercy. It also opened my eyes to the horrors that created the pillars of the abortion industry that still exists today, and how we can come together to crumble the pillars down! Randy - Oak Grove, MN
the inside view of what a pro choice advocate is thinking while performing such atrocities Brady - Vernon River, PE