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Abraham: Revealing the Historical Roots of our Faith

Stephen Ray

Stephen Ray emphasizes that unless we understand the innate “Jewishness” of Christianity and our Old Testament heritage, we will never fully understand our Faith, the Church, or even salvation itself. These are rooted not only in the early Church, but 2000 years before that, in Abraham. With his infectious enthusiasm, Stephen helps us to learn the deep truths of scripture that God taught through Abraham.

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Biblical Truths


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Customer Comments

Incredible presentation! Steve Ray has really helped me get interested in the Old Testament and excited about studying Sacred Scripture! - Evan, OK
Steve Ray is wonderful. He has such great knowledge. He makes it easy to understand. When he is done, you just want to hear and learn more about our faith. - Irene, IL
Of all the Lighthouse CDs, this holds a place among my favorites. I have listened to it at least five times because I want it to sink in! Learning more about Abraham has truly helped me to understand my Catholic Faith at a much deeper level. Amber - Kingsport, TN
Stephen Ray is very knowledgable in his talk, very easy to follow. Was just a great talk! Christine - Stanton, IL
I was introduced to Stephen Ray's teachings only two weeks ago. I have listened to two other CDs in addition to Abraham. I am once again excited about being Catholic. I am excited by Stephen's knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation. Praise God for calling this young man into the Catholic Church and equipping him to teach us old salts who have lost our flavor. Virginia - Brooklawn, NJ
Steve Ray is wonderful. He has such great knowledge. He makes it easy to understand. When he is done, you just want to hear and learn more about our faith. I wish he had more CDs available. I own his Footprints of God DVDs and they are outstanding. The program is awesome! Irene - Channahon, IL
I learned a lot - very interesting; first CD from the list I heard. I want more. John R - wall Township, NJ
To learn so much about our faith while driving is a wonderful use of time. I love listening to all the CDs. Thank you! Irene - channahon, IL
I really enjoyed the biblical references from the Old Testament to New Testament. The tying together of the history of our faith was really well done. Brittney - Crestview, FL
It sites scripture to help define that which can be used to stump those who oppose the Catholic Faith. Angel - California, MD
I finally know how to defend my faith and evangelize at the same time; please renew my subscription! John - Proctor, VT
Steve Ray is amazing! I love Steve's passion for the Catholic bible and his love of our beautiful Church. Steve gets you excited about our Church history; I know it makes me want to learn more. He reveals the Glory of God!!! Steve's love shines through his works and his life. Bless him!! Patricia - Milwaukee, WI
Incredible presentation! Steve Ray has really helped me get interested in the Old Testament and excited about studying Sacred Scripture! Evan - Broken Arrow, OK
Fantastic! Explains what faith is all about. Steve - Cedar Rapids, IA
I got a real good insight on how Abraham was saved through obedience of faith. raymond - covina, CA
I think the speaker shows how hard it was for Abraham to trust the promises of God which shows how obedient Abraham actually was; and therefore how we Christians should be. Lilian - Broken Arrow, OK
The speaker's knowledge of not only scripture but also history and geography was surpassed only by his enthusiasm when delivering his talk. Mark -SC
I thoroughly enjoyed learning about our ties to the Old testament forefathers. Pamela - memphis, TN
I liked the history behind everything mentioned and the answers to a lot of protestant questions Carmen - Benbrook, TX
The historical facts presented helped me tie the Old and New Testament. I enjoyed the energetic delivery and would encourage all seekers, both believers and non believers to listen and to learn about the roots of Christianity. Estero, FL
I converted to Catholicism many years ago,but It wasn't until recently that I started studying the scriptures more closely.I like the way Stephen Ray exposes the story of Abram and his absolute faith.God eventualy forms a covenant with Abram and changes his name to Abraham,the name most people recognize first....A true hero of faith.... I like the easy narrative that was used and the experiences he shared about his conversion to Catholicism....Very inspiring...Wayne C. Wayne - Brampton, ON
Loved this CD. It really explained the historical significance of Abraham in an easy to understand way! Jonna - PR
I have so much to learn. I believe now that I need to begin with learning the History of our Faith.....and believe me....this has me hungry for more. I cannot leave this website for too long and I am drawn back. I have purchased whatever I could afford and look forward to expanding my library. Marian J - Carstairs, AB, AB
I am listening to it for the third time, trying to imprint all the I do I to my heart. I am so thankful for Lighthouse Catholic Media, and the fine, quality talks you send me each month. Amy - Williamson, GA
The talk revealed the historical roots of our faith and provided clear answers for many of our traditions , it has definitely armed me with deeper understanding and ability to answer questions about why we believe. Adejoke - Lagos
It did help on the breakdown of being saved prior to being baptised. Brandon - Junction City, KS