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Anger and Forgiveness

Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald

Catholic psychotherapist Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald provides a spiritual and psychological prescription for overcoming the sinful anger that poisons the mind of Christ within, causing alienation and division. His practical wisdom shows that only by learning how to forgive can we hope to promote healing and understanding in our relationships and enjoy the blessings of a forgiving heart.

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Customer Comments

This CD has changed my life! It has given me a clearer understanding of anger and how we can overcome it. Dan - Oakdale, CA
Powerful wisdom for hearts in exile due to lack of forgiveness. A great spiritual prescription! Deb - Leawood, KS
The overall lecture and value of what was said - it could not be said any better! Sandra - Woodstock, CT
Having difficulties to forgive, the title attracted me and I learned a lot about how to handle anger. What help me the most was to learn that mood plays a big part, and if we don't pay attention to it, we waste time. Better to treat yourself before when you are low helped me a lot and benefited those around me. Great gift for the community! Donatienne de Lacheisserie
The talk was able to give thoughtful analogies to compare irrational behavior with our angry behavior. It was also able to break down anger in an understandable way so that I can look at different instances and see where I was allowing anger to rise up. Christy - Bison, OK
I have had an issue with both anger and, to an extent, forgiveness. Listening to Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald sure made an impression on me! I found myself laughing when he quoted when Jesus became upset in the church because it is the only reference that I have found of Jesus being upset. But what I found most useful is when he explained that anger is a sin, and that we can make a conscious effort to turn from anger and live more Christ-like lives. I heard it going to work every day and on my way back home until I'd heard the entire CD. I became very excited about the message of overcoming anger and will seek to obtain copies from Blessed Trinity Church here in Orlando to send to my son; my brother and my mother-anger is a very ugly emotion and on multiple levels, I could understand the message presented and since this ugly monster has reared itself in my family for so long, I am very excited about sharing this awesome message with my loved ones and anyone else I find it may help! THANK YOU SO MUCH Deacon Dr. McDonald!!! Jessica - Orlando, FL
The message was reasonable and well-founded on clear thinking, as well as scripture and church teaching. Ted - Denver, CO
Good information. Green Bay, WI
I've been rather angry with myself and listening to this CD helped me realize how ridiculous my feelings were. It helped direct me in the right way. Martina - Sandpoint, ID
I liked the advice he gives of not making decisions if you are depressed. Tere - Arvada, CO
Great scriptures and revelations about anger and forgiveness. As humans the Bible states we will feel the anger but the secret is not to act upon it. The authors suggests a lot of scriptures to help with the topic and his voice is very calm and logical. Great audio tape!!! Clarissa - Marina Del Rey, CA
It gave me new techniques to try when I get angry Bernadette - Roanoke, VA
Many of Deacon Bob's points hit home with me and his suggestions on how to counteract these situations were spot on. Bonifay, FL
Deacon not only explains where anger generally stems from but also gives suggestions on how to counteract the feelings that come into play when we become angry, and gives ideas of how a person can keep from becoming angry in the face of difficult situations. Thank you so very much for your program. God bless you and your ministry!! Mary DeRuntz Bonifay, FL
I enjoyed the way examples Dr McDonald presented. I would mention that it would be best for those who are 16 or older to listen to. My young ones at home enjoy listening to the CDs we have. Depending on the title my husband and I listen to them first. The psychology class that went through an example of anger who was worse off when he expressed his anger is very descriptive; though good, too descriptive for a young mind. We have learned a lot about our faith through the many titles Lighthouse Catholic Media offers. Great apostolate! God bless your continued growth. WA
I didn't think I got so angry that this would do much good, I was wrong. You don't have to be a raging out of control all the time to benefit from this talk. I have listened to this tape several times. Linda - PA
This CD spoke volumes to me about my own misunderstanding of anger and how we permit ourselves to be owned by an emotion triggered by fear and our own confidence issues and how all we need is to make a true effort to realize our own strength and how we are in control of our own feeling of anger and to make the conscious effort to chose a different path. Thank you very much. Sherry - OH
Helped me better understand Anger and Forgiveness as it applies in my daily life. Something worth listening over and over again. Helps me to become a better Catholic and in the eyes of God. An important subject to share to others. Better yet, have them get a copy for themselves. Jesus - Brampton, ON
It was rational with factual, scriptural, spiritual and philosophical arguments presented. I am a convert to the Catholic faith (10 years this Easter Vigil) and, yet, I found it to be a nondenominationalized treatment of anger & forgiveness. Anyone who would want to argue with this presentation, in my opinion, isn't interested in dealing with their anger or willing to consider forgiveness. Lucinda - Jersey Shore, PA
The great knowledge of the speaker. Milagros - austin, TX
It was very insightful and I liked how it challenged unproven conventional modern psychological ideas that don't always seem very effective. Calgary, AB
Dr. Bob McDonald taught me a lot about sinful anger. The stages of sinful anger was eye opening, and the best part is learning that I can do some thing about it. Mona - Houston, TX
The message was so relevant and timely for me personally. Deacon MacDonald's description of anger and how to change my life was very powerful. Jeffrey - Worthington, OH
This talk was great for understanding anger and how to manage it and moving forward with others as well. Everyone should listen to it. I'm a cradle Catholics and still learning after 50+ years.... other faith like it. bless - bristol, IN
An interesting and helpful catholic perspective by someone with significant experience in the medical and spiritual community. Patrick - Hyde Park, NY
Found the talk concise & informative. Deacon Bob McDonald shares some very helpful tips on how to increase the time we have to decide between anger and understanding as our reaction to events. Really enjoyed the analogy between the elevator and our mood. Lorrie - Red Deer, AB
I liked the analogy of the elevator with 100 floors representing our up and down moods. At floor 50 or above we are in a good mood or better. Below 50 we start to go toward darkness and anger, etc. I also understand that it's not other people who cause our moods but ourselves. We can control our moods, especially anger. Katherine - Kingwood, TX
Am a very devout religious person, but after listening to a couple of cds in my car on the way to my office, God woke me up and reminded me of my responsibility as a Catholic Christian to share the gift of faith to those who are faltering in their faith thru' the cds. What about dvds of the same talks that you have in your cds to be played at small prayer grp.meetings? Keep up the good work..God bless.. Susan susan - Thornhill, ON
Very interesting Catholic perspective! Marianna
Wonderful for personal growth in Jesus Kandy
Anger is part of our insecurity,low steam ,never make any major decision when we're angry Rigoberto - Philadelphia, PA
It was a clear, interesting, "made sense" presentation and something that I had been looking for for a very long time. Very practical and Faith confirming. Coreen - Franklin, WI
Gentle voice, Canadian accent (I'm Canadian too!), easy to understand and apply, compassion-filled. Mo - Gladwyne, PA