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Answering Atheism

Ken Hensley

How can we evangelize an unbelieving world? In this talk, Ken Hensley uses simple, effective logic to show how the atheistic worldview inevitably leads to contradictions that can’t hold up to sound reasoning. After hearing this talk, you will be empowered to conclusively demonstrate how unbelief leads to the destruction of morality, meaning, and even knowledge.

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Apologetics, Evangelization


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Customer Comments

"Teaches us that everybody is created to love. God is Love and we often deny our true calling. We are in denial. We don't know that the true faith is the Catholic Faith." Mirko, ON CA
It helped in explaining the truth about the existence of God and gave me lots of tools to evangelize." Jay, FL
It provided a good way to understand what tenets, or lack thereof, that atheists live by and how to approach the subject with them. Katie - Lexington, KY
It helped in explaining the truth about the existence of God and gave me lots of tools to evangelize atheists. jay - orlando, FL
The explanation of how atheists' own thinking belies their supposed beliefs or lack thereof. Also the bonus talk at the end about Darwinism and evolution was information which was totally new for me, and I'm almost 80 years old. Charles D - Hernando, FL
Easy and useful responses to atheists and their flawed arguments. Shawn - Mesa, AZ
The clarity and undebatable arguments. Roberto - Fayetteville, NC
I learned a lot about the way I could answer atheists if ever I got into a discussion with one. And I now can understand more of where they are coming from when I read their thoughts on blogs and in comment sections. Pierre - Marquette, MI
I know many atheists and am arming myself to convert them all. This talk greatly helped me understand their insights and how I can respectfully, yet powerfully, fulfill my baptismal promises. Viviana - Lebanon, OH
I loved the logic that he used in explaining how atheists have to base morality, human dignity, etc., on the Christian worldview and not on their own, and tips on how we can reach out to atheists. Barbara - Adrian, MI
Interesting facts about atheism which most people have no idea on the history and those who were. Antonette - Yonkers, NY
Easy to listen to and absorb. Topically relevant to today's culture. Gerard
Teaches us that everybody is created to love. God is Love and we often deny our true calling. We are in denial. We don't know that the true faith is the Catholic Faith. Mirko - Toronto, ON
It gave me the first practical reasons for answering unbelief. I also am going to suggest that we use it as a topic in the Legend of Mary "Patrician" group. I enjoy the easy way of learning as I am a senior citizen and no longer have any interest in researching answers myself, but still want to learn. maryann - greensburg, PA
Two very good presentations on a very important topic. Atheism is growing fast, their books are selling well. This CD does a good job of answering a lot of their false claims. John - Napa, CA
This CD gave logical answers or insights to atheistic concepts. Very helpful to approach what could be a heated, emotional discussion and change it to an insightful look into the atheistic belief system. Great material! Pam - Colorado Springs, CO
I know a number of atheists, and some make it nearly impossible to share the Gospel. This CD offered new approaches Doug - Asheville, NC
In this CD, Ken Hensley pointed out several situations that I have dealt with in my conversation with an atheist friend, whereby I now recognize the use of arguments that were not really totally scientific or the result of sound reasoning. This give me the means to use the simple logic of Mr. Hensley to counter these arguments. Another benefit is getting specific persons and places to acquire the knowledge of how, where, and why atheism began. Anne - Avoca, PA
I was only given a part of that cd with the other one on atheism, I raised my children Catholic and I lost one son at 10 and I have two other children. My other son 26 and my daughter is 28. Son professes to be atheist and my daughter professes to be agnostic. I pray daily for them and I believe God led me to these CD's to help in a loving way to bring them back. I will continue to pray either way but it would be Awesome for them to Believe God is with them and loves them immeasurably. Theresa - St. Petersburg, FL
It demystified all of the science jargon and let me know what actually happened without bias. Brennan - Overland Park, KS
It has told me how to answer atheism ignatius - Singapore
I found it to provide a very interesting point of view and gave me other angles to use when speaking to non-Christians or people with a wavering faith. David - Poland, OH
It helped me understand that I don't have to defend what I believe to the atheists in my life, but rather showed me that the atheist worldview does not make sense. Renee - Savannah, GA
Provocative presentation David - Fairfax, VA
I listened to a portion of this talk and thought it was great. It was at the end of the From Atheism to Catholicism talk which was excellent. PEggy - Dickinson, TX
He was clear and logical: giving very practical ways to answer atheism. Sheila - Pikeville, NC
I enjoyed the how Ken shared simple solutions that are easy to remember and obvious to point out when debating with an atheist. Matthew - Melbourne, FL
I am a 27 y/o catholic, and I am recently getting more interested in the faith; learning about it and truly living it as opposed to just going to church on important holidays with a few Sundays in between. This kind of talk is exactly what I need to answer my questions about the church as well as giving me valid topics of conversation for when my friends ask why I am "suddenly so religious." Ashley - Steep Falls, ME
Gave talking points and ideas to help direct conversations with a family member who has strayed from his faith. David - KY
We are called to evangelize, this will help those ready to answer that call. Cindy - Apple Valley, MN
Very informative! he gives you a lot to work with. Lisa - Bayville, NJ
I've listened to Answering Atheism over & over again. It is so filled with truth that I want to soak it all in, so that maybe the Lord can use me to bring the truth to others who have abandoned the Faith. I was also impressed with the bonus talk, Destroying the Darwinian Myth by Dr. Ben Wiker. It helped me clarify the truth concerning the difference between evolution & Darwinian evolution. these talks together have blessed me immensely. Among the BEST CD's ever! Stephanie - Slidell, LA
Many points regarding Famous atheists and how their lack of morality led to so much persecution and death. Learning the basic structure of athesitic thought and the impact its having on our culture today. Learning the apologetics of dealing with friends and family who are buying into athesitic thought. The Bosnus section on Darwinism was an eye opener and a great primer for further learning. Jim - murrysville, PA
History of ideas interested me. Made athesim more understandable. I also enjoyed the individuals of the past were brought more to light along with the consequence of their ideas Daniel - Pottsville, PA
Clarified how to address the subject of atheism from different perspectives using plain language. John - Belleville, ON
prepared us for the atheistic debate that is common in society Brady - Vernon River, PE
My son and I listened to this great talk on our way back from a fishing trip. It gave us lots to talk about on the ride home. What a great tool for starting discussions on faith in the family! Eric - Regina, SK
Trent did a fantastic job keeping it simple and easy to understand. Chris - Dallas, TX
clear answer to the issue Sister Ann - Big Bear Lake, CA
Today it seems that our culture looks with disdain upon Christians. Many believe that anyone with any kind of intelligence would be an atheist. I appreciated Mr. Hensley ' s points about borrowed morality and compassion. Anna - Marion, IA
Ken Hensley does an outstanding job giving you facts to help in your daily apologetics. I've passed it on to several of my friends. Kelly - Colorado Springs, CO
I really enjoyed how he broke down the subjects and how atheist take from a Christian world view instead of their own because they really aren't atheist. My husband identifies sometimes as atheist and he listed to the talk and I can say that it changed his view of this dramatically. Jessica - Marietta, GA
It was very clear and offered practical advice on conversing with an Atheist. Gregory - Darien, CT
Excellent speaker with knowledge of how to deal and understand atheists. Thoroughly appreciated and will be recommending to others. Nancy - Mount Dora, FL
I enjoyed the speaker's passion toward the topic. I think that his inspiration for the topic motivates him to understand and therefore clearly be able to explain everything that he wants the listeners to take from the lecture. I have benefited from this talk in gaining a new knowledge about precisely Answering Atheism. This This talk has allow me to gain a better understanding about God, God's relation to us, and how life without God does not make sense and therefore Atheism does not make sense. Guadalupe - Fabens, TX
I was unaware of the beliefs of some of the evil people in this world. They don't always make it clear when you read history Susan - Branson, MO