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Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati - Man of the Beatitudes

Fr. Tim Deeter

Born in 1901 in Turin, Italy into a family of wealth and status, Pier Giorgio enjoyed good friends, hiking and skiing, museums and music, and was involved in political action, He found that deep prayer, service to the poor, and a passion for bringing others to Christ led to a life of purpose, peace, and happiness. Pier Giorgio died at the age of 24 on July 4, 1925. He was beatified on May 20, 1990 by Pope John Paul II who referred to him as a "man of the beatitudes".

This talk is also available for purchase in Spanish.

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Inspirational, Youth, Saints


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Customer Comments

Thank you so much for this talk! This has provided me the encouragement and assurance that a poor sinner like me truly can become a saint. Jeremy - Haubstadt, IN
Wow! I now have a new understanding of the word 'saint' Cecelia - Cincinnati, OH
The inspirational message help me with ideas for my own spritual life. Henry - Round Rock, TX
This CD was completely inspiring!!! All I could think of while listening was that all young people need to hear this CD. How different would our world be if the youth of our country could hear this message. Absolutely incredible!!! Makes sainthood the realistic invitation that God intends for His people. Cynthia - Jupiter, FL
The talk was lighthearted but also serious when it needed be. It was relatable and down-to-earth. I learned much about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and how you can take your own path in life towards God in heaven regardless of what is happening in the world around you. Bridget - Cedar Rapids, IA
I played the CD for my 7th grade religious education class, and they listened with attention. Pier Giorgio was a saint they could relate to, were inspired by, and was an example of living out your faith in a fairly ordinary way. The kids asked for other CDs and seemed to be more open to learning about their faith through this medium. Marianne - Woodstock, IL
It gave me hope. It gave me a glimpse into the lives of two saints. Once you hear about Pier Giorgio and Brian Walch, no matter what your age, you can never be the same. Fr. Deeter's gentleness comes across in his delivery of each story. I could hear the love in his voice, especially for Brain. Brian has been my constant companion during this Lenten season. I often ask him to help me pray, to assist in delivering my prayers to the ears of Jesus, teach me to be selfless, and teach me to do God's will without fear, like him. Fr. Deeter has inspired me at 59, and surely he needs to stay in the collection to inspire young people as well. Debra - Chicago, IL
I have been fascinated with Pier Giorgio for a long time, and I am glad to find his life available through Lighthouse Media. Sr. Mary Joseph - Lafayette, IN
It was very inspiring to hear about Blessed Pier and take lessons from his life and apply them to my own. Gregory - Kitchener, ON
I loved this CD! Pier Giorgio is an inspiration for young people everywhere. His life shows us that it is possible to be saintly while also being fun, popular, and full of life. The second story on the CD about Brian Walch was also great. If we're ever tempted to write off a sinner, we just have to remember Brian Walch to know that God changes hearts and makes saints from us sinners. Chilliwack, BC
Blessed Pier Giorgio... I'm donating this CD to our youth ministry instructors. There's no better young person to be a role model for young people. MN
It was wonderful to hear the story of such a wonderful servant of God - the way he was able to bring souls to the Church through his own devotion and trying to live a pious life. He was an example for our youth of today and for persons of all ages. Robert - Forest City, NC
The inspirational message for youth on this CD is incredible! We need the youth of today to hear and live this message. Tina - Sodus, MI
It was inspiring and made me want to get up and take action like Bl. Pier Giorgio did. Jared - Phoenix, AZ
All the knowledge of Pier's life and how he used his life to do God's will helped me to share with my young children that you don't have to be an "old person" to do God's will. Julie - Cincinnati, OH
I listened to this with my teenage boys. When we speak of saints, many young people think they were from an ancient time. My 14 year old son was so impressed he is considering Pier Giorgio as his confirmation name. Vicki - Fort Lupton, CO
As a college student, you hear from many adults that its the best time of your life yet today we live in a world with so much spiritual poverty. Many know who Christ is, but doesnt have that personal relationship with Christ. This CD was absolutely inspiring! Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was a man of hope, someone who lived out his faith and other saw his passion. After listening to this CD, I continued to learn more about the life of Pier, and has been one of my role models. I remember the life that he lived that gives me strength to know the work of the Lord is present then and now. I hope to follow in his footsteps and be a light for the world. Prayers for Blessed Pier Giorgio's sainthood! Ariel - San Marcos, TX
Hearing about a Saint who lived in a more modern world, and was so joyful and on fire for the Lord is inspiring and gives people today hope that our modern world can be overcome! Jenn
What a beautiful example for us. Again, thank-you. I will not claim another gift as I have a copy of the Bible Guide. Thank-you. Marian J - Carstairs, AB
This is an incredible cd. Both stories were amazing. I highly recommend this to others. Julie - Blacklick, OH
This is an incredible cd. I thought both stories were amazing. I highly recommend this to others. Blacklick, OH