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Can You Trust God?

Dr. Tim Gray

Since the fall of our first parents, humanity has been tempted to mistrust the love that God the Father has for us. Scripture scholar Dr. Tim Gray takes us on a journey that addresses the pervasive misconceptions that God is quick to anger, that the God of the Old and New Testaments are different, and that God doesn’t have a merciful heart for us. You will see that you can trust our heavenly Father, who is truly one with his Son.

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Personal Growth, Divine Mercy


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Customer Comments

This really helped me understand God and trust him even more. Patrick - Downers Grove, IL
This talk explained so well my lifelong struggle with trusting God, and made me see how much he really loves me. Julie - St. Petersburg, FL
Tim Gray opens our hearts to truly experience God as our merciful Father! Nancy - Union City, TN
Dr. Gray spoke very clearly and in a simple manner but with such enriched points about why we should trust God. The stories about he and his son allowed a personal connection to form between the listener and the speaker which made the message of this CD become ingrained in my mind. Gian - Swansea, S Glam
It showed me a merciful God and how Jesus shows us the Father God. Pamela - Memphis, TN
Practical examples of daily life from Dr. Grey that applies to common people like us. The examples about how he was playing Peter Pan and Captain Hook with his son and the one when his son crossed the street without watching both sides of it when following the ball are very easy to understand and allows us to visualize God as our Father through those examples. Rossana - London, ON
Exodus 34, the attributes of God. A greater understanding of the meaning of God being called "Father", Abba. The message of the prodigal son's actions signifying that we wish God was dead so we can "enjoy" the fruits of this earth. Mary - Rancho Mirage, CA
I am well aware of Dr. Grays outstanding teaching abilities. This audio is no exception!! I have his Mission of the Messiah tape (and others) I enjoyed the audio, and it gave me a different way of thinking about God the Father. I was thinking about who will, in this present day and age, stand in the breech as did Abraham and Moses for us???? Thanks Larry - St James, MO
What I liked most was how Dr. Gray clarified the "angry" God of the Old Testament and how important contextualizing the story is. It makes me very appreciative of these CD's because if it weren't for these bible scholars and their talks, I'd never know about the cultural influences of biblical times which makes a world of difference in what we understand about the biblical passages. Although it would have been crystal clear to the people of the time, it loses some of its meaning or sense to the people of our time. It was a very good talk and I enjoyed it very much. Katherin - Bolton, ON
I learned a great deal about my religion and how I have had some misguided thinking regarding God and Jesus. So I have set my thinking straight, Halleluia. Lee - Indian Harbour beach, FL
The voice of Dr.Tim Gray has great expression and command to make you pay attention and listen. It's very refreshing to here teachings like this in our modern words to focus us on the Truth. V. - Fall River, MA
I understood that the biggest lie of the devil is to make us believe that God can not be trust; that always God give us to little to keep the best for himself. This is the main reason why men these days don't trust God as if to hurt God, so we put him to the test. I like this talk very much. Ruben - Burlington , ON
I have been set free from a lie from the evil one and learned the liberating truth that our merciful Father displays His merciful character in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. God in the Old Testament is no less merciful than God in the New Testament. Richard - Rockaway Beach, NY
So very many lights came on for me, and answered deep questions that I had pondered, such as the difference between the God of the OT and Jesus in the new. Thank you so very much for this valuable insight. I can't wait to share this good news with others! John - Massena, NY
It was good to be reminded that the Father is merciful & gracious, loving & forgiving... and that this theme runs throughout the Old Testament and Jesus confirms it in the New! I do think a lot of people think the Father IS the 'bad cop'. Anna - Salem, OR
The explanation of how the Father is not the wrathful, angry Deity so many of us seem to think of Him as. I was raised as a Baptist and now, at 59 years old, I am in RCIA and completely committed to converting to the Catholic faith. I always felt God the Father was the stern leader of the Trinity and Jesus the empathetic Son and Brother of us folks. Dr. Gray's talk completely turned my thinking around concerning this matter. Rick - Taylorsville, KY
Biblical insight of God's love for me, and His will to do good for me. David - Batavia, NY
It helped me to change my perception of God, the Father from a God to be feared to a God of mercy and compassion. Sarah - Sunnyvale, CA
I thought it would be different instead of Old testament God vs New testament Jesus Tj - Orillia, ON
I think it answered the question in its title. The speaker was wonderful. I love so many of your apologists' CD's.It would take so much room for me to comment on all of them. Mary Ann - Silsbee, TX