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Catechism of the Catholic Church: A Sure Guide

Cardinal Arinze

Francis Cardinal Arinze energetically draws from his experience to help us see the practical value of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) today, which was given as a guide to living our daily lives in accordance with Holy Scripture and the Sacred Traditions that have been passed down to the Church through the Apostles. The CCC is intended for use by all Christian faithful, and Pope John Paul II declared it to be "...a sure norm for teaching the faith"- Fidei Depositum.

Bonus Segment: Why Do We Have a Pope? by Dr. Scott Hahn.

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Customer Comments

I am a fairly new Catholic and my fiance gave it to me to listen to. It helped me to understand what the Catechism is for and how important it is for my spiritual growth. Brenda - Denham Springs, LA
Cardinal Arinze relates to everyone with his way of describing our need for Christ in our lives and how we make time for everything first before squeezing in some prayer time. Very powerful. Peter - London
Very informative, yet very simple to understand. It highlighted the importance of the Catechism. Ivica Kovac
Great talk by Cardinal Arinze! Joe - Rowlett, TX
I enjoyed that he explained the origins of the CCC and his sense of humor. Kathy - College Station, TX
I think it gives a fair representation of the intention of the Catechism. William - Overland Park, KS
Recently converting to the Catholic Faith, this guide helped me tremendously in learning so many things that I never understood about being a Catholic. It helped guide me towards becoming a Catholic! I loved it! Kelly - Biloxi, MS
It is the most inspiring CD I've listened to. I bought the CCC, and I read it. I'm a Presbyterian who feels the need to study and become a part of the Catholic Church, and I got this CD at a local church. What a blessing! AJ - Reedsport, OR
I was surprised at how interesting the subject became through listening to this CD. I have previously delved into the Catechism and was invariably surprised each time to find where it led. But now I am enjoying reading two pages a day (at least) and will as suggested finish the entire book in a year. The speaker's voice was lyrical and his humor was infectious. He made me WANT to read the entire Catechism. Claire - Dorrr, MI
It makes so much sense to my husband and to me. It's very helpful to know what to say to encourage other Catholics to learn more of their Catholic Faith reading their CCC. Ana - Houston, TX
It really gave a maodern insight to the catechism of the catholic church or (CCC). Cardinal Arinze speaks with such authority on the major factors of why we have the book and what it means to us catholics today. Clayton - Boise, ID
Great insight on the Catechism... really makes me want to make it more a part of my life, as Cardinal Arinze suggests. Tracy - Orlando, FL
I never realized the importance of reading and understanding the CCC. I now have a new found urgency to study this important tool. Also, the bonus talk on the role of the pope was a pleasant surprise. Lyne - KIngston, ON
It explained doctrine in a way that I understood. It made me more energized in my faith. Michael - Mattawan, MI
I enjoyed the speaker's sense of humor Emily - Wentzville, MO
Absolutely top-notch! Cardinal Arinze inspires, educates and encourages in this enjoyable and upbeat talk. Loved it. Mena - Edmonton, AB
I really enjoyed the humor, the expertise and the passion of the speaker. Charles
very prfound and easy to follow. makes alot of great points. Stephen - New Brighton, MN