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Fr. Larry Richards

Based upon his proven and powerful parish mission presentation, Fr. Larry Richards’ talk on Confession has become the #1 talk in North America dealing with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He is riveting, honest, humorous, very human, and often touchingly gentle. Fr. Larry provides listeners with hope for a closer, healing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Average Rating: 4.80 based on 79 ratings
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Customer Comments

I re-evaluated my entire way of living because it made me realize that I was not as close to God as I thought! Brandy - Arlington, VA
I intend to use this with high school students in our parish Religious Education program! Claire - Wilmington, VT
Very inspirational explanation of many aspects of sin and the redemption of our souls, and how God is very forgiving through the priest. This helps to put you at ease about going to confession. Anthony - Appleton, WI
It brought out many subjects that I was unaware of. The whole CD is great. I certainly recommend it to anyone. Lupe - Bishop, TX
Fr. Larry spoke so I could understand and relate to what he was saying. I was always afraid of going to confession as I didn't know what to say or how to express myself, but now I have a better understanding of confession. Rosa - Orlando, FL
I thoroughly enjoyed Fr. Richards' talk. It is easy to listen to and is comforting and reassuring to anyone going to confession. I think it is particularly good for newcomers to the Catholic Church. I will forward this talk to my brother-in-law who is new to the faith as well as to others in my family whom I'm sure will enjoy it also. Cheryl - Grovetown, GA
I loved it. I play the parts about the calf to my kids hoping that image will stay in their head. Sharon - Johnson, IA
Fr. Larry has a voice that touches the heart. He is clear, uses examples of everyday life and stories to make his points real. He does not hold back for fear of offending anyone. He speaks the TRUTH and backs it up from God's own words from the bible. I'm glad it was at the back of the church to purchase! Elizabeth - Chatham, ON
Straightfoward, honest, true, heart-warming. Ed - Sammamish
I have always struggled with the Sacrament of Confession, but Fr. Richards explained it in a way that made sense to me. I now know why confession is so important and plan to make it a regular part of my spiritual life. Susan - Fenton, LA
The most beneficial part was the emphasis on Jesus' desire to free us from sin in confession, and the idea that God will punish the sin, but not us, unless we continue to cling to the sin. Even though I go to confession regularly, this talk inspired me to be even more fervent in making an examination of conscience and meeting Jesus in the Sacrament. Ralph
It helped realize that I was not making a good confession. Maria - Lake View Terrace, CA
Clear, concise, holds nothing back! Green Bay, WI
Easy to understand and well explained. Perumchira - Houston, TX
You'll never take confession for granted again. Presents the sacrament in a light you never thought of. Thanks for having us look at confession from a spirituality that is in us. Absolutely eye opening as well as opening my heart to God's mercy. Stuart - Tucson, AZ
Provided a great process for doing a thorough examination of conscience. Mark - Westminster, MD
Fr. Larry Richards all at once serious, lighthearted, and funny. Confession is a sacrament and a mercy. He invited people to come back to this sacrament and see it for what it is instead of feeling fearful or seeing it as an invasion of privacy - not necessary. It was convicting and inspiring. We loved it and will share it with others. Leslie - Geneseo, NY
Father Larry Richards was real and to the point. He did not sugar coat the topic or bend the views on the subject. He used examples that relate to today's views. He was very sincere and knowledgeable of the scriptures. This CD is a good start to help educate Catholics on the importance of Confession and our Parishes should reinforce this topic. Charles - Cold Spring, NY
The best part was the frankness of fr Larry carmela - KY
I think this talk has changed my life. I've always been "scared" to go to confession but now am excited to go. Thank you Father Larry. Ann - salem, VA
it made me think seriously about what confession really is. It made me laugh and ask myself why are we so afraid of confession.. It explained alot about different sins we confess and how we all break the 10 commandments. lynda - Reynoldsville, PA
Fr. Larry Richards is such an engaging speaker and explains things in such a relatable way. I've listened to this talk more than once and each time have come away with something new to think about. Olivia - Spencer, MA
Fantastic! I enjoyed it immensely and listened to it three times in the first 12 hours I owned it. Great information with regard to the background of birth control and not being open to life. Father Richards has a great, down-to-earth way of teaching people and I hope he continues to do more CDs on all different topics. He deals effectively with difficult topics. I go to confession on a monthly basis and always feel there is more to learn about making a good confession and this CD really helped me in many areas. His topics also helped me understand some of the penances I have been given which makes me realize that many priests think along the same line that Fr. Richards does. That is great news for for me. Thanks, Fr. Richards for all you do and thanks for becoming a priest. You have sacrificed your life for others - it doesn't get any better than that. God bless you! Carla - Green Bay, WI
Fr Larry was very helpful in guiding the listener to overcome the scary feeling of going to confession. Maria - Katonah, NY
I did not just enjoyed it but its deepen my faith and love to confession really after hearing this cd and went to confession ,everything change in confessional,its comfortable for me to admit my sinfulness, LIGHTHOUSE YOU REALLY DOING A GREAT WORK FOR THE LORD,as for now i have 23 CD's and 13 more coming hope i receive it soon, rose - Toronto, ON
As a non-denominational Protestant seeking full communion with the Holy Roman Catholic Church, this was helpful in giving me a greater understanding of an essential sacrament of grace that I have missed out on thus far in my life. Mark - White Sulphur Springs, WV
I enjoyed all of it. Having not being raised in the Catholic Church I was not used to going to Confession, so I found it a bit difficult. After listening to this CD I have a much better understanding of it, and also an appreciation of the value of it. I will most likely go to Confession more often than once or twice a year. Audrey - Waynesboro, PA
I love the way Father Larry Talked about God's love and forgiveness. Anna - Woodburn, IN
Everything. Greatly. Thank you. sam - rock hill, SC
Gave me a deeper appreciation for the sacrament. Mary - Fairfield, OH
Fr. Larry Richards is a wonderful communicator, and his presentation "Confession" has made me realize the importance of confessing my sins to God on a daily basis. This CD has also been helpful to me in really understanding how much sin hurts our Lord. I recommend this CD highly. Regarding my review, I was not brought up in the Catholic Church, and I am currently struggling with whether to convert (as I was brought up Baptist.) Fr. Larry Richards' talks have been very helpful to me, especially the CD titled "The Truth." Fred - Woodstock, GA
I use this DVD talk in my Confirmation CCE class. The kids always enjoy it and some have asked for CDs to take home Peggy - Dickinson, TX
This made me really understand the power of confession and the importance. Stephanie - Franklin, LA
Strangely it is a good way to 'prep' you up for confession. Especially when going to confession is particularly hard. Father speaks with such awesome certainty in his voice. More like this talk (about confession and sin) would be great! Michal - Guelph, ON
Father Larry Richards Taught me things I was unaware of. I have been so afraid of my upcoming Rite of Reconciliation. Not any longer. I am now looking forward to it and my continuing journey with Christ my Lord! Travis - WAYNESBORO, VA
Father Larry is no-nonsense and tells it like it is. He gives insights into making a good confession that I haven't thought about before. This talk has inspired me to go to confession and more often. Corey - Kansas City, MO
It was very straight forward. It was humorous and honest. Father was naturally funny and very grounded in the way lay people think. Thank you! Pam - Espanolaharp, NM
It brought out very clearly the origin and the purpose of confession. I have benefited more from the talk, particularly on why we must confess regularly. Charles - Nairobi
How Father Larry Richards points sins and what to confess when we do go to confession. Louis - Wellington, FL
I love that the message was warm and christ centered. Elvis - Killeen, TX
What amazed me was the talk about confession. The sins you need to confess every month. Rachel - Sterling Heights , MI
The frank presentation by Fr Richards. I heard Fr, Richards speak at a Rosary March several years ago and thought I would enjoy his CD, which I did. Michael R - Osceola Mills, PA
Really inspiring Daisy - Salisbury
This is one of the best talks on confession and changing the way you live your life and looking at what real sin is. I was truly moved and inspired by this presentation. Another great from PA. Alicia - Parma, OH
I have always been scared to go to Confession fearing punishment and humiliation. But listening to this CD explains its not about punishment. It is about asking for forgiveness and knowing God love us. Laura - Houston , TX
im newly coming back into the catholic church, this CD answered all my questions about confessions and MORE!!!! kameron - Las Cruces, NM
Father Larry is very sincere and at the same time held my interest with his humor and examples. Rob - Anna, OH
I loved the honesty Fr. Shows. I love the way he makes Confession less scary. I hope my husband will listen and not be afraid anymore. Michele - Miamisburg, OH
It taught me to see the areas where we so easily and frequently break the 10 commandments. especially when we are so used to saying "OH MY GOD"for every thing. We are actually taking his name in vain. CLYNE - DUBAI
It has been a long time since I went to confession, I was not sure how to do it anymore? This CD helped be but things back into perspective. And it answered the questions I have been too embarrassed to ask. Nancy - Fair Play, SC
I enjoyed Father Larry's insight into Sacrament of Reconciliation. His talk help me to understand, that Penance isn't merely an "as needed" gift from God, to be use sparingly, and infrequently, as needed. But as tool to bring us closer to Our Lord, through the graces it bestows on us. Cornelius - Fort McCoy, FL
The sincerity of the content and ease of presentation . It was great! B Margie - Council Bluffs, IA
Fr. Larry Richards is so very passionate. I love listening to his CD's. I just finished listening to his CD about Mass and Confession. This 2 CD's have help me so much. I look forward to more of his CD's as well as CD's from Dr. Scott Hahn. Jan - Chesapeake, VA