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Confirmation: The Sacrament of Evangelization and Martyrdom

Dr. Brant Pitre

Today there is oftentimes a misconception of what the Sacrament of Confirmation is actually for or how it affects our lives. In this talk, Dr. Brant Pitre invites us to better understand the tremendous graces and calling received through this sacrament. He points to various passages in scripture which provide a historical foundation and, through bold witness, challenges us to willingly surrender our lives to Christ. Dr. Brant Pitre is a professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA.

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Customer Comments

Until this talk by Brant Pitre, I have not really understood what Confirmation is all about. I hope I had this talk when I was confirmed so I can live up to this great sacrament! Daniel - Vancouver, Canada
Absolutely the best explanation of the Sacrament of Confirmation I have ever heard! Julie - Sterling, VA
This talk deepened my understanding of the rite and the sacrament. Cheryl - Ontario, Canada
EXCELLENT!!! Very informative. Dr. Pitre brought out things I have heard no where else. Diane - Bowsman, MT
The biblical or scripture ties. Cleared up confusion and misunderstanding of this Sacrament. Happy to share this truth! Alicia - Chattanooga , TN
This talk on Confirmation is the best I have ever heard!!! I learned more about Confirmation listening to this CD than I have in 37 years of life!!! God Bless Dr. Pitre! Phil - 19002, PA
Finally, a good explanation of what this beautiful, mysterious and misunderstood sacrament is about! Roberto - Red Deer, AB
We never realised how important and efficacious confirmation was and is in helping us to live out our faith. Showing how sacrament of conformation equated to the ritual of anointing in the Old Testament. We thank you for making so many wonderful talks available. Marcellus - Cambridge, Cambs.
This gave me an incredible perspective and truth about the sacrament which I had never understood before. This should be required listening for all confirmandi and sponsors! Stephanie - Penns Creek, PA
It is important to think that Catholics who share the disc with other as well with non-Catholics, can understand the material and does not conflict with their theology. Conversion is an addition to ones already process into salvation. Thomas - St. Petersburg, FL
I was glad that Dr. Pitre took me back to the Old Testament in the beginning of the lecture and progressed through the Bible to show the meaning of the sacrament of confirmation. I am beginning RCIA classes after being a Pentecostal my entire life ( I'm 37 now ). This was an easy to understand, biblically based lesson that I will listen to many more times going forward. Clay - Bessemer city, NC
A clear description of what confirmation truly entails, biblical references to help illustrate the ideas. Spring - Eagle River, AK
As a recent convert from tge protestant church, this was a powerful follow-up to remind us as Catholics to continue our journey together. Sharing with all of my RCIA classmates. John - Farmington Hills, MI
I was just confirmed in October and I went thru adult confirmation class and I would like to make the Parish aware of this cd for adult confirmation class. It was awesome and beautiful. Mary - Manchester, MD
I enjoy Dr. Pitre's style of speaking and giving us the information. I learned a lot about Confirmation. His info on martyrs and martyrdom was fascinating. Denise - Colorado Springs, CO
I am converting to Catholicism and still did not have an exact understanding of what confirmation is, why it is biblical, etc. This talk cleared that up and has me eagerly awaiting my confirmation so I can more boldly proclaim my faith to my family. Emily - King of Prussia, PA