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Dating and Courtship

Kimberly Hahn

What elements are essential during dating and courtship to discern whether you are following God's will? In this inspiring presentation, Kimberly Hahn, wife of Dr. Scott Hahn, shares rich insight gained from many years of bible study and her personal experiences as a Christian woman, wife, and mother. She provides practical advice and encourages setting high standards according to God's ways.

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Family & Parenting, Sexuality


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Customer Comments

This CD was so beneficial! Learning how to live out my faith within a relationship is very important to me. Nichole - Federal Way, WA
...uses humor, stories, scripture and her own experiences to show true Christian dating. I will share with my friends. Thank you! April - Niagara Falls, NY
I really enjoyed all of the valued Catholic teaching that Kimberly Hahn provided, and how she incorporated scripture into the talk. Truly, every Catholic girl/young woman should listen to this! Carisa - Fort Woth, TX
It helped me realize that the past relationships I'd been involved in were practically doomed from the start. It also helped me realize, in a very practical and realistic way, that purity can be lived and achieved, and that it is borne out of love of God. Most importantly, it helped me realize that my time of single-hood is a precious time which I should spend focused on developing an even deeper relationship with God and serving in ministry, The standards which I "secretly" had and which I thought were just not possible to find in a 21st century man are possible to find, and there are still good men out there who love God and want also to live a life of purity before marriage. Thank you so much! Bodam - Lagos
Mrs. Hahn was humorous, faith-filled and insightful!! I enjoyed her and hope you will have her do other CD talks in the future. TX
The CD was liberating. Mrs. Hahn does a wonderful job in explaining how it is important to really place God first. Courtship isn't about self, it's about serving God first and foremost. It helped clarify how to approach courtship with confidence and with holiness in mind, rather than adopting the culture's idea of dating one person exclusively. Thank you! Elizabeth - Clinton, OH
The talk is easy to listen to; it's funny and personal, and easy to relate to. I thought it is a topic nobody really speaks for, but your parents, and by the time you are dating and courting, it´s really hard to listen to them and follow their advice. I enjoyed it a lot and have recommended it to my single friends and sisters. Maria - Glen Burnie, MD
This is a practical, logical approach to the whole issue of discovering human love. I wish I had heard it when I was in my dating years. It upholds the dignity of both men and women and God's gift of sexual union. Rebecca - LaGrange, KY
I saw all the mistakes I made in dating. Dating caused me so much trouble and in the end, did not bring me closer to God. It distorted my understanding of marriage. There needs to be education of all Catholics in the process of courtship. I am sending copies to my four married children. David - Jacksonville, NC
It gave some real good advice and strategies on dealing with our children. I'm really on this website to purchase another copy for my grown children. Clark - Bremerton, WA
I liked Kimberly's 1) candidness 2) sincerity 3) honesty about the importance of purity 4) comparison of dating with borrowing a car and suggesting courtship permission from permission to marry 5) story about song for future husband 6) sharing her prayers to God about how to find the right husband. Sue - Holstein, IA
I am a 53-year-old man dating a 51-year-old woman. As we have grown to love each other, we have shared the Holy Eucharist, Mass, and prayer together with happiness. We have been blessed with great communication on both sides. She gave me this CD to listen to. This allows us to discuss our relationship in a God-loving way. John - La Mesa, CA
Practical information on building a relationship with a Catholic-Christian perspective. Frank - Baldwin Park, CA
I liked how miss Kimberly gave examples of experiences she has had with dating. . She made courtship seem so capable to do with simple guidelines according to the churches teachings as well as some Bible inserts. I really enjoyed it :) and I enjoyed how sweet she was and bubbly! :) Sarah - Frederica , DE
I really liked how Mrs. Hahn presented Courtship. She spoke in a way that made it relateble and enjoyable. Hannah - Hampstead, MD
I loved how Kimberly spoke from her own experience. It makes it more personal. I would like to hear more talks from Kimberly. April - WA
The idea of courtship is new to me...I feel this CD outlines the courtship in a way that will lead me to pursue God in the way I interact with women. Jake - LA
I just recently heard that "courting" is something still in existence! This CD lays it all out so that parents and children can understand and appreciate the concept. I wish I heard this CD 20+ years ago! Thank you Kimberly for sharing! I enjoy her personal stories. This is one I will need to share! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
This is an awesome educational material I have shared with my faith confirmation class. My students have learned so much that are applicable to their teenage years. I've shared a lot about dating and about True Love Waits; that had opened their eyes to the truth! Erma - CA
It was helpful to hear that I can't "miss" the love of my life...that whatever God's will, He will make sure it happens. Brandi - Pittsburgh, PA
Great lessons to share with my adult daughters who are still searching for the right man to share their life with. emmett - chicago, IL
Kimberly Hahn is a great speaker! Very practical advice and very real examples. Helped bring more of a focus to how to approach my time of waiting for my future spouse. Sandra - ON
I've been going through a tough time with the gentleman that I have been dating for a long time. This talk helped me to reinforce my decision to move on without hime in my life because God would not want me to stay with a man that brings me away from him and questions my sacred religious beliefs. He has a plan for me to find someone that respects my views, that is compassionate, and does not try to tempt me knowing what my beliefs are. I loved this talk and I think that the women is a truly beautiful, insightful woman! Gabrielle - Irving, TX
Great talk!!So many good tips, as a Catholic young adult living in NYC this really helps. Franklin - Bronx, NY
Chris - mississauga, ON