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Discovering the Biblical Significance of Mary

Dr. Scott Hahn

In one of the most inspiring CDs we have ever offered on the Virgin Mary, Dr. Scott Hahn reveals incredible insights on the Biblical basis for the Catholic teachings regarding Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant. This presentation will help shatter many misconceptions and clearly demonstrate how Catholic teachings are unmistakably rooted in Sacred Scripture.

Following the presentation is a bonus segment from a prior talk by Dr. Hahn, Why Do We Have a Pope?

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Advent & Christmas, Mary


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Customer Comments

Wow! This is by far one of the most inspiring CDs I have heard so far! I can't say enough about it! William - Spring Hill, FL
Excellent! Great presentation - important information. This increases devotion and reverence for our Holy Mother. Alina - Doral, FL
When I listened, it really made me understand clearly how Our Lady was spoken about in the Old Testament and how she revealed herself in accepting carrying Jesus in her womb. It also reinforced my belief in her, especially her important role in the faith of the Church. Justina
How Dr. Hahn confirmed Mary as the 'New Ark of the Covenant' through the bible. It strengthened my belief in the Church. He has a way of encouraging a person to study, search the scriptures,and become more educated in the Catholic Faith. Thank you, Dr. Hahn. God bless you. Mary - Rialto, CA
Very engaging and informative. It ties our reverence for the Blessed Mother to scripture, which helps in discussions with our Protestant friends. James - Fredericksburg, VA
Excellent presentation that was easy to understand. John - Linthicum Heights, MD
I enjoyed Dr. Hahn's speaking style, his evident passion for Mary, and great examples given through the talk. It really encouraged me to pray the rosary more and to look into more of his talks/books. Anna - San Diego, CA
I like this CD because it shows how Mary was blessed by the lord and was chosen by Him. Bryan - Collinsville, VA
This was the most informative information I have ever received about the Blessed Virgin. I was moved to the very core of my being. I was literally in rush hour traffic crying because I was so moved by this talk. julia - White House, TN
Dr. Scott Hahn's enthusiasm is catching. He stirs you to get as excited as he is. K. - East Rockaway, NY
As is typical for Scott Hahn's work, this recording is a thorough, methodical walk through the collection of relevant Biblical facts and the connections between them that I haven't seen before, many of them rather profound - very eye-opening and heart-opening. Much appreciated! Katerina - Larkspur, CO
Understanding how typology works karl - flowery branch, GA
Dr. Hahn is a good speaker. Cathy - Huntley, IL
Understanding the role of Mary as a link of the New from the Old testament. Magdalena
It helps to prove that Blessed Virgin Mary is to be honored and that she is foretold about in the old testament.
just the way its explained, I was over joy. edgar - fontana, CA
It helped to bring a better meaning and understanding of our Catholic faith, which til then was shrouded in doubt, confusion and a lot of misunderstanding. Brian - Melbourne, VIC
The presenter's background can be vetted, so he's qualified to speak. He cites relative scriptural locations and references to follow along with his presentation or to research for yourself. For those of us in the general public who have not had access to any higher learning let alone theological studies Dr. Hahn's presentation is not only illuminating but the enthusiasm evident in his presentation makes studying along a pleasure. Christina L. - North Vancouver, BC
Learning about Mary has deepened by understanding of her importance to the Church and to me personally. I never realized that Mary is the new 'ark of the covenant', but Dr. Hahn's explanation makes sense and brings a new awareness about Mary and her role in our lives. Doreen - Orlando, FL
mother mary is wonderful patricia - WA
Learning about the arch-of the covenant of Our mother . As a child I new we didn't worship the Virgin Mary ,but I knew with out her where would we be . She is the reason our lord and Savior was born . She was so obedient ! Diana - Plainview , TX