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Down to Earth

Mark Hart

There are several moments in life where God attempts to grab our attention and remind us that He is in charge. Through humor and poignant biblical insights, Mark Hart candidly reflects on a particular near-death experience in his life where Our Lord grabbed his attention and put Mark's Catholic faith to the test. 

Mark is a best-selling author and a heavily sought-after Catholic speaker serving the Church today.

Average Rating: 4.46 based on 35 ratings
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Inspirational, Personal Growth


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Customer Comments

I've listened to many talks before, however, this one by Mark Hart hit me like no other one has before, I will forever treasure it. Juan - Santa Clarita, CA
Mark's talk is most compelling. He speaks with humor and gentleness and reminds me why God came "Down to Earth"! Donna - College Station, TX
Thought provoking CD for sure. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
Mark speaks from his heart in a genuine way. This will enhance your belief in the saving power of Christ. His thought provoking message is the real deal. Julie - Sterling, VA
Dynamic! Mark Hart truly does come across as a Down to Earth guy who is Grounded in his Faith ~ but this talk ~ made my soul Soar to the heavens! Theresa - N.C.
Down to earth indeed! Mark’s opening words captured our attention and then intrigued our understanding of Salvation. Norm - Biloxi, MS
it was awesome :D rocio - deerfield beach, FL
I thought Marks story was entertaining and insightful. I wish I had his ability to educate, entertain and enlighten. Just awesome Ted - Marinette, WI
Mark is very relatable and I enjoyed his humor and storytelling abilities. His message was very good. jim - Butler, MO
Mark is very entertaining, the guy can make to SNL! ???? praise God he didn't or we would have lost an awesome warrior of The Lord Jesus Christ, but humor aside he delivered the message straight on, I felt the reality of what he narrated, that as Catholics we are blesse with the sac rammed especially the sacrament of reconciliation. I listened to the cd 3-4 times and shared it with those I care about. Awesome job Mark, God bless! Fernando - San Leandro , CA
It was interesting throughout the entire talk. Many people can get our attention to start out a talk, and bring it back from time to time during (about) an hour, but this held it the entire time. Grand Forks, ND
I actually found the talk very interesting, and for the most part I felt like that was me with God calling me through Mark's testimony on this talk to have a diper encounter with HIM, I'm deffinetly sharing this with others. Jose Rolando - Memphis, TN
I received this CD as part of a CD of the Month Club I'm a part of, so I wasn't sure what would be on the CD. I put it in my car's player and listened to it. I laughed at Mark's description of his rush to the airport, the flight, and meeting the priest (was he really Irish?). I cried during Mark's reminder of how much God loves me and the description of the legions of Angels with hands on their sheathed swords surrounding Calvary. I've heard that my whole life, but never visualized what that looked like. As soon as the CD was over, I started it over again. This is the second CD I've gotten in my club and really can't imagine any future ones topping the emotions brought to me in this one. Thank you Mark -- I hope to hear more from you! Maria - 55085, MN
This was a great teaching tool. We were travelling from SC back home to GA with our 11 year old and 13 year old daughters. We were able to use this as a teaching tool for them. My husband and I are on the EDGE Core Team at our parish in Warner Robins. Our daughters are in EDGE. They loved the teaching and how it connected to their lives. How we are not to bargain with God, but be part of His bargain for humanity. We can be witnesses as His bargaining tool. Also, God does not discount any of our petitions or needs. Cindi - Warner Robins, GA
My father is a subscriber to Lighthouse and gave me this talk. I have listened to it four times in five days and today I went to confession for the first time in 9 years. All I can say is thank you and i hope one day i can thank Mr. Hart in person. It was the last push i needed and i can honestly say i feel like I'm ready to come back to the Catholic Church and stay. Tim - GA
This might be the finest talk I've ever received from Lighthouse and that is saying A LOT! WOW on so many levels. Mark didn't come across as a professional speaker (which he obviously is, he is unparalleled) but as a brother, a fellow sinner and a man really striving to live like Christ. Just so authentic. I'm going to be buying copies of this for every one of my Catholic friends. It made me get in my car and drive straight to the Church for Confession. What a gift! Michael - CA
It is a fantastic CD. He has enough humor to make you giggle a little and a powerful message that makes you grateful a LOT! Brenda - Pittsburg, PA
Mark Hart's talk starts off as what I thought to be a comedy routine, then becomes AWESOME. It is a great talk. Stan - Canonsburg, PA
An outstanding talk! Jan - Madison, WI
Loved it! As the priest in the airport said, "That was awesome!!!" Michelle
Heard it. It is great! Buy it! Ed - San Bernadino, CA
Very "down to earth" talk! los angeled, CA
Oh very good. The first listen from mark hart. Very powerful message with the analogy of the man realizing he could lead the birds into the barn if he was one of them. Marian J - Carstairs, AB
The story was extremely interesting and good. But I had never heard the term love is give and take the way Mark explains.Jesus couldn't take because his hands were nailed to the cross, his love for us was all give. I told a friend that and they were floored. I will never forget that statement. And Marks explanation of suffering on the cross and why is something I will always remember. Barry - Mobile, AL
Mark reminded me that God is in charge of my life...God has given me so much to be thankful for and I get busy, I need to slow down, and give it to God more than I already do. Ann - Lincoln, NE
I loved hearing the conversion experience of the man who tried to herd birds into a barn. Just as Mark Hart passed on that conversion story after hearing it from a radio DJ, I too I am able to share it with others. Brent - Carol Stream, IL
Very enjoyable and entertaining but containing some profound truths as well. I've listed to it several times and have passed it on to friends. Mark Hart is a natural raconteur and has keen insights about our shared faith. regina - philadelphia, PA
He is very comical and down to earth which makes for easy listening with a great message Katie - Conway, AR
His candor and ability to use his wit to engage you is truly a gift. Lynn - Gilcrest, CO
Combined humor and inspiration and information. S - Thonotosassa, FL
I enjoyed how Mark used his stories of hope and laced them with scripture which sparked an even greater love and desire to keep learning about my Catholic faith! April
Mark Hart is extremely funny and he brings a charismatic charm to teach the faith. Ellie - Bucyrus, KS
Everything about this talk was eye opening. But the item that made the biggest impact was the revelation that when I go to confession, I am talking with Jesus because He gave all priests, the power to forgive sin. Thank you so much. Gary Oberto Gary - Nashville, TN
I loved how down to earth yet how powerful his message of TRUTH was delivered to his audience. I will be ordering more for friends and family Lourdes - Houston, TX
The explanation of why Christ came to earth was so moving that I was just about in tears. It was such a wonderful reminder of how God's plan for salvation operates in each of our lives. Katherina - Stafford, VA
He builds his message from very contemporary to strongly spiritual and Catholic in a completely natural manner. He really challenges his audience. Matthew - Katy, TX
It was good that Mark chose humor to get my attention at first. I absolutely loved his version of why we would not believe in God if Jesus had given up on the cross and asked to be taken to heaven without any of the pain and sacrifice he received on the cross. It made me think how powerful is the Lenten season and its messages to us. I have listened to this cd several times and have recommended it to others. Linda - Chandler, AZ
Mark Hart is phenomenal. I saw this in the parish office at my church and bought it instantly. He is incredibly spiritual and has very important Catholic doctrine to teach, but does so in a way that has my attention for every single word. My father is a deacon at church and I told him to purchase this for their parish to have as well! Everyone needs to hear Mark Hart, especially the youth who he relates to so well! Janet - MA
Mark Hart does such an amazing job captivating the audience you want to keep listening, and he gives great practical things you can do in your spiritual life. Alyssa - Jacksonville, FL
Mark Hart is so relatable and humble. He reminds me a that being Catholic is a gift, not a chore!! Elizabeth - Geneseo, IL
I loved this CD Mark Hart made me laugh out loud and cry, think and replay to hear parts over. Awsome, lm coming looking for more and can't wait to share with my wife. Thanks and God bless you all Jim - Harmony, MN
I found the speaker to be very funny but he touched my heart. Patti - Montgomery, NY
Real life experinces Kim - St. Cloud, MN
This was a great reminder that knowing and internalizing are 2 very different things. Kristi - Menoken, ND
Great Speaker! I could understan & relate Julie A - Mesa, AZ