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Drawing Strength from Our Lady of Sorrows

Kimberly Hahn

Speaker and author Kimberly Hahn, wife of Dr. Scott Hahn and mother of six, is a convert to the Catholic faith. Although honoring Mary was difficult for Kimberly to initially understand, she began to encounter Mary's loving guidance in little ways on a daily basis. In this presentation, she reflects on the joys and sorrows that Mary prayerfully experienced during her time on Earth, and shares how her example leads us closer to Christ.

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Family & Parenting, Suffering, Mary


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Customer Comments

A beautiful insight into the joys and sorrows of Mary! Laura - Newtown, PA
A great lesson on Mary... I will share this with everyone I know! Donna - College Station, TX
Such a powerful presentation on the joys and sorrows of Mary! James - Dekalb, IL
This heartfelt reflection helped me to realize how much Mary can understand and share the sorrows that we experience as well. Cristina - Manassas, VA
I finally understand why I should have a personal relationship with Mary, my spiritual mother. Carrie
This talk helps us in our daily prayer of the Holy Rosary and show her joys and sorrows hidden in the Bible. Rem - Dubai, UAE
This beautiful talk helped me to better understand some of what Jesus’ mother must have experienced during His lifetime, and how she is a mother to us all. Mary - Sterling Heights, MI
What a gift we have in Mary as our Co-Redemptrix! I had just begun to take interest in Our Lady of Sorrows when I received this in the mail. God's Providence is working through these CD's! The martyrdom of Mary is too often overlooked, and it's a bottomless well of strength for us to draw from. The Sorrows of Mary have captivated my heart, and I want to send this talk to all women and mothers. What consolation we receive amidst our own trials when we gaze upon the bleeding heart of Mary, pierced seven times, and her holy tears. Let's remember to unite not only our physical suffering, but our spiritual suffering to Christ crucified as Mary did. Sarah - Dennis, MA
This is an incredibly powerful talk that cuts through all the intellectual, abstract ideas surrounding Mary and explains, simply and with emotion, who she was as a person and why she matters--both to us and to her Son, Jesus Christ. Jaselyn - Old Hickory, TN
It was amazing to hear the perspective of a mother on the sorrows of our Lady. As a mother myself, I was able to look at the passion on a different way. Reeja - Victoria , BC
It was very easy to understand and follow and also educational. As a recent convert, I am always looking for more ways to understand my faith. Erica - Mobile, AL
Being an ex Protestant myself I could relate to hahn's initial problems with Mary. It has helped me to overcome some of my struggles with this. Walter - Wilmington, DE
I appreciated the real emotion Kimberly had in this talk. D'Arcy - Lenexa, KS
It's a must listen to talk. I can't stop thinking about it. I've listened to it about 5 times and each time I pick up something new to ponder on that helps me understand the beauty of suffering we must endure here on earth to gain Heaven. Babe Danbury, IA Danbury, IA
I love how Kimberly Hahn goes through the sorrows and joys of Mary's life and also the way she talks about how she came to love Mary as a convert....these are issues I have been struggling with and I am excited for this information. North Vernon, IN
Kimberly Hahn has a way of making Mary "REAL" with her words! I felt like I was truly visiting Mary!! She made the sorrows of Mary something tangible, gave a true prospective as to how to love her and honor her! I have a whole new understanding of Mary!! Thanks so much! A new FAVORITE! Lynn - Gilcrest, CO
It encouraged me that it is possible to imitate Mary and submit my entire will to God to do HIs will, not mine. Also, I drew comfort from Mary's experience with sorrow to better handle/cope with my own expereinces. I was not abandoned by God. Elizabeth - Trumbull, CT
My husband and I converted to Catholicism just over five years ago. Kimberly Hahn's comments from a Protestant perspective on the Blessed Virgin Mary were much like ours. (As a Protestant I would not have ever thought of calling her that even though I believed she was a virgin and mother of Jesus.) Catholicism has blessed us over and over in numerous ways. We have listened to and appreciate many of the Lighthouse CD's by various speakers, which help us understand our new faith in God and increase our desire to grow into the people of faith that He has called us to be. Many of our family & friends questioned our decision to become Catholic and, like the Hahns, we only hope that they too can some day come to appreciate the beauty and depth of what the Church offers. Susan - Brewer, ME
Makes me feel more confident in talking about Mary to non Catholics. Joanne - Billings, MT
I enjoyed hearing Kimberly's perspective of Mary, as someone who was not a cradle Catholic and came to love and honor Mary. I could feel her love and emotion throughout the talk. Sue - Wheaton, IL
I am devoted to Mary but this helped me understand her joys and sorrows better. Rosemary - Tampa, FL
This talk touched my heart very deeply. I pray for the grace to become a true spiritual daughter of my mother Mary. Thank you Kimberly for bringing her more to life for me, and creating in my heart, a desire to love her more and a desire to honor her more. dede - Jennings, OK
the emotions of the presenter when describing mary Tim - Port St Lucie, FL