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Emotional Virtue

Sarah Swafford

Drama-free they even exist? Today's dating scene is more complicated than ever, especially with social media, texting, and endless pressure of the world's expectations. Learn how to navigate through the confusion and discover the freedom that comes from living a virtuous life. 

Sarah Swafford is the founder of Emotional Virtue Ministries, and speaks to teens and young adults about how to live a drama-free life. She lives in Kansas with her husband and children.

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Personal Growth, Youth, Chastity


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Leah Darrow has a true gift for sharing a Christ-Centered vision that is relevant, compelling, and engaging. Curtis Martin - Founder of FOCUS

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Thought provoking only as Fr. Mitch can do! Idell - Grand Rapids, MI

Beyond Belief: Following Christ Today

Beyond Belief: Following Christ Today

Order by March 31, 2019 to get 20% off during our Lent and Easter promotion!

Retail Price for 1 CD: $5.50 
Sale Price for 1 CD: $4.40 

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If I could only share one talk, this would be it! Jesse - Elgin, IL

St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Problem of Freemasonry

St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Problem of Freemasonry

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Passing this CD out Far and Wide! The Secrets of Freemasonry have been hidden from us for way too long! Terry - York, SC

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Calming the Emotional Storms: 4 Keys to Finding Emotional Peace

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The Popcaks' suggestions for calming the emotional storms that arise in life are very insightful. I learned a very loving approach to healing relationships. Mary - Reston, VA

Customer Comments

Excellent advice on being and finding the "Simple Irresistible Person" God wants for you. Jeff - Steubenville, OH
This talk opened the door for great conversations about the "Emotocoaster", virtue, and the natural progression of relationships. Cheryl - Ottawa, Canada
A powerful provocative talk for the tools needed for the modern dating scene. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
Every young adult needs to hear this! Donna - College Station, TX
This can really empower young adults if they take the time to listen to this awesome talk. Patty - Santa Clarita, CA
Wow. If I had listened to this talk in high school it would have saved me so much pain, drama and wasted time. Anna - Tucson, AZ
Another home-run talk from Lighthouse Catholic Media! Mike - Allen, TX
This talk by Sarah Swafford is excellent and gets right to the heart of relationship challenges in the current age. Jim - Dumas, TX