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Fatima: Living the Message

Fr. Jason Brooks

At a time of lost innocence, the faith of three children inspired thousands and made the world believe in miracles. Mary's messages at Fatima have been promoted by Popes, approved by the Church, and validated by over 70,000 witnesses. Fr. Jason Brooks brings to light why Fatima is regarded by many as the most important spiritual event of the past 100 years. BONUS: Fr. Shanon Collins, retreat master and well known speaker on EWTN, explains the intended impact and opportunity of the messages of Fatima on the spiritual lives of believers today. 

This talk is also available in Spanish.

Average Rating: 4.66 based on 35 ratings
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Inspirational, Mary, Our Lady of Fatima


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Customer Comments

Drawing me much closer to Jesus through Mary. I learned the value of praying the rosary for peace. Marcia, KS
I thought I knew the story of Fatima well, but this CD gave even MORE insight into the message and meaning of Our Lady of Fatima. Carl - Maineville, OH
I was very interested in the whole talk. I knew the "story" of Fatima from a movie and from discussion from childhood with my mother, but it became real to me and very moving. I immediately felt the need to devote myself to Mary. It made me want to learn more. Charlotte - Eureka Springs, AR
Reminding us of the importance of praying the rosary daily, as we all get so busy with our daily routines that we sometimes forget. Thanks for the reminder. Doris - Guilford, IN
I enjoyed learning about our Lady of Fatima. I feel inspired to pray the most holy rosary every day. Linda - Avondale, AZ
I plan on traveling to Fatima next year on pilgrimage. This CD, as well as many other Lighthouse CDs, really gives me insight that inspires me even more to learn about my Catholic Faith. The Fatima CD was perfect in giving me a deeper knowledge about the messages of Fatima. I thank you for all the CDs. I always get very excited when I see a new CD at our parish. Tara - San Diego, CA
It was a fantastic CD - refreshing and strengthening my spouse's and my faith. We will double our efforts, as requested by our Blessed Mother Mary, to pray more, confess on a monthly basis, and make sacrifices for those who are in most need. Thank you for providing the CDs. I drive a lot as a professional and I always enjoy listening to your CDs. God bless, and keep up the good work for our Lord and Savior! Robert - Brandon, MB
Very enlightening. I enjoyed both presentations very much. I have always been moved by the apparitions of Mary, and hearing about Our Lady of Fatima both encourages and gives me renewed strength to continue praying the rosary with new meaning. Breon - Lake Elsinore, CA
I enjoyed the energy the speaker had, and the facts and the story line. Since I heard this CD, I've purchased others to give away!! Joe - St. James, NY
I learned some amazing things about Fatima. Cathy - Lakota, IA
I am going on a pilgrimage to Fatima on 4/14/13. I grew up with every First Saturday as one of the girls (Lucia) and said the rosary. I thought I knew a lot about Fatima until I listened to this CD many times this last month. This CD was the BEST!! Cecelia - Birdsboro, PA
I had no idea of the details contained in the prophesies of Fatima. This event should be studied by all the faithful, if not all the world. Brian - Brentwood, TN
It was amazing of the parallels of the 3 secrets of Fatima and how the 3rd secret of Fatima was fulfilled in the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. I love how the 2 siblings did a lot of penance for sinners and they were so young. John - Houston, TX
I made me gain more knowledge of Mother Mary and what I can do to lead as example. It made me understand God and Catholicism more. Anna - Lakeside, CA
Highly educational, everyone needs to listen to this CD!I'm passing it on to others. Charlotte - Eureka Springs, AR
Before listening to this CD, I did not realize the importance or continuing relevance of the Fatima apparitions. This CD is such a gift to Catholics today... explaining how Our Lady's Fatima message is timelessly important. Valerie - Clarkston, MI
Planning a pilgrimage to Fatima later this year. Reading and listening to as much as I can for knowledge and greater understanding. Hoping to learn as much as I can before the trip. L - Mobile, AL
I love learning. Alfredo - Houston, TX
Comprehensive and important to revisit the message of Fatima. Hilda - Virginia Beach, VA
I'm not sure if I got the title correct. But I was commenting on the Fr Jason Brooks presentation. VERY educational; VERY motivation. Katherine - Arlington, VA
I read the Fatima story, 30 plus years ago and say the Rosary daily because of the Fatima vision. This CD informed me about wonderful information I did not know. David - Bay Saint Louis, MS
wonderful cd. patricia - WA
Awesome! Inspirational! Touching! Maria - Duluth, GA