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Finding the Fullness of Faith

Stephen Ray

Stephen Ray was raised in a devout, loving, Baptist family. In this presentation, he shares his amazing conversion to Catholicism and explains why he is convinced it is the Church founded by Christ over 2000 years ago.

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Customer Comments

Fantastic!! This is absolutely the one CD everyone should start with ... it is persuasive, informative, and highly valuable in educating Catholics and non-Catholics about Catholicism! I will order many and give them to family and friends. Susan - Land O Lakes, FL
This put into words everything I want to tell my friends about my faith but cannot remember when the time is right. Thank you! Jane - Bourbonnais, IL
Steve Ray's conversion story is powerful - a wake-up call to "cradle Catholics" to cherish the faith we so often take for granted. Marianne - Youngstown, OH
I am a Protestant about to begin RCIA. This helped to clarify a number of questions and to affirm my decision to explore the Catholic Faith. Sharon - Chicago, IL
Very motivational and inspiring! I have been a Catholic all my life, but listening to someone who came from a Baptist background and their perspective of Catholics before and after, was amazing. Good sense of humor - I truly enjoyed Stephen Ray and will continue to listen to this CD as there is so much info to take in that he shared! Awesome job! Consuelo - Houston, TX
The conversion story was awesome. Those who study the Catholic Faith cannot deny the Truth that resides with the church. Very inspirational. Good apologetics lesson within the message. Geralyn - Waseca, MN
While listening , I was sad because of the fact that we Catholics do not defend our religion. We allow other' to criticize our religion. I now have ammunition whenever I hear anything negative about Catholicism. I believe in my heart that people need to be educated, and I will do my best to preserve and protect my deep belief in the Catholic Church. I will share this CD with as many people as I possibly can. Thank you so much for having this CD available to us. Marilyn - Union City, CA
Steve Ray is a very interesting and exciting person to listen to regarding the faith. His conversion story is very emotional and relevant for non-Catholics and Catholics alike. Matthew - Hilliard, OH
The historical background of our Faith was reinforced by the talk. Stephen Ray was energetic and kept your attention. Prisciila - Jackson, TN
As someone who grew up in the faith, it was really interesting to see the Church through the eyes of someone of a Protestant background who converted to the Faith. It made me more aware of what the Church has, but Protestants are missing out on, and I'm very grateful that we have the sacraments today to help us on our journey. I also learned how to properly defend the Faith so that Protestants can really understand who we are, and what makes the Church holy. Staci - Aylmer, ON
The enthusiasm is infectious. Chris - Uxbridge, ON
The talk helped me to be better prepared to explain the Catholic Faith to other people I meet who ask me questions about it. Sue - La Harpe, KS
I think this is a great CD to evangelize to non-Catholics about some of the misconceptions of the Catholic Church. Andrea - Jasper, IN
Stephen Ray's presentation was easy to understand and helped me to realize how much I didn't know about my Catholic Faith. He left me with wanting to know more. Karen - Plainfield, IL
Sometimes, it is good to be reminded of where we come from to understand where we are going and appreciate where we are. The talk is beautifully expressed and very moving. Milaflor - Simpsonville, SC
It's always interesting to hear the stories of those who have converted to the Faith and why. I enjoyed and learned from Mr. Ray's explanation of how he defends the Faith to others, even his own family. This is a great talk for an RCIA group! Janet - Brandywine, MD
I am a Lutheran - had been all my life. When I wanted to know Jesus personally, I found my church didn't know the things I was relating to them. Then I signed up for the RCIA program to become Catholic. My health deteriorated and I presumed it was a GOD thing. I got well and continued in not one church, but two. Finding the Fullness of Faith has liberated me to my final decision of Catholicism. I would like to memorize the points of interests so I can profess why I believe this is the one and true Church of God. Vickie - Fresno, CA
I most loved the passion and compassion expressed. Stephen Ray made me understand how blessed we are to have God's truth and wisdom. This talk also made me feel I must work so much harder to bring poor souls to God - it is only right that we proclaim his Church here on earth. Tania - Barry's Bay, ON
It offered a way to share my Faith with non-Catholics in a way I could not explain in order of things. Steve Ray is an excellent convert and motivated speaker... most enthusiastic. Yea! God Bless! Walt - Norcross, GA
It helped me understand the Protestant perspective on the bible and on the holy Church. It helps me in my ability to communicate with my Protestant friends. One day I hope to have them listen to the CD. Sara - Chassell, MI
I loved Stephen Ray's talk, I was inspired with his story about his conversion. I am now a fan of his website and will be ordering his book Upon this Rock. He helped me better explain to others that question our faith. God Bless you and thank you for sharing. Rose - Idalou, TX
Liturgy-based explanation of Church's foundation. Mark - St. Louis, MO
I really enjoyed hearing about our faith from a previously Protestant perspective. I now see our beautiful Catholic faith in a whole new light. Veronica - Cedar Springs, MI
I loved hearing about how he answered the misunderstandings we have with protestants and how we can begin to bridge our differences with them. Jason - Grovetown, GA
It was really helpful to learn what many Protestants believe about Catholics. A real eye-opener. He covers several topics in a fresh and engaging way. Right on! Mena - Edmonton, AB
How he found the catholic faith Joe - West Fork, AR
I was impressed by the entire presentation because it was from a different view point, that of the once Protestant turned Catholic. I've known people who have left the Catholic faith because they simply did not understand it and choose not to find further understanding within it. I've also met people who view Catholics as the spiritual enemy due to misgivings from their own Protestant teachings. It was inspiring and enlightening to hear something positive about the Catholic religion outside of Sunday Mass. Sarah - Tucson, AZ
How to defend the Catholic faith and answers to common protestant questions. It has given me greater interest on the area of apologetics. I have been listening to the CD for about 5-6x now and the more I listen to it,the more I get to learn, understand and appreciate it more. I have bought approx 10 cds and Rediscovering Catholicism from my parish cd/book display. Jesus - Brampton, ON
I loved the talk. I was moved when you and your wife went to mass the first time. Thank you. Praise be to Jesus for this talk! It benefits me about the same as praying the Devine Office. I have the gift of the Holy Spirit. He allows me to feel. thanh - NSW
I loved the addressing of most of the criticisms of Protestants against the Catholic Church. I want to buy several CD's so I will have them ready to give my Protestant friends. Katy - Columbus, MT
His friendly manner presenting Catholicism and his respect for his Protestant past. Michael - Arvada, CO
It was inspiring, full of facts, and very personal! I enjoyed it thoroughly and listened to it again and again! This is probably going to be he first of many Steve Ray CD's in my house. I most definitely will buy more of his talks. Ryan - Yorktown, VA
His talk was knowledgeable, informative and motivating. A true lesson in defending the Faith. I was disappointed when it was over. Beverly - Manhattan, IL
Stephen Ray is very knowledgeable and inspirational, which I find contagious. I am reading "Crossing the Tiber" and listening to the CD was a great compliment to the book. Kate - Naples, FL
We LOVE Stephen Ray and have been a fan for many years. His journey is incredible! How beautiful is his story! He is a great presenter; very real and honest! His intelligence and knowledge are easy to follow. He makes discussing the Church and conversion to it seem obtainable for all! His biblical references are VERY helpful and appreciated! He has a gentle spirit about him, yet he can get down and dirty if needed. Lisa - Bayville, NJ
Stephen Ray is really eloquent and very specific and very honest and charitable in his presentation. The talk gives historical background of very important aspects of the Faith. The Papacy. Salvation by Faith Alone and others Frederick - Kampala
I am engaged to a really beautiful lady who belongs to a Christian Reformed Church. She learned her love of Christ from her Church and her very devout CRC family. We listened to this CD together as we often listen too other Lighthouse CDs. My lady feels much the same as Mrs. Ray in that she never knew of the beauty and the truth of the Catholic Faith until she started studying it. Stephen Ray expresses so clearly how we Catholics are so negligent in not informing our Protestant friends of these truths. Reformers are very good a quoting some scriptures, chapter and verse but we Catholics do not have the knowledge of the way to correct their lack of knowledge about the Catholic Church. Stephen Ray's assertion about studying the early Church Fathers demonstrates that the Church has always been Catholic and that it has been teaching what it does about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist since the very first. Intellectually my fiancé now knows that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. She is now waiting for Christ to touch her heart before she becomes Catholic and comes to the table for Eucharist. Stephen Ray's testimony and the testimony of other Lighthouse speakers have already touched her heart and have brought her closer to the truth. I'm sure that these testimonies will be helpful when it comes to her Christian Reformed family in the future. Jim - Chatham, ON
I absolutely loved this talk. I attended Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade and many of this information was never explained to me. I especially appreciated Mr. Ray's explanation of the pope and how he is a successor and apostle of Christ and Peter. I particularly appreciated this part because I am have been asked many times to explain the idea of the pope to non-Catholics and never could before. Now I have a much better understanding. I also really like how Mr. Ray incorporated history into his talk. It made it very interesting! Teresa - Athens, GA
Thank you so much for Stephen Ray's conversion Cds and other conversion stories. I am cradle Catholic and now I am on fire again! Can NOT express enough how grateful I am!! Please continue with you amazing work! God Bless! Anh - Monrovia, CA
I wish all of my non-Catholic friends would listen to this CD. I plan to purchase the book written by the author to increase my knowledge of our rich Catholic faith. Rosemary - Glen Ellyn, IL
I have easily listened to this title 50 times. I listen to it, and when it's over, I listen to it again. I never tire of the personal stories of those people like Steve Ray who found themselves led into the Catholic Church by somethirng more powerful than they. As Catholics, we are too often marginalized as not being "real Christians", of not being bible-based, of being heretical, of being a cult to the point that you wonder if it's true. What I personally found most valuable was the insight into the significance of what is said in the bible. For example, "You are Peter and on this rock" passage. I was moved by the significance that the temple in Cesarea Philipi was the temple of shepherds, and how Steve Ray connects the vizier of the king with the story of Joseph to Peter being given the keys to the kingdom. Years of theology are presented to us in 30 minutes in order that we may be able to defend our faith. Bonnie - El Paso, TX
Learning and understanding more about the history of the Church and Bible from a Protestant and Catholic perspective. Davvid - Liberty Twp, OH
It gave me a better understanding on how to approach people of other religions, especially Protestants, to come back to the fullness and beauty of Holy Mother Church. It also gave me a clearer understanding of the beginning and foundations of the Church. Randy - Oak Grove, MN
The humor and the sincerity and soundness of the sharing. christy - beaverton, OR
This talk by Stephen Ray in absolutely fantastic. I must have listened to it over a dozen times. It was an eye opener (or ear opener!) to hear how other Christian denominations wrongly view our precious Catholic faith. As a person who defends the Catholic faith- this talk is like a much needed weapon of defense. Stephen Ray brings up many issues that we hear over and over again by those who have no idea what being a Catholic is all about! I highly recommend this CD to all Catholics and non-Catholics alike as a very valuable insight as to what our Church is REALLY about. Natalie - 18447, PA