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Following the Call of Christ Biblical Stories of Conversion

Bishop Robert Barron

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Bishop Robert Barron, one of the great spiritual teachers of our time, presents these biblical stories of true conversion drawing from the riches of scriptural accounts. They were people just like you and me who were called by Christ - Bartimaeus, The Man Born Blind, The Woman at the Well, and Jonah and the Great Fish.

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Customer Comments

I've heard these stories from scripture my whole life and thought by now I understood them pretty well. But after hearing Fr. Barron, now I feel like I get it. Mary - Fort Worth, TX
Wow! Your eyes will be opened by the wonderful symbolism found in these stories. Julie - Sterling, VA
Don’t miss hearing Fr. Barron proclaim the call to conversion. Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago
I can't say enough about Fr. Robert Barron... he is so captivating and one of the very best speakers and "storytellers" I can think of. I can listen to his talks and watch his videos over and over without tiring. David - North Richland Hills, TX
I received this CD as a gift from my local Catholic radio station. I thought I would be listening to it once and passing it on to friends. Like your favorite song on the radio - or a great painting - I've listened to it 4 or 5 times and still find messages or gems that escaped me on the previous go round. Although I'm a Gen X-er, I'm not a techno fan and prefer CDs (or even cassettes) to mp3s. I listen to one of the three biblical stories on the way to work or when my family is in the car. Fr. Barron is so excellent at bringing out each story - making it relevant to me - a person with a doctorate degree - and my 9-year-old. We've used these to spark discussions about the faith - as naturally each bible verse discussed by Father helps you ponder its meaning, fostering this ever-increasing need to know the Lord better - know your faith better. I can't say enough how these three biblical stories have inspired me and my family. I am so grateful!!! Jennifer - Rochester, NY
I am a volunteer teacher and director of faith formation. It helps me to "connect the dots" in Scripture and demonstrates how much more I desire to know the bible, even though I read and hear Scripture daily. Fr. Barron obviously has a vast knowledge of our Faith and is a gifted teacher/preacher. He will make a great Bishop some day, God willing. Gregory - Rice, MN
I love Fr. Barron - he made me rethink or better see the three stories from a different perspective. Though I knew the three stories, I learned a lot from the way he presented them. Mount Vernon, NY
Fr. Barron is a great speaker but more importantly he was clear in his method for explaining the four stories of conversion he selected for illustrating how God continues to love us and therefore will constantly provide us with opportunities to conversion. Athena - San Diego, CA
I loved everything about this CD. It taught me stories that I have read but did not completly understand. Fr. Barron helped me to understand the stories in the bible, and he was incredible to listen to. I would purchase all of his CDs - that is how much I loved this! Annie - Cooleemee, NC
I had heard the "woman at the well" story many times but was always perplexed by it. I enjoyed the explanations regarding many of the "incidental" details. The story, as interpreted by Fr. Robert Barron, encouraged me because, like the woman at the well, I often feel like an outcast. Thomas - Lynn, MA
In-depth presentation of the biblical stories covered. Enthusiasm of Fr. Barron added to the presentation. William - Severna Park, MD
I have listened to at least one of the three biblical conversion stories on this CD several times a week ever since I got the CD two months ago! Dorothy - Wichita, KS
This was the first time I have heard Fr. Barron speak. He is engaging and makes what can be dry and heavy subject matter easy to understand and digest. His talk based on Jonah touched me because I currently find myself in the belly of the whale. I gained a new perspective with regards to my situation in life. This CD was a true blessing! John - Wexford, PA
Fr. Barron explains things so well, I found myself understanding instantly! And I am just in my fourth week of RCIA!! Wonderful news about conversions, especially for someone like me who is just now in that very process. It is a treasure trove of valuable spiritual guidance, and I can't thank you enough!! Leslie - Oregon City, OR
I could understand - it was not over my head. The speaker was very enjoyable. Nancy - Louisville, KY
Fr. Barron was very inspirational. He brought the stories to life and related how to live daily. My favorite was Jonah's story - it reminded me God is always there even in times of trouble. We have to have faith and patience, and He will open our eyes to His plan. Listening to the CDs gives my daily commute meaning. Michelle - Sterling Heights, MI
The material was presented well and was thought-provoking. The speaker was very good, humorous, knowledgeable. I was more familiar with some of the stories than with others, but even the stories I was very familiar with, I learned new aspects (e.g., the symbolism of the well and marriage). Great set of talks and I recommend it to others. Thank you for the opportunity to access such wonderful material at a very reasonable price. Maureen - Los Alamos, NM
Fr. Barron explained these rich scriptural accounts in a wonderful easy-to-understand manner. The symbolism and connections made between the Old and the New Testaments, as well as historical references, made this talk interesting and fun. I really enjoyed this CD. Mariann - Fort Myers, FL
When Fr. Barron was talking about the parables in the bible, he didn't just read the words. He stopped and described in detail why the little facts matter to enrich and understand the story even more. Diane - Webster, NY
Fr. Barron is perfect - I have no words to tell how blessed I am to have found him. I'll bet he becomes a cardinal someday! Charles - Claremont, CA
Over the years, these biblical stories have been read at Mass time and time again. But now through Fr. Barron's guidance, I finally hear the messages and see the symbolism. Wonderful! Beth - TN
The way Fr. Barron uses to explain these Bible passages are incredible. It is a completely different way to see and understand the Word of God and apply It to our lives and the lives of those around us Ana - Franklin, TN
Absolutely wonderful! I love how Fr. Barron gives practical ways to use the information he’s presenting. This CD has been in my car since i got it from my church 4 months ago. I listen to it every time I get in my car. I just LOVE it! I love you Fr. Barron, and thank you for your teachings. God bless and keep you. ana - tampa, FL
Fr Barron is so easy to following... especially like how he takes the shortest little story and breaks it down word by word - and relates it to mean something today... Lyne - Kingston, ON
Fr. Barron presents the biblical stories in a fresh manner, making their meanings more easily grasped and more profound. Bill - Thibodaux, LA
Father Barron has a very unique way of giving perspective to the stories in the Bible. Due to the situations in my life I know that he is absolutely correct that when he says that when we start cooperating with God's will miraculous thing happen. Tim - Woodstock, ON
I listened to this several times and each time something new comes out of it. It has been on my mind to contact you about other CD's and opportunities to bring this to others in my life and my parish. Peace & God Bless Thomas - Monroe, NC
The way Father Barron can captivate you with his words, references hat he makes to the Church fathers and his own journey. He is a gift to the Church! And how great was the talk about Johan! Father Barron makes God's word come alive, I am so thankful for him and his calling Tiffany - Odessa, MO
The use by Father Baron on biblical stories that can illustrate to us God's love, call, patience, requirement of us. The loving way he directs our steps. Discussing the conversions stories helps us to recount our own and also to witness and acknowledge God continuous work in us. Great for RCIA Sabrina - Washington, DC