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For Love and Marriage

Johnnette Benkovic

Johnnette Benkovic shares her conversion back to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church and the struggles that came when her husband didn't share her faith. She explains how the Lord blessed her in unexpected ways and, through the promptings of His Holy Spirit, showed her how she could better love her spouse through it all.

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Marriage, Conversion Stories


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Customer Comments

Just what I needed to hear! It’s what I have been looking for to help me in my marriage and my spiritual journey. Janie - Kyle, TX
This is the best CD I’ve heard on marriage. Johnnette’s honesty and vibrant faith touch us to the core. It is such an inspiration for married couples to grow stronger in the Lord. Fabienne - Wilbraham, MA
I enjoyed the honest disclosure of difficulties of marriage. Margaret - IL
I felt like it was talking to me and about our married life. I will try to be more attentive to my husband and show him that I care, and he is not second best. Charlotte - Napoleon, ND
Johnette is an excellent speaker! Never a dull moment. My husband was consumed by her, too. He is very excited about these CDs as we have to travel 30 miles one way into town. We almost didn't want to get out of the car until we finished her talk. Please keep her CDs coming! Thank you. Patty - Tucson, AZ
It is so revealing of the exact truths of how we men truly react to marriage and the relationship with our wives... it is so TRUE! I had tears of joy and sadness. It was showing me exactly how I acted and treated my wife with the swearing and hollering. It made me feel embarrassed about how I was treating my wife. Thank you for this CD of love. Mark - Sioux Falls, SD
Enlightens us in our weakness in marriage. Felicitas - Hawthorn Woods, IL
Johnnette's passion is contagious! She hooks you in with her personal stories and testimony. She relates to people on a spiritual and human level. alisa - Prairieville, LA
Johnnette is a wonderful speaker. Her real life experiences with a bit of humor make her talk a delight to listen to. Kay - Punta Gorda, FL
Having Love and Marriage issues. Just attended Retrouvaille and this CD was at a church in Church in Boonton, NJ (which is not my regular parish) where the post-retrouvaille sessions are held. Among the various issues this CD addressed 1 of our issues which is different level of fatih between husband/wife. This CD was very helpful and benefitted us to know it was ok to be at 2 different levels and that is not a strong enough issue to break up a marriage...Thank you. Lauren - Mahwah, NJ
Supporting marriage and giving a roadmap of sorts that we can use Barbara - Batavia, IL
I have to admit, I didn't care for Jonette Benkovitch's style when I first encountered her show on EWTN. She seemed too shrill and fake to me. But after hearing her conversion story on this CD, and learning of her deep, long suffering love for her husband, I realized I had totally and unfairly mis-judged her. This CD affected me more deeply than I expected. It has helped me appreciate my wife more deeply as the gift God thought right to give me. More men should hear this story. Michael - Warren, MA
I would think that the Church is full of people who describes themselves as Practicing Catholics just as Johnnette Benkovic described herself until her Catholic conversion. The opening part of her talk can be applied to all Catholics, not just those who are using Contraceptives. She described her Catholicism in such a way that many people could relate to and as she continues to present they could see where they need to "convert" in their lives too. I am listening to this CD over to make sure I have not missed myself in it. James - New Hyde Park, NY
It was exactly what I needed to hear. Shannon - Cooperstown, ND
It's humorous and very insightful. I could relate with the speaker on several personal issues which have inspired me to persevere in my own marriage and life of prayer. Alison - Savannah, GA
I enojoyed how down to earth and normal johnnette was. As a young catholic married woman I could relate very well with her. Kelly - lincoln park, MI
Although I'd heard most of the ideas Johnette Benkocic shared before, it's always encouraging to have that call to real love reaffirmed. Her testimony was at times funny, and definitely very moving. Gillian - Ste. Anne, MB
Her conversion story. Talk given to a group of women... geared toward them but could be good for men as well (I found it interesting). Particularly good for anyone Catholic going through a rough marriage situation with a non-christian. Jimmy - Conway, AR
Any conversion story is most powerful to deepen our faith and this one is one of the best!!! Deb - Plano, TX
Wonderful talk that really affected me because I saw so much of my own life in it. Johnnette is a very articulate speaker and really describes what beauty is held in marriage. That beauty which is shown through suffering and joy. She also describes the journey from secularism to Catholicism very well. Dan - Baltimore, MD
What spoke to me the most was how she didn't give up on growing closer to God when she felt her husband pulling away but instead prayed and continued to love him even when he was ridiculing her. Amanda - LA
just encouraged by the speaker's story that what God wanted her to do was be an example of His love to her husband, not preach to her husband. Tori - Rindge, NH
I absolutely loved hearing Johnette's conversion story and how her husband came to know Jesus through her, after a lot of time of persecuting her faith. Hearing how she dealt with her husband's talking about divorce and persevered in her faith was so powerful. It was so moving at the end to hear about her husband's death and asking her, "Johnette, did you ever think we could love each other so much?" Jackie - Fargo, ND