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Former Satanist Becomes Catholic

Betty Brennan

How great a threat is the occult? In this provocative testimony, former satanist, Betty Brennan shares the story of her remarkable journey from a dark existence of devil worship to the fulfillment of truth in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. You will be enlightened by her amazing sojourn, her search for deliverance, and her mission to open the eyes of others to the truth of the devil.

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Customer Comments

This CD is awesome! It reminded me of the spiritual warfare going on and the POWER of the Sacraments and the Mass! Susan - Sterling Heights, MI
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! This CD is a real eye opener. It gives very important information about satanists. Anna - Linden, NJ
I liked that it was a personal journey she had. I also liked that she explained what and why we should do things. Carole - Victorville, CA
Her message - about the Gifts that we have in the Sacraments - is an important reminder for all Catholics! Amy Jo - Buckeye, AZ
Its amazing how by not keeping our faith strong we can be vulnerable to something coming in and taking over. Many times we are not even aware that our faith isn't as strong as it should be and that our education in our faith is inadequate. Thankfully, I was pointed in the right direction by a parish priest who recognized this and lent me this cd among others to listen to. They helped a great deal. claudia - volant, PA
The feverent way the speaker exhumes her faith and belief regarding the Eucharist is astonishing, and makes me want to deepen my friendship with God and the Holy Eucharist. Scott - Lafayette, LA
Powerful testimoney!Have sharied this one with a friend in Australia Eddy - Tampa, FL
The information and story of the atheists life and converting to catholisism Josephine - Tampa, FL
I think her honesty was amazing! She knew exactly what to say! She wasn't misleading or giving false hope (or teachings). She made sure people knew it wasn't anything that she did or father(to heal)... it was JC and the sacraments! I think people forget that and need to be reminded! People need to know the power in the sacraments! I would love to hear more about the "renewal" movement and from peeps in the renewal (that isn't an option in the bottom list, you really should add it!) Lisa - Bayville, NJ