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From Atheism to Catholicism: My Conversion Diary

Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer Fulwiler is a popular writer and speaker from Austin, Texas. In this compelling presentation, she recalls her spiritual journey —one which ultimately led her to enter the Catholic Church after having lived a life of atheism. Jennifer is a regular contributor to the National Catholic Register and frequently appears on Catholic radio and EWTN. Her highly anticipated book, Something Other Than God, is now available in an audio book format.

She chronicles her experiences of faith and family life on her popular blog, ConversionDiary.com.

For the full version of Jennifer's incredible story, check out the audio version of her book Something Other Than God.

Average Rating: 4.59 based on 34 ratings
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Customer Comments

An incredibly honest and open search for truth brought atheist Jennifer Fulwiler right into the arms of God as He was waiting patiently for her in the Catholic Church! We all should follow her lead! Julie- Sterling, VA
An awesome testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit to direct and focus one woman’s search for truth. Nancy - Union City, TN
A great inspirational talk of one woman's journey from a lack of faith to complete faith and trust in God, a must-listen for everyone! Darrell-Barboursville, WV
An inspiring story of how an atheist woman found the 'fingerprints of God' in the Catholic Church. Julia- NY
From Atheism to Catholicism is the answer to my prayer to reach my grandson who has never been baptized. He only believes in Karma and he thinks he has no need for religion. Lilian - Milwaukee, WI
Great talk for those yearning to believe. Mickey- Philly, PA
It really touched me deeply…her story brings Jesus’ words to life in a powerful way. “Ask, and it will be given you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you” Matthew 7:7. She did exactly that. Thanks be to God! Claudia - Black Mountain, NC
Spoken with such heart-warming charm, Jennifer Fulwiler reminds us that each person has a personal journey to find God and that everyone looking for the TRUTH in Christianity comes to the Catholic Church. Donna-College Station, TX
This CD is enlightening and will help Catholics to deal with any atheist they may meet. Very inspiring talk! Andrew - Sikeston, MO
This talk is for anyone who knows someone who claims to be atheist or agnostic. It really helped me understand their thought process and it has given me hope that their hearts might be changed. Ida - Leesburg, IN
Wow! What a wonderful witness to discovering the Truth. Laura - Newtown, PA
It was interesting hearing the perspective from someone who was born as an atheist. Nicole - North Tonawanda, NY
Jennifer is awesome! What a powerful witness! I'll be needing more of her CD's to hand out, not only to Atheist, but people on the fence &/or lapsed Catholics. I need to know if you have a CD about her thought process on how she and her husband finally understood the Church teachings on contraception. (that she mentions on this cd). Lisa - 08721, NJ
I loved this CD! I loved Jennifer's honesty. I loved her critical way of determining if Catholicism is true or not. Her story was very moving and I am so grateful to have heard it! Lynn - Gilcrest, CO
Ms. Fulwiler was clear and concise and she appeared to be very sincere. Though she made no references to scripture per se, she appeared to be well versed and knowledgeable. I'm very much interested in looking into her blog - I hope it still exists. Thank you. jab Joan - Lindenhurst, NY
Touching conversion story. Made me explore more deeply into my faith. Becky - Ennis, TX
I enjoyed Jennifer's honesty and her clarity of thinking. I could use this talk with my high school students who are searching for truth about God and faith. I very much liked that she was searching for "the Truth" in her life. That resonates with me in a profound way. David - Rossford, OH
I very much liked the step by step approach to explaining how Jennifer found answers to her honest search for the truth. Karen - Douglasville, GA
Honesty in admitting past doubt as an athiest while keeping a open mind that I may not have uncovered all the truth about about an issue. Terry - Milwaukee, WI
This is one of the most powerful stories about the Catholic Church and the truth of her teachings. The symbolism of the Catholic Church as the Supreme Court was incredibly powerful, creative and innovative thinking. I have given this CD to many of my friends. Chris - Boise, ID
Enlightening and insightful. It will assist many other in recognizing there is a God and faithfulness. Jim - Hazleton, PA
Her talk clearly illuminated the journey of a moral atheist to faith. This is very helpful because you meet many such people and wonder how to convince them there is some basis for the morality they follow. The key is their dedication to seeking truth, and therefore to appeal to the scientist in them. John - Livermore, CA
The way she described how the lengthy process eventually came to be. Dennis - Calgary, AB
I really enjoyed the way she shared her quest for truth. the statement of wanting to see the foot print of God...and not seeing that in many Christians she met was convicting. Mary - Lancaster, PA
This talk has helped me tremendously as I seek the truth about Catholicism. I am also an Atheist however I was once a Catholic. I attend a Christian church with my friends and the Pastor always makes smug remarks about Catholics and it got me wondering why some Christians don't like the catholic faith.This talk helped me understand more about the faith I used to have. Caitlin
My 21 year old daughter who was once very active in the Catholic Church and will be graduating in May from a Catholic College, has been really questioning her religion and faith. This gives me a resource to suggest along with ideas to share to continue trying to draw her back. Karol - bedford, NH
Ms. Fulwiler's "pursuit" of catholicsm. Robert - Marengo, IL
I found it fascinating to better understand the core beliefs of atheism and also how deep the core truths of Catholicism really are. There is a very good reason they have stood the test of time! Andrea - London, ON
The honesty of her journey from the the beginning and what following A true Catholic journey life means! It is a true inspiration! Toni - Black Mountain , NC
It gave me ideas to help with my brother who has left the faith and has many of the atheistic views discussed. Very helpful! Jennifer - Lincoln, NE
She is very smart and although I am a cradle catholic made me think of lots of truths I just believed because. Claudia - Woodbury , MN
I was started to find myself overwhelmed with doubts about my faith. After I heard this talk I knew my prayers had been answered. Everything that was said made complete sense to me. You all need to hear this talk. Thank you Father for bringing me back home. Amanda Lucia - Metolius, OR
I enjoyed the straightforwardness.The audio was detailed but summarized. Vanessa - Corsicana, TX