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From Jehovah’s Witness to Catholic

Mary Kochan

As a third generation Jehovah’s Witness, Mary Kochan was fully immersed in their activities until adulthood. She offers an insider’s view about what life is like for Jehovah’s Witnesses and what is most likely to help them come to the fullness of truth about Jesus Christ.

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Customer Comments

I found this unique perspective on the Jehovah’s Witnesses to be very enlightening! Braden - Mound City, KS
This was a fascinating talk and I listened with great interest through the whole thing. I know this will change how I interact with Jehovah’s Witnesses from now on. Lynn - Wichita, KS
This is a powerful conversion talk! From now on I will react quite differently when those missionaries come knocking on my door. The talk is a real eye opener. Mary - Lindstrom, MN
"In that almost all have encountered Jehovah Witnesses, it is great to have an understanding of this cult." Bill - Bradenton, FL
My in-laws are Jehovah Witnesses. This talk helped me understand why his family is so distant to us. I now feel more charitable and understanding of their ways. Thank you! Blanca - CA
A fascinating look into the life of a Jehovah's Witness through the eyes of one who lived it. Jane - Kansas City, MO
Mary Kochan's talk changed my attitude from hoping to avoid them to heartfelt sympathy for their situation. Now I look forward to meeting with them. Steve - Madison, MS
Mary Kochan's talk was very enlightening on the Jehovah's Witness faith and helped me to see how important it is to engage the door-to-door witnesses instead of avoiding them! Ida - Leesburg, IN
I have been waiting for a talk like this! This heartfelt, informative, honest talk has made me feel more prepared to share Jesus with the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to my door, and with greater compassion. Kerrie - Albuquerque, NM
This is an excellent talk to gain insight on the Jehovah Witness door knockers. One will have a better idea how to talk to them when they come knocking. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
WOW! That a tragedy, but the love of Christ will set them free. Norm - Biloxi, MS
"I was never aware of what it meant to be a Jehovah's Witness and looked upon them with scorn, but this talk has empowered me to welcome Jehovah's Witnesses with the love that Jesus teaches us, they certainly need to feel the love we take for granted, it has renewed my faith." Kiran - Prospect
After listening to this talk, I now have a different view of these folks knocking on my door. I usually just say thank you, and that I am very content with my church and my God. After hearing the cry of this speaker, I will be more explicit as to what my belief is and let them know how deep I love my Creator, because of all the He has brought me through. I was inspired to explain more about my heart beliefs, if Jehovah Witnesses visit me again. Anthony
Mary Kochan's presentation brought to me a new awareness of life from the inside of a JW experience. The sweetness of her tone and the apparent sincerity of her heart was very touching and powerful. It helped me to see that it isn't so important to win the argument when speaking with the JW's at my door, but to see them for who they are in the context of the pressures they experience. Mary's humility shines so brightly that I can see JW's in a new light and I pray for the grace to treat them with respect and honor when I know what they are saying is wrong and how to refute it. Nancy - Valdese, NC