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From Love, By Love, For Love

Fr. Michael Schmitz

Father Michael Schmitz tackles some of the most difficult topics in the Church today. With compassion, clarity, and humor, he shows that the Church's teachings on contraception and same-sex attraction are rooted in the yearnings for authentic love that is shared by all, who are made in the image and likeness of God.

"If everyone were to hear and apply this message, it would change the world." - Listener in South Carolina

Average Rating: 4.69 based on 77 ratings
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Customer Comments

Humor and inspired teaching make this one of the best talks for Catholics I have ever heard! Brad - Faribault, MN
An excellent and vital message for young people today, given in their own language. Lorraine - Vancouver, BC
This should be mandatory listening for every middle school student, their parents, and their grandparents! Deacon Bob - Kingsport, TN
Best talk I've heard by Fr Mike. I subscribe to his homily podcast, and I can't recommend this highly enough. Will definitely encourage Youth Ministers to get this one. David - Bend, OR
It really put real life situations into perspective, especially how to better understand why sex outside of marriage is so damaging to every person. Also, the explanation about homosexuality and how it is no worse then any other sin was really great! I will definitely share this CD with friends and family. Also, the bonus talk about contraception was wonderful and made a lot of sense to me! Bree - Rapid City, SD
Very good talk - good point that the Catholic Church is the safest place for those with same sex attraction. Good explanation of what 'disordered' means - how it is out of true love, true charity, that the Church calls those with same sex attractions to chastity. Good that he mentions COURAGE as the ministry for those with same sex attractions. Martha - Pasadena, CA
I thought this talk was funny, inspirational, and what we all need to hear as Catholics! I am so excited to give this to my young adult children! Colleen - Bothell, WA
I enjoyed how thorough it was and appreciated the true take on the Church's teaching on homosexuality and contraception. The "media" seems to try to tear down Catholicism for it's supposed "hatred", and this CD reinforces the fact that this is FAR from Catholic teaching. Every Catholic and non-Catholic should listen this!!! Sheila - Wellfleet, MA
Fr. Michael Schmidt speaks with such clarity. I wish every secular church and doubting and challenged Catholics could hear this presentation about the beautiful truth which Father teaches. Great addition to your library. Linda - Chelmsford, MA
I am 47 years old, and I liked that the talk was aimed at younger people. We need to tell them what the Catholic Church really teaches. I also liked that Fr. Mike put a little humor in it. It was a great talk! Greg - Midland, TX
This talk is meant for all of us. It challenges each of us to remember that we're broken AND made in God's image. We are not meant to judge, only to love! This CD also challenged me, as a married woman, to remember that every little thing I do with my body matters! I've recommended this talk to all of my family members. Just fabulous! Jocelyn - Versailles, OH
I was very impressed with this talk. Not only was it very informative and covered the topic well, but it was extrememly entertaining. Two thumbs way up!! John - Cody, WY
Fr. Michael stated that every person who comes to him who is interested in the same sex states that they are struggling with that fact. I liked the part where Father said that the safest and best place for people struggling with these feelings IS in the Catholic Church, and his reasons for stating this. I also enjoyed hearing about the statistics that Professor Smith gave at the end of the CD. Mary - Ocala, FL
I think the explanation of the Church's view on homosexuals was excellent. Joseph - FL
The safest place for a gay person (someone with homosexual tendencies) should be in the Catholic Church. This establishes both that (1) all forms of discrimination against gay people are anti-Catholic; and (2) the Catholic Church isn't withholding anything that is good and natural for a gay person. The Catholic Church loves all her members, knowing that each struggle with different temptations. Louise - London, ON
By listening to Fr. Michael Schmitz, it helped me relieve guilt and self-hatred from my thinking because I have same-sex attractions. Fr. Mike speaks gently and kindly about God's love for all and how we can distinguish between the having same-sex attractions and acting upon these attractions. Joe - IL
A Great CD!!! Mary- Chicago, IL
This is a GREAT CD. Very loving, very honest, very true, and very needed. Latimer- Cheney, WA
Wonderful CD! We are CD of the month members and receive the 5 to pass along to friends, family and anyone in need of an authentic Catholic Christian message. Love your ministry thank you God Bless! Gadner- Dallas, TX
Fr. Schmitz is fantastic! His talks on this issue are brilliant. Steven- Elmo, MN
This is a life-changing talk on Gay Marriage! If you are Catholic and struggle with defending the church's stance in the issue, this is the CD for you! There's no better place for someone with same-sex attraction than the church! Hoffman- San Francisco, CA
Fr. Schmitz did such a wonderful job defining marriage in a way that made it easy to understand proper Church teaching. He makes the topic relevant to students and young adults and brings in sources which make it easy to follow. Katie - DeKalb, IL
It helped me understand from a fundamental (philosophical reasoning) standpoint why homosexual sex/marriage is wrong and really drove home the fact that its just another struggle that some people deal with and not something to be singled out for special treatment Jonathan - Santa Cruz
Everything from start to finish. Fr. Mike's speaking style is engaging, entertaining, relevant and informative -- and all at the same time. I have shared this with my teenagers and my 8th grade RE class during our chastity discussions and the response was overwhelmingly positive. My only complaint was that there was so much here I could've spread this over a few classes -- my fault not yours. Great job ... very well done. Thank you! Anthony - Ashburn, VA
An absolutely excellent talk - The Church's teaching is articulately and compassionately explained! Alycia - Brampton, ON
This talk was so enlightening and the speaker is excellent! I want to share this talk with everyone!!! I've been avoiding the subject of homosexuality because I didn't know how to discuss it, but this talk did a wonderful job of explaining how it is just like any other sin- we dislike the sin, but love the sinners. Dee - Oakville, ON
I never heard Fr Michael speak before! He is incredible! He is powerful, yet so gentle! He relates to young and old! He speaks TRUTH! He shares in the pain of everyday living. He relates to the struggles that everyone goes thru. ALL of our PRIESTS need to learn to speak about these sensitive topics as openly! It isn't easy but it needs to be done, especially NOW! I am ordering several of these to share with lots of peeps for various reasons!!! We need more CD's from him like this! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
The speaker was engaging, helping you to loosen up and listen before drawing you much deeper. It hit the heart and was very applicable to everyday life as well as brimming with truth and very redeeming. I loved it! Chelsea - Fort Bragg, NC
I really liked how accessible all the information was and how it was all explained in a way that was not condemning but explained clearly and honestly. Ellen - Comfrey, MN
The best catholic talk on homosexuality I have come across yet! It brings together all the different aspects in a clear, compassionate, and cohesive manner. If you (like me), are a bit skeptical of what the media says the church says about homosexuality, then this talk is for you! Keep it up Fr. Mike! Elizabeth - 56087, MN
It helped me understand some of the church's teaching on homosexuality. Amelia - LA Porte, CO
This is the best talk I have ever heard on the reality of human sexuality as God intended. Phillip - Cleveland, OH
Presented with love, understanding and humour, full of good information and helpful points for discussion with others. Lisa - cairns, QLD
This is a CD that should DEFINITELY be played in every Catholic Parish throughout this country. It contains the TRUTH of the Catholic Church/Faith in reference to the topics of contraception, same sex attraction and authentic love. But it is not JUST another talk on these subjects. Father Mike addresses the topics in such a clear, relatable way authentic to the Catholic Church's teaching ,for each and every person listening no matter where you are on the issues. This should be heard by EVERY Catholic and non Catholic as well. Many souls will be changed and possibly saved by this CD being heard and shared. God Bless Father Mike and all those who helped him bring this CD to production and distribution. Worth every penny and WHAT a blessing for all who are blessed enough to hear it. THANK YOU Father Mike for giving us such truthful, soul stirring words. LA
I love Fr. Mike Schmitz. His talks are amazing and I have always wanted to learn the Catholic perspective on sex, same-sex attraction and authentic love. Zephania - Schomberg, ON
The things I liked best were Father's empathetic style and delivery while staying true to the Truth of the Church. It is the CD that I've bought and given to others the most. Fred - DRACUT, MA
How Fr. explain the Love of God for sinners. Gary - Wellington, PE
Father Michael has the ability to communicate the Truths of Christ and His Church in a bold, comprehensible and super engaging way. This is the best talk I have heard on the reality of human sexuality as God intended. This is a must listen if you want to better understand the nature and purpose of sex (noun & verb). TOB 101. Phillip - Wadsworth, OH